Endless Upgrade System Chapter 2974

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The appearance of Angel Treasure Ship has affected more than Yang Xu and Lan Ruoxing.

With this treasure ship as the center, the sacred aura instantly spread a few hundred kilometers to the radius.

The influence of Treasure Ship covers a whole piece of Sea Domain.

All the sea creatures that come into contact with this force only feel the soul trembling and cannot breathe.

Soon he lost his life!

Above the sea, the densely packed corpses of sea tribes.

Some of the sea tribe powerhouses that gave birth to spirit wisdom and can cultivate can sense the existence of Angel treasure ship.

They madly urge momentum, under the control of fear, fleeing from this place!


There are also some more powerful Cultivators of the sea clan, not at all evading this power, but moving towards the direction of Angel Treasure Ship, quickly approaching:

“Is this aura the legendary…aura of a ghost ship?”

“The rumors are true. The ghost ship of the Holy Family Angel is simply the nemesis of our sea clan and the disaster of the ocean!”

Many powerhouses, worries in their eyes.

Some Haizuo Xiong, who have ulterior motives, have a strategy in their eyes:

“If this treasure ship could be controlled, wouldn’t the entire ocean and all the sea tribes be under my control?”

The unsatisfied sea clan and forces use the treasure ship to directly kill!

A shark powerhouse, surrounded by the horror aura of long life, one after another blood red killing intent, haunted beside him.

He led a group of men and rushed in the direction of Angel Treasure Ship:

“Must completely control the ghost ship!”

Shark Young Master Shark rolls sky, secretly said in one’s heart.

“Birdman’s ghost ship has appeared again. It has been quiet for nearly 10000 years. Why did it suddenly appear? For my Hai family, we must investigate clearly!”

A white-haired old man with dark eyes and a cloud of black cloud around his body moved towards Angel.

The same scene happened in almost every corner of the vicinity Sea Domain.

Angel Treasure Ship.

Yang Xu clearly felt that one after another powerful aura is constantly gathering here.

He slightly picked the corner of his mouth and sighed:

“It seems that the powerhouses of your Hai family are very interested in Angel treasure ships.”

Lan Ke’er a pair of beautiful eyes, constantly flashing, looking at the densely packed sea clan corpse covering the sea below, her eyes flashed with intense intolerance and pain:

“The ghost ship is indeed a disaster for my sea clan! Yang Xu, do you have a way to destroy it?”

She looked at Yang Xu with anticipation:

“With your powerful Divine Ability and the sea sword, you can do it…”

Yang Xu has not answered yet.

Lan Ruoxing interrupted Lan Ke’er:

“Princess, Sea God Halberd of Young Master Yang, comes from the power of the ocean, and this ghost ship specializes in restraining the sea clan. If Young Master Yang hastily shot, I am afraid there will be danger.”

Lan Ruoxing dashing eyebrows star eyes, a straight face, this remark actually let Yang Xu can not help but looked at him 2 more eyes.

Lan Ke’er was reminded and took it for granted:

“Then Yang Xu, you don’t want to shoot 10000000, protect yourself, we have to find out why Angel Treasure Ship suddenly appeared!”

Princess as a sea clan.

To protect the people of the Hai nationality, Lan Ke’er believes that he is duty-bound!

“Lan Young Master, can you tell me the origin of this ghost ship? Why did the Angel family ship specifically target the Hai family?”

Yang Xu felt strange.

There is no hatred for no reason. The holy angels of the Angel clan, although they have always boasted of aloof and remote, deliberately targeting a Race like this will ruin their reputation.

They generally don’t do such things.

But to the sea tribe, they refining the existence of Angel Treasure Ship.


Yang Xu can still feel that there is a more powerful force hidden in this Angel treasure ship, which has not been released.

Once released.

I am afraid that the entire Sea Domain will suffer irreparable losses!

This also made Yang Xu more convinced of the speculation in his heart:

This Angel Treasure Ship is probably an existence comparable to Immortal Artifact.


It is a mouthful of Immortal Artifact itself!

“It’s an ancient burial zone! Angel Treasure Ship appears on the ocean because of the ancient burial zone!”

A trace of dignity appeared on Lan Ruoxing’s face.

The four words “Ancient Burial Prohibition Zone” seem to have a special Demon Power, which makes Lan Ke’er, who has always escaped temperament, reveal a bit of bitterness on his face.

“An ancient burial banned area is the deepest part of the Danger Land that exists with the ocean. It is said that it is one of the battlefields of the ancient God war. There are too many secrets hidden in the ancient burial banned area, but its location is too dangerous. Even the powerhouse of the Hai nationality could not get close.”

Lan Ruoxing knew the Hai tribe’s past very well, and his eyes were full of anger:

“The Holy Tribe of Angel has always taken World as its responsibility, and the timing is used as an excuse to plunder resources and beliefs from everywhere! Before 10000 years, the group of birdmen proposed to help the Hai tribe, purify the ancient burial prohibited area, and clear the ancient burial. Of course, the evil forces of the restricted zone, my Hai tribe will not allow…”

Lan Ruoxing said that there was a bitter smile on his face.

In fact, without him going on, Yang Xu can guess the following things.

With the proud character of the birds of the Angel clan, what does it mean that they cannot get permission from the Hai clan?

All Heavens Myriad Realms, there is no place they can not go, anyway, they have the power!

So care.

An treasure ship specially designed for the Hai family powerhouse, which can easily suppress the resistance of the Hai family, was created by the Angels.

After the Angel Treasure Ship entered the ocean, it went all the way, killing the powerhouse of the sea tribe who stopped it somehow.

With the responsibility of defending the realm, the Hai tribe launched the war between the Hai tribe and the Angel tribe, and numerous power houses of the Hai tribe fell into the sea.

The Angel treasure ship was eventually destroyed by the sea clan, and fell into the depths of the sea.

Several thousand years and ten thousand years passed.

The Hai people’s history has gradually been forgotten.

But didn’t expect it.

Angel Treasure Ship actually reappeared above the ocean!

“That group of birds is deliberately waging war!”

Lan Ruoxing gnashing teeth authentically, his eyes are full of murderous intention.

Lan Ke’er also has tears in his eyes, surrounded by fighting intent around him.


Yang Xu smiled and took the head:

“It may not be the Angel family returning in a swirl of dust, let’s go, let’s go to see the true face of the owner of this treasure ship!”


Yang Xu expands the Sea God field and wraps Lan Ruoxing and Lan Ke’er.

Sea God Wings gave a light shock, he seemed to fire a shell and rushed to Angel Treasure Ship with 2 people.

all around, tumbling loud noise, one after another silhouette of the sea clan powerhouse, drilled out of the ocean, standing in the void.

They looked towards Yang Xu 3 silhouettes, their eyes full of doubts:

“What is brat doing? Is he going to hit the ghost ship?”

“It’s naive. Although the Angels are not authentic, but the treasure ship they refining, the formidable power is extremely good, comparable to Immortal Artifact!”

“That Human Race brat can’t break the ghost ship protection…”

one after another discusses all directions.

Or curious, or taunting eyes, all followed Yang Xu, watching him approach Angel Treasure Ship.


On the Angel treasure ship, a layer of rays of light and holy light were shrouded.

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