Endless Upgrade System Chapter 2975

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All the powerhouses of the sea tribe do not think that Yang Xu can enter the Angel treasure ship.

Only Lan Ke’er and Lan Ruoxing are full of trust in their eyes.

Since Yang Xu has done it, he can do it!

They hid in the field of Sea God and followed Yang Xu completely.


Yang Xu’s figure galloping down collided with the protective cover of the treasure ship.


On Angel’s protective shield, one after another ripple appeared.

The powerhouses of the Hai people couldn’t help sneering:

“Just know, this little Human Race impossible.”

“En? What is that?”

A powerhouse stared at Yang Xu, the Sea God Halberd, wondering.

Seeing Yang Xu holding Sea God Halberd, a sudden stab:


The protective cover was torn with a hole.

Yang Xu’s figure flashed and appeared inside the treasure ship.

“How can this be?”

“The protection has been quietly tried by me, even if it is the power of the mixed cave, the full power strike, it can’t be broken!”

“The weapons in Human Race are weird!”

Under the eyes of Shark Tornado, a trace of greed flashed, staring at Sea God Halberd:

Not to mention, this weird blade, must have it!

From that Divine Halberd, he sensed the power that moved his heart!


It allows you to imprison the cultivation base for a long time, break through again, bring it up a level!

“Come with me!”

The shark’s wind turned into a gust of wind, swept away towards the Angel ship.

The Haizu powerhouse with the same idea is not the only one.

A tall man with a wide shoulder and thick back suddenly flashed at the entrance torn by Yang Xu.

His figure flashed and he entered the treasure ship.

Shark Tornado cannot help gnashing teeth:

“Let this old bastard take the lead!”

Whoosh whoosh!

All around, the Hai family powerhouse has all come together, and wants to enter through Yang Xu’s torn entrance.

On Yang Xu’s side, after entering the treasure ship, open the Sea God field, Lan Ruoxing and Lan Ke’er, and immediately restore freedom.

A few meters away in front of them, Angel treasure ship pretends to stand each and everyone Angel clan expert.

They are all handsome men and beautiful women, a pair of white wings are draped behind them, each one haunts the aura in the mixed cave!

“So many Angel family experts!”

Lan Ke’er cried out in surprise.

Three of them, how can they be opponents?

“No! The aura on them is not a saint!”

Lan Ruoxing found something wrong.

Yang Xu couldn’t help but raised eyebrow and gave Lan Ruoxing a glance with appreciation:

“Good observation.”

His big hand waved violently, shout!

An energy wave containing a bright attribute erupted instantly with Yang Xu as the center.

The energy wave spreads across the Angel ship deck.

See that each and everyone Angel clan powerhouse, issued mournful scream.

When they touched the bright energy wave, their white wings exuded black smoke.

The sacred wings and sacred armor, shua turned into fly ash, all dissipated.

Instead, it is one after another black mottled armor covered with densely packed seabed microorganisms.

And their handsome faces have also turned into pale skeletons.

A pair of hollow eyes, flashing faintly Ghost Fire, stared at Yang Xu 3 people.

“They turned into skeletons?”

Lan Ruoxing lowly cried.

Lan Ke’er was crying:

“Even if they are turned into skeletons, they are still aura ah in a cave!”

ka la la!

Those skeletons seemed to be annoyed that Yang Xu had exposed their true colors and couldn’t help but all the morning sun Xuwei came over.

This kind of scene made the powerhouses of the sea tribe rushing in, could not help but stagnate.

No one rushed in.


The tall old man who rushed in, and the young shark tornado, retired after being busy!

Such a scene fell into Yang Xu’s eyes, and he couldn’t help being happy:

It’s better not to come in!

Save me to grab it!

Yang Xu sensed that inside the treasure ship seemed to hide something that moved his heart.

The energy fluctuation is not small, it should be treasure!

“So many mixed powerhouses, too lazy to deal with each and everyone.”

Yang Xu now has nearly 2,000,000 life source energy.

He thoughts move:

“Zu Hong, have you rested long enough? Come out and work.”


A red long blade appeared in the hands of Yang Xu.

Its blade is long and narrow, and it is surrounded by red flames.

It feels like a blaze, condensed into a long blade in Yang Xu’s hands.

Lan Ke’er and Lan Ruoxing, as Hai people, Innate was somewhat repulsive to the fire.

Can’t help but stay away from Yang Xu 2 3 steps at the moment.

What surprised them was.

The long blade of that red was transformed into a red fireball in Yang Xu’s hands.

A tall woman, wearing a red dress, walked out of the Fireball.

Her face was cold, her expression was bottomless, and she looked at Yang Xu faintly:

“You haven’t let me shoot in a long time.”

Yang Xu grinned:

“I have too many ways, naturally you don’t need to take action. But now this group of enemies happens to be your good.”

Zanpakuto Ryujin Jakka, Blade Spirit Zu Hong!

“Can your current strength fight against the cave?”

Yang Xu communicates with Zu Hong in his heart.

As Blade Spirit, she and Yang Xu have the same intention:

“You have the complete Five Elements Great Dao, which can help me, and my strength can be improved.”

“Okay, lend it to you.”

In the palm of Yang Xu, a ball of light filled with the law of Great Dao aura flew towards Zu Hong.

The several sea powerhouses, including shark tornadoes, are all stared wide-eyed:

“Complete Great Dao aura!”

“This Human Race brat not only has the Divine Artifact of the Hai tribe, but also has a complete Great Dao Law!”

In the eyes of the shark tornado, the fire of greed is burning:

He decided not only to grab this brat’s edge, but also this Great Dao Law!

If this brat dare not follow, just kill it!

The idea just popped up.

In front of Yang Xu, the woman in the red palace dress suddenly burst out with a great Dao meaning around her.

A profound mystery mysterious fluctuation permeates the entire Angel treasure ship.

So much so much.

The skeletons that surrounded him couldn’t help but stagnate slightly.

“Don’t waste your time, go ahead.”

Yang Xu stood there and commanded lazily.

Zu Hong gave him a blank look:

“For the sake of Five Elements Great Dao, take one shot.”

Red light flashed, she turned into a scarlet long blade.

It is different from before.

This long blade is no longer only wrapped around the flame of scarlet.

There is also an aura of Five Elements Great Dao.

Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, Earth 5 colors of energy, flowing around the knife body.

Next second.

Let all the Haizu powerhouses, a stunned scene appeared:

Pu chi !

The long blade suddenly flashed in front of a skeleton.

The blade only flashed through the body of the skull.

On the pale skeleton of the skeleton, a red flame suddenly burned.


The skeleton turned into a fly ash!

Not finished yet!

The flying knife flickered again and again, creating one after another arc of light in the void, where all the skeletons were burning flames.

The skeleton powerhouse that has reached the mixed cave, facing Ryujin Jakka, has no resistance at all!

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