Endless Upgrade System Chapter 2973

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An endless ocean.

There was no cloud in the sky, and it seemed deeper and deeper.

The ocean is bottomless, and even the rays of light of the sun are absorbed by it, looking down into darkness.

As if hiding an abyss, it makes people feel uneasy.

Spirit Beast Whale blue child, there is a rune aura under one after another, holding its huge body in the air.

Yang Xu and Lan Ke’er sat cross-legged above the whale’s head.

They are flying between Heaven and Earth, above the ocean.

A strand of Qi, surrounded by Lan Er’s huge body all around, like a huge silver light cocoon flying.

“Yang Xu, don’t you feel curious about our deep-sea Race?”

For a long time, Yang Xu has not spoken to her.

This makes Lan Ke’er feel a little depressed.

At the same time, Yang Xu became more and more curious:

In the past, whether it was a powerhouse in the deep sea or other young Immortal, when she met her, she was all attracted to her attention.

Even 1000 squares and 100 counts, want to say a word to her.

If you can get her contact information, it is even more joyous.

However, Yang Xu did not scorn her.

Even Lan Ke’er has a feeling that Yang Xu has no interest in her at all.

This made Lan Ke’er feel frustrated.

“I am naturally interested in the Deep Sea Race, otherwise I would not know to go with you.”

Yang Xu opened the mouth and said a sentence.

What else does Lan Ke’er want to say.

Yang Xu couldn’t help interrupting her, said with a smile:

“Girl Lan, I have spent a lot of time fighting Dragon, but I have gained a lot of fighting sentiment. I want to take this opportunity to sort it out, so can you give me some time?”

Lan Ke’er’s eyes widened.

This brat actually annoys me!


Lan Ke’er was furious and ran to the side to chat with Spirit Beast Lan’er and ignore Yang Xu.

Yang Xu was very quiet and sat there and continued to sort out the gains from the battle with Longteng.

Before, he met the dragon corpse with [endless puppet system], and controlled some of the powers of “Puppet Great Dao”.

After Yang Xu beheaded him.

Get a part of the power of [endless puppet system], which can be used to strengthen [Endless Upgrade System] and enrich its database and computing capabilities.


Yang Xu also got the 1/10th puppet Great Dao!

After integrating this part of the puppet Great Dao with the complete Puppet Great Technique.

Yang Xu suddenly discovered that its formidable power has exploded exponentially, and the combat ability has been greatly enhanced!

Not only that.

Yang Xu also received a full 1,000,000 life source energy!

The fleshy body is strengthened again, and the life potential is further strengthened!

“The origin of Kunpeng Whale Swallowing Establishing Destruction Art is the ocean. This trip to the Deep Sea Race, I want to seize the opportunity to dig out the secret of this Divine Art.”

Yang Xu has a hunch that this time the deep sea party will never be smooth sailing.

Under sea level.

1000 meters deep in the ocean.

A group of Cultivators of the sea tribe, led by a young powerhouse, followed Yang Xu all the way.

“Lan General, what is so strange about that Human Race brat that made Princess go with him?”

The Hai powerhouse asked the young powerhouse.

The young powerhouse looks like a crown jade, dashing eyebrows

But in a pair of eyes, the color of thought always flashed.

It is one of the Four Great Genius of the young generation of the Hai nationality.

Lan Ruoxing looked up towards the sea, a dignity flashed in his eyes:

“That young man, extremely out of the ordinary, must not have any disrespect and underestimation for him!”

“You came a little late before and didn’t see the powerful scene of this young man, he… took a mouthful of Immortal Artifact!”

As an admirer and bodyguard of Princess, Lan Ruoxing worried about Princess’ safety, so he followed along.

When he saw that Princess’s car and Spirit Pet Laner were actually expelled.

Anxious in his heart, he immediately lurked in the past.

As a result, I saw that Yang Xu used thunderbolt means, just like God came into the world, killing the indomitable dragon, domineering!

that moment.

Lan Ruoxing realized the strength of this Human Race teenager.

Even worse!

The Great Killing Artifact Sea God Halberd in the hands of this Human Race youngster makes Lan Ruoxing have the urge to bow down!

“Princess led him to the deep sea, perhaps my great opportunity for the deep sea Race!”

Lan Ruoxing secretly thought.

It is at this time.

Inexplicably shaking came from the ocean.

Lan Ruoxing’s current Movement Art was affected, and his body could not shake in the ocean.

The powerhouse of the Hai family who walked with him was changed by complexion:

“How is this going?”

They have lived in the ocean since childhood, and have long been familiar with ocean undercurrents and even earthquakes.

Such fluctuations in front of me are by no means ordinary forces!

“Everyone be careful, there is a strange energy that appears in the deep sea…”

Above the Vault of Heaven.

Spirit Beast Lan’er’s huge body also shook without warning.

Even Lan Ke’er couldn’t help shaking his body.


This kind of tremor cannot be escaped from the soul and the flesh!

Lan Ke’er’s beautiful face could not help changing his expression.


Yang Xu opened his eyes and sensed an unusual aura:

“Are enemies approaching?”

He looked towards Lan Ke’er:

“Do you have this attribute energy in your deep sea?”

Lan Ke’er shook his head again and again, his face pale:

“I don’t know why, this force seems to be able to completely suppress or imprison my body and soul…I’m breathless…”

She was talking.

gu du, gu du!

On the sea level below the whale, the corpse of the sea clan floated one after another.

peng sound!

Lan Ruoxing tore the sea level and rose into the sky toward Lan Ke’er loudly shouts:

“Princess run away! It’s a legendary ghost ship!”

Lan Ke’er’s complexion suddenly changed:

“What? Angel ghost ship? Isn’t that only in the legend?”

Her voice did not fall.

Seeing the sea level below Lan Ruoxing, a shadow quickly became larger.


Yang Xu’s figure flickered suddenly, Sea God Wings stretched out, and only one flickered, then picked up the young man.

Under the Spirit Beast blue whale, the brilliance flashes, rune releases divine glow, and the speed is instantly pushed to the extreme:

clang clang clang clang!

It was like a rocket rushing forward, tearing the sound barrier, and splitting the air sound.

Yang Xu turned his head to look and saw a huge noise on the sea level. An incomparable gigantic, a giant ship like an aircraft carrier, appeared on the sea level.

The huge ship is covered with moss, coral and other seabed plants.

What surprised Xu Xu is.

As the hull continued to tremble, the rubbish rustled down, revealing a snow-white hull.

The snow-white hull, untainted by even a speck of dust, has a wisp of sacred symbols, densely packed, flashing on it.

On this giant ship.

Yang Xu felt a strong divine aura.

It seems that there is a paradise.

“You just called it… a ghost ship?”

Yang Xu asked the young man.

Lan Ruoxing was shocked, first thanked Yang Xu’s life saving grace, and then a little solemn:

“Accurately, its name is Angel Treasure Ship, and legend is the treasure of Angel saints…but it means disaster to my sea clan, and sea clansman calls it a ghost ship…”

Lan Ruoxing’s face flashed with deep worry:

The ghost ship that specifically restrained the Hai people appeared again.

Does this mean that the disaster of the Hai tribe has really come?

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