Endless Upgrade System Chapter 2970

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Above the Vault of Heaven, the rays of light crack the void.

With the dragon as the center, a beam of purple energy rises up.

Poke the sky through a hole.

The void behind the dragon, the purple Ancestral Dragon Qi is boiling wildly.

Like a lava rolling.

The four elephants Divine Beast, which was almost on the verge of death, suddenly had a masterpiece of rays of light, with a plume of purple rune, and drilled out from the inside of the body of the four elephants Divine Beast.


The giant dragon of azure, the flying tiger in white clothes, the Vermilion Bird in red, and the Black Tortoise in black are all wrapped in purple rays of light.

They became the Divine Beast of the purple, and turned into 4 rays of light, moved towards the top of the dragon’s head, and the beam of light of the purple gathered together.

Endless in the sky.

In the dark universe.

On an unknown planet.

There is nothing on the ground, there is no life aura.


Inside this planet, there is a space.

In the space, a silhouette sits.

His appearance is exactly the same as that of Long Teng.

But his eyes were tightly closed.

Behind him, there is also a phantom of Ancestral Dragon flashing in ascent.


This Ancestral Dragon is a dark color.


The phantom of this Ancestral Dragon is not nothingness.

An Ancestral Dragon’s black giant claw has been bred out of the black phantom.

This black ancestor, dragon claw, was wrapped with black puppet rune.


These black Puppet Rune seem to be able to grab energy from other Plane spaces and continuously infuse into the black ancestor dragon claw.

Can see.

The original color of this ancestor dragon claw is not black.

These Puppet Rune dipped it into black.

I don’t know what this silhouette is. What did you do? Even Ancestral Dragon, who is side by side with Heaven and Earth Great Dao, can control it!

Without warning.

This one’s body sat cross-eyed and suddenly opened his eyes.

What kind of eyes are there, there is tyranny and tenderness.

There is madness and wisdom.

There is indifference and scorching.

His eyes are a complex of contradictions.

The moment before, million lives were born from his within both eyes, and the next moment, 10000000 universe plane, fell in his eyes!

He is a combination of life and death!


A beam of purple light broke the qualification of Universe Plane and tore the obstacles of Space Crystal Wall.

Suddenly landed on this planet.

Among the purple columns of light, there are 1000 phantoms of myriad Azure Dragon White Tiger Vermilion Bird Black Tortoise, which are shining in the air, releasing the purple rays of light.

The purple beam touched this planet and directly penetrated it.

Instantly penetrated into the inside of the planet a few 10000000 kilometers deep.


A mysterious silhouette sitting in the middle of the purple beam.

mysterious silhouette pupil light flashes a little, the universe is disillusioned, and there is no Primal Chaos.

There was a sneer in the corner of his mouth:

“Interesting, I can actually force my corpse to such a point, interesting, very interesting.”

He suddenly lifts the head.

The face exactly like Dragon’s, looked towards the endless universe.

His expression seemed to have penetrated the infinite Plane barrier and fell on Yang Xu.

Yang Xu here.

Obviously felt the shock of Heaven and Earth.

this moment.

He discovered the changes in Longteng.

The appearance of the purple beam of light seemed to unlock the seal on his body.

On 1000, myriad Puppet Rune, like a black flying dragon, emptied from the back of him, continually drilled out, and spread to all around.

This piece of Heaven and Earth seems to be imprisoned and controlled instantly.

Become a dragon’s puppet!

He has only one expression.

Boom bang bang!

The sky collapsed, and the two huge suns that covered the sky and the sun caused great trouble to Longteng in the previous second.

But this moment.

They were directly shrouded in by the collapsed sky.

The empty space of black releases destructive power like a black hole.

The two huge suns will be swallowed and absorbed into it.

Lan Ke’er looked at the changes in front of him, his face could not help changing:

“Not good! That guy started to use tricks!”

Ao wu !

Ominous Beast Blue Whale’s huge body seems to be affected by empty space.

It is drawn to the black void.

Lan Ke’er’s complexion could not be changed:

“Lan’er, go back to the ocean first.”

The blue whale suddenly struggled frantically, obviously not wanting to go back.

Lan Ke’er didn’t care, the slim jade hand waved, and a blue giant wave directly wrapped the blue whale.

The blue giant wave turned into a vortex, and the blue whale’s huge body was suddenly shrunk, sucked into it, and disappeared.

“You don’t seem to worry about your safety at all?”

Yang Xu looked at Lan Ke’er with a smile.

The calm expression on the girl’s face made Yang Xu appreciate it.

Lan Ke’er smiled playfully:

“With you, what am I afraid of? You are so calm and calm, that guy must not be your opponent!”

What’s more.

You still have an Immortal Artifact.

Lan Ke’er’s eyes sparkled, looking at Yang Xu, like a pure elf born in the ocean.

Yang Xu couldn’t help laughing again.


Yang Xu’s relaxed and free expression just happened to be seen by Long Teng.

He exhausted the Power of Nine Bulls and Two Tigers and suffered great pain before he opened the real state of the corpse.

How can Yang Xu be allowed so easily?


Purple’s huge beam of light was caught by Long Teng and he heard Ka cha burst.

Dragon’s body suddenly soared and instantly became 100 meters high.

Like a towering skyscraper, the purple beam of light was directly screwed off.

He moved the purple beam, moved towards Yang Xu, and fiercely smashed it down.

Where it passed.

The void collapsed!

The black Puppet Rune, along the cracks in the space, quickly drilled into it.

Quite with no opportunity.

The space drilled by Puppet Rune instantly turned into a dark color, and became a dragon’s puppet!

clang clang clang!

These black voids seem to have life and attack consciousness, all moved towards Yang Hao’s side, flocked together.

A tremendous amount of pressure, like a thousand thousand mountains, simultaneously crashed into Yang Xu.


Lan Ke’er didn’t guard for a while, and spurted blood directly.

On the delicate face, the expression couldn’t help but pale.

Yang Xu saw this and shook his head with a bitter smile. “Why do you say you are so bitter?”

Lan Ke’er wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth, said with a smile:

“I believe you!”

Do not know why.

She has an inexplicable trust in Yang Xu.

Yang Xu didn’t say much anymore. With one wave, the Sun God set released warm rays of light.

Lan Ke’er was enveloped directly.

The warm rays of light of gold, like the energy from the depths of the ocean, gently poured into Lan Ke’er within the body.

Her injury recovered instantly.

Not only that.

Sun God coiled on Lan Ke’er’s head and laid a strand of gold divine shine to wrap her.

The pressure from the space of dragons and puppets was instantly isolated.

Lan Ke’er felt unprecedented ease and safety.

On the side of Yang Xu, there is 9 crystal bright Divine Sword in the empty space behind the expression, flashing up:

“Dragon, I am Yang Xu today, cut you here!”

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