Endless Upgrade System Chapter 2977

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Hate God’s eyes, staring at Yang Xu.

All the space around him, ka la la shattered.

One after another space fragments, wu wu sounded around him, wail like ghosts and howl like wolves.

In his eyes, there was a real hatred, moved towards Yang Xu rumble.

bang bang!

The 2 hate Divine Arrow, contacted the barrier of the Sea God realm, and broke down directly.

Hate God Demon King stared at Yang Xu:

“You Dog Emperor, if it were not for you to kill my country, how could I fall to such a situation?”

“I’m going to kill you!”

Hate Heavenly Demon King’s body, one after another black smoke erupted.

Among these thick smoke, there is a phantom of one after another Asura, skeleton, Demon, changing shape constantly


There is also a lingering grievance and hatred, constantly flowing and shining.

Heaven and Earth Spirit Qi, all around, was captured by the giant hands formed by these resentments and hatreds.


Hate Heavenly Demon King above the sky, there appeared a black Paradise.

Experts such as Shark Rolling Sky and Wu Xinliang.

His complexion changed dramatically:

“Mixed cave expert! How is this possible?”

For a long time, this Sea Domain has not appeared in the powerhouse of the mixed cave.

It is the King bloodline of the Hai tribe, and it is difficult to break through to the mixed cave.

If there is such a powerhouse.

How can you be willing to be silent?

It has long been an overlord on the sea!

For a time.

Shark Juantian looked towards the expression of hating Heavenly Demon King, which was shocked, but also puzzled and puzzled.

Lan Ruoxing and Lan Ke’er are all obediently and honestly at this moment, hiding behind Yang Xu.

They found that no matter how great the enemy’s power, how powerful aura.

They are hiding in this area of ​​Yang Xu.

It was not affected at all.

Not only that.

Yang Xu has only one expression.

That strange monster sword turned into a beautiful woman in palace dress and appeared beside them.

Faintly like protecting them.

“Interesting, I just thought it was a little difficult to break through the mixed cave, and you just popped up, as if it were a gift from Heaven to me.”

Yang Xu smiled and looked at the Hateful Demon King.

Some interested expressions looked at the dark paradise above the hate of the Demon King.

Faintly sneered:

“It is indeed a gift from Heaven, but this gift, I am afraid that you will see it, and you will not be able to take it!”

“Dog Emperor, today is the time for your destruction! Get out of hell and dominate your funeral!”

Bang bang!

The hatred of the heavenly demon king, black hatred swept like tornado, wu wu screamed, and got into the dark paradise above his head.

That mix of Paradise, like a black hole, swallowed his hatred and Heaven and Earth energy.

I saw the ghost shadow of 4 shadows, which emerged from the dark Paradise.

4 sounds, like liquid, keep creeping and falling down, pop, pop!

Smashed on the side of the hate god.

Look at the 4 groups of creeping deformation.

Many powerhouses, feel strange:

“What is that stuff?”

Yang Xu’s eyes flickered slightly:

These 4 groups of things made him feel familiar.

Is it the 4 guys?

How could they turn to hate the devil?

“Hehe, Dog Emperor, do you feel familiar? That’s right, this is one of the 9 Great Immortal beasts that you used to suppress the destiny when they were buried in the immortal dynasty. Unfortunately, after they were abandoned by you, they are now me. Help!”

Hate God Demons laughed with pride.

Yang Xu frowned slightly:

“You refining all 4 demons into your puppet?”

Talking about effort.

The 4 groups of black existence existed around the aura, and turned into 4 strange silhouettes.

A silhouette is a tall and slender Willow Tree, but the whole body is black, and every piece of willow leaf and every willow branch are flowing black venom;

A silhouette, thin and long, resembling an upright Demon Sword, wrapped around a cold murderous aura;

A silhouette, a series of tentacles extending around the body, these tentacles penetrated into the void deeply, I don’t know where to go;

The last silhouette is the whole body of gu du gu du with blood bubbles of each and everyone, as if it would melt at any time.

Each of them is haunted by aura of resentment, tyranny and fierceness.

It was the 4 Demon Beast, Willow Demon, Sword Demon, Pu De, Blood Demon that surrendered by Yang Xu himself!

See 4 of them.

There is a little more expression on Yang Xu’s expression:

“It’s dangerous here, you can leave, or leave quickly.”

Yang Xu solemnly said a sentence.

The powerhouses are about to speak.

Hate God Demon jié jié sneered and interrupted them:

“Want to leave now? Hehe, that’s subject to my consent.”

“Become my nourishment for my 4 children!”

Hate Sky Demon King’s voice has not fallen.

Behind the Cultivator, there is a void, and a ripple of one after another black suddenly appears.

Yang Xu expression can’t change dramatically:

“Get away!”


Among the black ripples, there were black tentacles, which suddenly shot out.

Like a sword, they penetrated their bodies.

It’s weird.

These tentacles pierce them within the body, not at all destruction, but devour and consume their life Origin Qi, flesh and blood energy.

One after another energy ball, gu du gu du is absorbed and captured by the tentacles.

Those Cultivators who were stabbed turned into jerky almost at the speed visible with naked eyes…

On the side of the Hate God Demon King, the Pu Mo who had tentacles and tentacles all over his body grew rapidly at an alarming speed.

It instantly became more than a dozen meters high, standing on the side of the hate devil:

Chi chi chi!

It stretches out with more than 100 black tentacles, as if tearing a piece of paper, easily penetrates the Space Crystal Wall and drills into it.

Behind Yang Xu, there is a transparent spatial ripple:


A black tentacle, tearing through the space, the fiercely assassination came from behind the morning sun.


The tentacles hit the translucent space barrier.

Even the Pu Mo can’t break the barrier of the Sea God realm.

This made Lan Ke’er, who was trembling in fear, unable to let go of his heart.

at this time.

In his ear, Yang Xu’s soul sound transmission sounded:

“In a while I will stop them from hating the demon king, you two, seize the moment and run away immediately!”

Once Yang Xu entered the fighting state.

Want to protect Lan Ke’er and Lan Ruoxing.

It’s a bit difficult.


After so many years of cultivation.

Yang Xu can’t predict what kind of realm he hated the devil.

But the powerhouse of the mixed cave can’t be underestimated!

at this time.

A few hundred kilometers away.

An island suddenly cracked.

A silhouette of a teenager, surrounded by clouds and fog, rising from the fog.

He was empty in emptiness, surrounded by aura of Space Law.

The eyes instantly locked Yang Xu’s side:

“Hey, there is expert aura, there is even a powerhouse in mixed cave…”

“Go and join in the fun!”

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