Endless Upgrade System Chapter 2971

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“Kunpeng Whale Swallowing Establishing Destruction Art!”

“1st Style, Sea God Halberd!”


Behind the void of Yang Xu, an Antiquity Ocean rises.

The aura billowing from the sea gathered from all around, morning sun.

In the endless ocean, a huge Divine Halberd, shining the brilliant blue.

Rising from the ocean.


Yang Xu grabbed the big hand and held the Sea God Halberd in his hand.


The void behind him, the endless ocean swept in, and the densely packed ocean vortex was born out of thin air.

Aura of Antiquity Ocean, accompanied by whale crowing, came to this side of the World.

this moment.

Yang Xu seems to be the King of the ocean!

Sun God disk.

Lan Ke’er is completely stunned!

She murmured in her mouth:

“It’s this aura!”

“It is this power!”

“It turns out that it is…Antiquity Ocean, the ancient ocean really exists! It turns out that he is the savior of our sea clan legend!”

this moment.

Lan Ke’er looked towards Yang Xu’s gaze completely changed.

And behind Yang Xu’s void, between the endless ocean rolls, his body turned into a big one at an alarming speed.

at the same time.

Yang Xu drank in the mouth:

“Kunpeng Whale Swallowing Establishing Destruction Art, 2nd Style, Sea God Realm!”


The ocean currents filled him under his feet.

The endless space was washed and broken by the vast ocean.

Longteng condensed puppet space, imposing manner violent morning sun Xu rushed to kill.


Has not yet attacked Yang Xu.

It was swept by the sweeping blue ocean current and instantly shattered!

The power of Antiquity Ocean, every drop of sea water, seems to contain a power of 1000 Jun.

They are around Yang Xu, flushing frantically, condensing, and destroying the space.


Formed a completely cohesive junction centered on Yang Xu.

It is the 2nd Layer realm of “Kunpeng Whale Swallowing Establishing Destruction Art”, the field of Sea God!

A field centered on Yang Xu, completely obeying him and being able to isolate everything and defend everything!

Above the Vault of Heaven.

The huge body of Yang Xu 100 meters tall stands proudly.

With him as the center, a sea God field with a diameter of 1000 meters is enough to release the majestic aura.

Behind the dragon, purple Ancestral Dragon Qi shines, and the Raising Heaven Divine Pillar in purple in his hand is waved by him and turned into a purple waterfall, moved towards Yang Xu fiercely and fell down:


In Dragon’s eyes, the murderous intention is boiling, and countless scenes of the destruction and collapse of the Universe are constantly flashing.

this moment.

He seems to have become the most vicious existence in the world.

The whole person seemed to turn into an Evil Thought.

His only thought is to kill!

It is destruction!

It is to kill the Human Race boy in front of you!


Purple’s Raising Heaven Divine Pillar was waved by Long Teng and smashed hard to Yang Xu.

Lan Ke’er looked stunned, his eyes full of worry:

“Yang Xu hurry away!”


Yang Xu only stood there quietly.

Facing the fierce attack of Dragon.

He didn’t want to dodge at all.

The Sea God field is like a ball of light, shining with brilliant blue.

He let the big Raising Heaven Divine Pillar fall down heavily:


Purple’s Raising Heaven Divine Pillar hit the Sea God field, bursting with purple sparks.


Let Long Teng exhaust all his strength.

The Raising Heaven Divine Pillar was firmly blocked by the Sea God realm.

Can’t crush anymore!

Sea God.

Yang Xu stood proudly, with a faint smile on the delicate and pretty face.

His looked towards Long Teng’s eyes, full of overlooking:

“It seems that your power is not at all as big as you think.”

Longteng eyes shrank, eye socket cracked:

“You courting death!”

He felt that he was despised and provoked.


His voice has not yet landed.

Yang Xu in the field of Sea God, waved easily:

clang clang clang clang…

Behind him is the void, and in the rolling ocean, the 9 dazzling Divine Sword stands at 100 meters high and suddenly shoots up.

They are transformed into 9 dazzling holy lights, traversing the void and passing across instantly.

Next second.

bang! Boom…

Void in front of Longteng, instantly collapsed and burst continuously.

The black channel of 9 black, like a black hole, appears in front of the dragon.

He suddenly suddenly shrink:

“Not good !”

Rumble ……

9 Bright Divine Sword, rushing out of the black hole of nothingness, fiercely killing the dragon.

Longteng foot has a height of 100 meters and has no time to dodge, so he heard a series of muffled pu chi.

9 The dazzling Divine Sword completely penetrated Dragon’s body.

His hands, feet, shoulders, knees, and heart position were penetrated by a Divine Sword.

The horrible Divine Sword, which is 100 meters long, directly penetrates the dragon’s body.

Nail him above the void!

bang dong! bang dong! bang dong!

Even a handle of Divine Sword completely penetrated Dragon’s heart.

But Dragon’s heart is still beating frantically!

A vigorous vitality and vitality surged from the heart to the body all around.

Ka ka ka !

The 9 Divine Sword that penetrated the dragon’s fleshy body and nailed him to the void was actually forced out of the body by dragon’s fleshy body, forcibly!

As long as there is enough time!

Even these 9 Divine Swords, there is nothing to do with Dragon!


Will Yang Xu give him time?

of course not!

“Sea God Halberd!”

Yang Xu grabbed a big hand, and on the Sea God Halberd in his hand, the vortex current was suddenly wrapped around.

Massive like Flood Dragon, high-speed whirlwind spinning, like one after another pattern, wrapped around Sea God Halberd.

Yang Xu stood in the void, all around Sea God, and he was like a noble God of the sea, throwing Sea God Halberd in his hand:


Sea God Halberd all around, the sea current whirls violently, and instantly tears the space with enough 100 meters.

In an instant.

Sea God Halberd has flashed in front of Dragon.


It’s the eyebrow of Long Teng!

“Want to kill me? You are not qualified!”

Long Teng looked at the Sea God Halberd who had rushed in and finally felt the crisis of life.

Pu chi exploded, and the void behind him, the purple Ancestral Dragon phantom suddenly collapsed.

Turned into a ray of purple rays of light, gathered in the dragon’s eyebrows:


The purple rays of light, burning wildly, tried to block the Sea God Halberd completely.



Ka ka ka ka !

The rays of light of purple are surfaced by Sea God Halberd, the spiral of high-speed raging currents, constantly collapsed!

These current spirals are like the most pointy overbearing drills in the world, tearing all the hardest beings in the world!

Pu chi !

The forefront of Sea God Halberd has pierced Dragon’s eyebrows.

The blood slipped down.

Long Teng finally felt the fear.

The Evil Thought, madness, and tyranny in his eyes finally disappeared completely.

Instead, fear of death, nostalgia for survival!

“No! I don’t want to die!”

“I am your corpse, are you going to watch me die? I am dead, and your Great Dao’s power will be weakened!”

Longteng roared upward.

Brush pull!

A black Puppet Rune, dropping from the sky, swept to Sea God Halberd!

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