Endless Upgrade System Chapter 2976

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[Ding! 】

[Congratulations to the player, killing x1 demonic weapon in the mixed cave! Gain life source energy + 200,000 points! 】

[Ding! 】

[Congratulations to the player, killing x1 demonic weapon in the mixed cave! Gain life source energy + 200,000 points! 】


In between.

In Yang Xu’s mind, a continuous system prompt sounded.

Zan Hong turned into Zanpakuto and instantly killed all demonic weapons!

Every demonic weapon has a horrible cultivation base in a mixed cave!

Each demonic weapon provides Yang Xu with several 100,000 points of life source energy.

Yang Xu had always recorded energy and suppressed realm.


Successive encounters with powerful opponents.

Whether it is a dragon, or the existence of the feeder.

Yang Xu has a strong interest.

“Improve realm, life source, all consumed!”

Yang Xu thought together.

The system prompt sounds again:

[Ding! 】

[Congratulations to the player upgrade, the current Level: Golden Que 9th Layer days! 】

[Ding! 】

[Congratulations to the player upgrade, the current Level: Wheel Sea Realm 9th Layer days! 】


[Ding! 】

[Congratulations to the player’s upgrade, the current Level: 9th Layer days of long life! 】

Yang Xu’s cultivation base, with the support of life source energy, is surging rapidly.

His whole body, Aura, is also growing wildly at an alarming rate.

Lan Ke’er and Lan Ruoxing, who is closest to him, regard him completely.

They could not imagine that Cultivator’s realm breakthrough would be so simple and easy.

It’s like eating and drinking.


Yang Xu’s breakthrough speed is too fast!

Blinking effort.

It was even raised to the 9th Layer days of Changsheng Realm!

There is only one line of difference from breakthrough to mixed cave!

“This… this is too outrageous?”

Haizu Powerhouse Shark Rolls Sky, and Wu Xinliang, their faces are full of incredible expressions.

They can clearly sense that Yang Xu has the same realm and powerful aura fluctuations as them.

What makes them unbalanced is.

They cultivated the effort for several hundred years.

Finally, the breakthrough to today’s realm.

What about Human Race?

Just a breath of breath, all the way to breakthrough!

Shark Juantian, Wu Xinliang, how could they think that the reason why Yang Xu has today’s rapid breakthrough speed.

It’s just because his original realm is not low.

And his strength has grown to a point where he is strong enough.

At the beginning, he saved the entire world!

Coupled with Yang Xu’s massive life source accumulation.

Released at the moment.

Naturally like a hot knife through butter, triumphant progress!


After reaching the longevity, you can no longer break through.

Because Yang Xu lacks a substance.

If you want to reach the mixed cave, you must have enough “Primal Chaos matter”.

This Primal Chaos substance is condensed with the purest Primal Chaos Qi.

Each Primal Chaos substance is equivalent to the weight of a planet.

It is not enough to have Primal Chaos material.

You have to condense Space Law, based on Space Law, integrate Primal Chaos material, and refining a mixed cave space!

In the World below, the Heavenly Dao disaster is not very powerful, so after the Cultivator reaches the mixed cave, it can easily survive the disaster.

However at Immortal World.

Heavenly Tribulation in the powerhouse of the mixed cave is really too terrifying.

Each Cultivator needs to condense a space of mixed caves, which is called “mixed Paradise”.

Only has a mixed Paradise.

In order to support Cultivator through the disaster of Immortal World.


It’s like walking in a high place during a thunderstorm. That’s the behavior of courting death.

“Mixing Paradise” is equivalent to a lightning protection.

It can guarantee that Cultivator will not be hacked to death in Immortal World Heavenly Tribulation!

“If I want to break through to the cave, I need to find Primal Chaos material.”

Yang Xu secretly thought.

He looked at the skeletons of the mixed caves that were killed with regret:

“Unfortunately, they don’t have a real body, and they can’t summon Paradise to come, otherwise, as long as they are killed, I will be able to extract the cave substance from their Paradise.”

good luck.

Maybe a few Space Law can be harvested.

Just when Yang Xu was distracted.

9 The eye of the heart, but simultaneously shocked, sensed a huge danger!

“How dare you dare break into my territory and strike my people, it’s such a daring ah!”

A hoarse voice sounded from Yang Xu’s mind.

Yang Xu frowned suddenly:

He felt this voice seem faintly familiar.

Yang Xu immediately began to flip the memory of the past pictures.


A ray of black Demon Qi swept out of the Angel treasure cabin.

It transformed into a black silhouette all over the body, a torrent of hatred, centered on him, pervading all around.


Lan Ke’er and Lan Ruoxing’s mind flashed the picture of one after another:

“I hate ah! Why did I miss that many things before…”

“I hate ah! Why waste my life, if I can work hard, I will be able to gain strong power…”

The thoughts of regret and remorse instantly filled Lan Ke’er and Lan Ruoxing’s heads.

A rune of hate appeared in their eyes, and they could no longer concentrate.

“Not good! He is an idea demon who hates the devil and can manipulate his opponent’s mind!”

Shark Young Master Shark Rolling Sky, and Squid Powerhouse Wu Xinliang, terrified look flashed in his eyes.

“Hate Heavenly Demon King? I hate this name!”

Hate Heavenly Demon King with a pair of deep eyes, swept them toward the shark volume sky.

A peculiar energy, permeated away, weng!

The expressions of powerhouses under Shark Juantian and around Wuxinliang instantly disappeared, one after another regrets and regrets filled their minds.

Hate God Mojun blinked:

Bang bang bang !

The brains of these powerhouses exploded strangely!

each and everyone powerhouse, instantly fell!

There is no sign of struggling!

“It really is this guy, no wonder I feel familiar!”

Yang Xu’s eyes suddenly lit up.

Looking at the pictures in his memory, he remembered the origin of this silhouette.

Weird expression on Yang Xu’s face:

“Hate Heavenly Demon King, it’s really you, I didn’t expect you to be alive!”

There is a black silhouette of hate flowing all over the body, a pair of strange eyes, like two magnifying glasses, faintly staring at Yang Xu:

“Who are you? I hate to hate the name Demon King… Your people killed my people, you have to die!”

Yang Xu expression is a piece of calm and collected, without any fear.

Instead, he smiled at the hatred of the demon king:

“Yo, forget me so soon? Remember exquisite Great Compassion Mantra?”

Hate God Mo Jun slightly surprised.

There seemed to be something touched, and there was a trace of doubt in his eyes.

Yang Xu added:

“Don’t you remember the 10000 Heaven Smiting Spider? Seven Emotions and Six Desires Sword of Sorrows? Did 1000 hands, 1000 eyes, and Tu Xian Dafa forget?

Whenever Yang Xu said a name.

The confusion in the eyes of the hate of Heavenly Demon King dissipated.

His eyes are getting brighter and brighter.


He stared at Yang Xu violently, and monstrous hatred broke out:

“It’s you! Burial Universe, Damn Dog Emperor!”

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