Endless Upgrade System Chapter 2972

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This Puppet Rune appeared very suddenly and very strangely.

It’s like appearing out of thin air.

It seems to be dropping from the sky!

As soon as it appeared, it attacked Sea God Halberd.


Yang Xu had long expected this, and even waited for it to appear:


“Sea God, collect for me!”


Enveloped in the Sea God field around Yang Hao, the range suddenly skyrocketed.

in an instant.

The space within 100 meters is completely shrouded in the Sea God realm.

The black Puppet Rune was suddenly shrouded in the Sea God realm.

Sea God Halberd, shot out again, assassinated Xiang Longteng.

Boom bang bang!

That Puppet Rune, like crazy, beat the Sea God field.


Everything is in vain!

Sea God is so powerful that even Yang Xu cannot test the limit.

How could a Great Dao rune be trifling and torn apart?

Ka ka !

Yang Xu grabbed a big hand, a gold giant hand, haunting the aura of Puppet Great Technique, and grabbed that strand of Puppet Rune in his hand.

That Puppet Rune also tried to struggle.


Yang Xu runs Puppet Great Technique and uses Puppet Great Technique’s homologous aura to suppress it directly!

“I saw it. Dragon, your main body. The only thing sent to save you is trifling a ray of Puppet Rune. It can’t even resist my Puppet Great Technique.”

Yang Xu grabbed the Puppet Rune in his hand and shook it towards the dragon:

“Your main body doesn’t want to save you at all.”

“Do not……”

Long Teng’s eyes widened, and a crazy, tyrannical aura burst into his eyes.

He feels betrayed.


No one betrayed him, but himself!

“Dragon! I won’t let you go when I’m a ghost!”

Dragon’s corpse, roar towards the sky.


Sea God Halberd high speed rotation, like a drill bit, penetrates the eyebrows of the dragon corpse directly.

That horrible Life Power, with the continuous shining of Sea God Halberd, was captured by all.

[Ding! 】

[The player beheads the dragonless corpse of the endless puppet system! Is the endless puppet system integrated immediately? 】

In my mind, the system sounded.

at the same time.

A breath of amazing energy poured into Yang Xu’s within the body:

[Ding! 】

[The player slashes the dragon corpse and gains 1,000,000 life energy! 】

[Congratulations to the player, get 1/10th Puppet Great Dao! 】


The dragon corpse that had penetrated his head suddenly burned a black flame.


It turned into a black Puppet Rune and got into Yang Xu’s hands.

Pi pa !

In Yang Xu’s hands, the Puppet Rune that he suppressed, and the Puppet Rune transformed by the dragon corpse, fuse together.

Suddenly turned into a black flame, burning in the palm of Yang Xu.

From this black flame.

Yang Xu sensed a terrorist force that enslaved everything and turned everything into a puppet!

When Yang Xu runs the energy of “Puppet Great Technique” and approaches it.

It is absorbed and refining in an instant!

“Sure enough, the Puppet Great Dao is a higher level of energy than the Puppet Great Technique. Even if it is only 1/10th of the Puppet Great Dao, it is more powerful than the complete Puppet Great Technique.”

Yang Xu sighed.

Look at the corpse that Dragon has dissipated with the wind.

A sneer flashed through Yang Xu’s eyes:

“Dragon? We can grow up with this beam, but where are you, I will definitely pull you out.”

No one has ever dared to insult himself.

even more how.

Even for [endless puppet system], Yang Xu will not let this guy go!

endless void in the dark universe.

Inside the lifeless planet.


Sitting on the main body of Longteng sitting there, a blood hole burst out of the eyebrow.

Blood gurgling out!

A face of Long Teng was completely distorted by anger:

“Destroy me a corpse, this hatred, we have forged! No one has ever made me so embarrassed, no matter where you hide, I will pull you out and kill you completely!”

[Ding! 】

[Host Dragon, trigger the endless puppet system main task: to kill the enemy Yang Xu!

If the mission is successful, you can get a mission reward: 1 Great Dao clue! Immortal Artifact All Heavens starry sky 1 book clue! 】

The reminder in my mind, not at all makes Long Teng half happy.

Instead it is sneaked:

“Clue, clue! You only give me clues, can’t you give me strength directly?”

Longteng unconsciously has become a puppet of this system.


He can’t get rid of this puppet system anymore.

All his power can only be captured by the instructions of the [endless puppet system]!

“pi pa !”

Dragon’s within the body suddenly burst into a black lightning.

He was only electrocuted, his teeth were grinning, his body was sore, his organs twitching

[Host Dragon, criticize the system for contempt, punish thunderbolt Click once! 】

Long Teng closed his mouth obediently.

The figure flashed, rumble!

The planet he was on exploded directly and turned into a mass of powder.

Long Teng twisted his body to form a Strength Qi storm, throwing all the planet dust out of the universe of 10,000 li.

The boundless universe in the sky.

It was dark and lonely.

Behind the dragon, there is a void, a black shadow, faintly flashing with the dragon body shape.

In his eyes, the universe was disillusioned, all living things changed, and traces of Puppet Rune flashed.


His eyes lit up suddenly, locking in one direction:

“Yang Xu is there!”

“The bright Great Dao is one of the most practical Great Dao among the Three Thousand Great Dao, I have to make a decision!”


As the dragon’s contact with hostility grew stronger.

He also needs a mouthful of real Immortal Artifact body protection!

“Yang Xu, must die!”

In Long Teng’s eyes, a strong murderous intention flashed.

Yang Xu here.

Seeing the teenager just overbearing, he slashed the terrifying dragon.

Lan Ke’er’s eyes are full of wonder and admiration:

“Hello, ah! No wonder you are able to master the power of Antiquity Ocean! It is even recognized by God of Ocean!”

Lan Ke’er looked towards Yang Xu’s expression, full of worship.

At the same time, he constantly looked at Sea God Halberd in his hands.

Yang Xu couldn’t help smiling, shaking Sea God Halberd in his hand:

“Did you find me because of it?”

Lan Ke’er suddenly nodded hard:

“Do you know that you are probably my deep-sea Race language legendary, savior!”

“Savior? Am I?”

Yang Xu smiled.

What Child of Destiny, the savior and the like, how come you always find me?

Am I really the protagonist of fate?

Yang Xu found it interesting:

“Okay, anyway, I’m idle now. It’s not bad to go to your Deep Sea Race.”

When “Kunpeng Whale Swallowing Establishing Destruction Art” was not activated, Yang Xu didn’t feel it.

But when he activated.

He did feel that there was a bloodline aura on Lan Ke’er that made him feel close.

Yang Xu faintly has a hunch:

In the Deep Sea Race, there may be something that can make his “Kunpeng Whale Swallowing Establishing Destruction Art” even more powerful!

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