Endless Upgrade System Chapter 2978

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In the eyes of the teenager, there was a touch of fine light flowing into a twisted Space Rune, flashing under the eyes.

He covered Space Law’s aura.

The teenager stretched out 2 hands and tore it away.

With a snort, the space was like paper, and was torn by him as if it were a portal.

The young man smiled in the corner of his mouth, and with two hands on his back, stepped into it.

Next second.

Yang Xu Their heads are empty, and the ripples in the space shine.

The silhouette of the teenager walked out of the sky out of the sky.

He completely ignored everyone, his eyes flashed, and he directly locked on the hate of the devil, Happily said:

“Ha ha, it is better to come early than to come by coincidence, there is actually an expert in the mixed cave realm! It happens that I want to break through the mixed cave realm, and I need a lot of Primal Chaos material.”

The teenager looked at the hate heaven demon king’s head, the dark mixed Paradise, with a desire desire flashing in his eyes:

“Take your mixed Paradise to extract what I need!”


The teenager’s shoulders shook gently, and there was an energy aura of one after another crystal clear and near-transparent, rising from behind.

A full 18 crystal auras, suspended and staggered behind his back, released Space Law’s aura.

“It’s him! Genius Ge Tiandu! It broke Space Law and grew to the unrivalled genius of Secret Realm in just ten years!”

The veteran expert Wu Xinliang, involuntarily exclaimed, his eyes full of envy.

“What! He is Ge Tiandu? We are saved now!”

Shark Rolling Sky and the Cultivator were overjoyed.

The four puppets who hated the heavenly demon king were so horrible that they saw it with their own eyes.

But it was one of them that shot at random, easily killed most of their experts.

And Yang Xu also fell into a passive situation.

They are not taken into account at all.

it’s good now.

With Ge Tiandu this peerless genius shot.

They are safe!

The surviving Cultivators stared at the genius boy Ge Tiandu, all with the excitement of avoiding a catastrophe in their eyes.

The young Ge Tiandu, flashing in shape, has appeared in front of the hate of the devil.

He was carrying his 2 hands on his back, as if he were your Young Master, and looked down on the hatred god:

“If you obey yourself, I can bring your soul into samsara reincarnation. If you act recklessly and put up a desperate struggle, I will make you live better than you die!”

Ge Tiandu’s eyes are slightly narrowed, within both eyes of domineering, full of domineering that controls everything.

This kind of demeanor, Lan Ruoxing, couldn’t help but admire envy, and a strong yearning flashed in his eyes:

Men should be so!

Only Lan Ke’er, the eyes of a pair of eyes always hang on Yang Xu.

The fight started when the teenager appeared.

Yang Xu frowned slightly.

It doesn’t seem to be bullish on the teenager.

What surprised Lan Ke’er even more was that with the appearance of the teenager.

Yang Xu seemed to find something interesting, frequently looking at the empty space not far from the teenager.

“Is there something there? Or is there an expert hidden?”

Lan Ke’er wondered.

Yang Xu At this moment, in response to the changing frequency of space fluctuations, mouth expose a smile to:

Interestingly, there is another expert in mixed cave.

Moreover, there is still a trace of the existence of Great Dao.

This teenager, it seems that the background is out of the ordinary…

Yang Xu pupil light flashed, this slowly looked towards the young Ge Tiandu.

Ge Tiandu was condescending, looking down on the hated devil.

He threatened to hate the Heavenly Demon King and wanted to exert psychological pressure on the other party, surrendering without fighting.


Yang Xu Weiwei shook the head:

This young man simply didn’t understand what was devil.

The devil’s behavior is not something that can be figured out by common sense.

The teenager is still too young!

It seems to confirm Yang Xu’s view.

Just when Ge Tiandu wanted to say something and so on.


A black rays of light came out without warning.

The black rays of light shone and instantly formed a Divine Order Chain, which was wrapped with aura of resentment and abhorrence, twisting the grimace like each and everyone, roaring and screaming, pulling towards Ge Tiandu to cover his face.

bang bang!

The void can’t bear the huge power of Divine Order Chain, the space is whipped with a black crack, and the space is cracked.

The dark Divine Order Chain winked in front of the young Ge Tiandu.

Ge Tiandu was not panicked, coldly smiled, and swiped in front of him:

“Space Great Dao, the law of heaven works, condense!”


Pieces of space rules flew out of his palm, like needlework, binding and folding the void in front of him, and sewing it into a translucent space god wall.

This space god wall, with the space lane as the needle thread, is layered and intertwined, enough to resist the full power strike of the powerhouse in the mixed cave!

Ge Tiandu smiled calmly and thought it was enough to resist this Divine Order Chain.


While Liu Mo cut out the Divine Order Chain, the slender body shook gently, chi chi!

2 The dark willow leaves burst out.

These two willow leaves are dark all over, with one after another venomous black insect wriggling, exuding aura of decay, corrosion and destruction.

Upon touching the space god wall of Ge Tiandu, the chi chi 2 sound exploded, accompanied by the foul smell of black, and the space god wall was directly corroded!

The dark Divine Order Chain haunts the destruction of aura, tearing the decaying wall of space gods directly, and drawing itself to the teenager.

at the same time.

Liu Demon’s body was shocked, and the black willow branches appeared as if poisonous snakes had shot out.

They penetrated the space and entangled in the hands and feet of the teenager.

clang clang clang!

Ge Tiandu, the teenager, Space Law high speed rotation, formed a space orb, enveloped him in the center.

The dark Divine Order Chain and willow branches are all blocked by the space god ball.


More and more black willow branches are constantly entwined, wrapping the space magic ball in layers.

The translucent space orb has become a dark existence.

No more Space Law aura, from which came out.

Genius boy Ge Tiandu was trapped in the black ball!

Everyone was stunned:

“Genius Ge Tiandu, so easily surrendered?”

“Hate Demon King didn’t even shoot it himself, just a Liu Demon, he suppressed Ge Tiandu?”

Everyone feels incredible.

Hate Heavenly Demon King did not put the teenager in his eyes at all, morning sun Xu sneered:

“You watched him fall into my trap, but you didn’t try to save me, Dog Emperor, you really are as cold-blooded as before!”

“4 Demon Puppet, kill for me!”

Hate the heavenly demon king, the dark paradise rumble shock.

Suddenly there was a resentful energy of resentment, like a black waterfall, falling down, gu dong gu dong poured into willow demon, pu demon, sword demon, Blood Demon within the body.


The body is like a sword demon with a slight shake, and suddenly there is 81 a horrible black Sword Qi, like 81 black rivers, morning sun rising from the storm.

bang bang!

These Sword Qi long rivers, hit the Sea God field, without even a little ripple, they all collapsed.

Yang Xu stands in the field of Sea God, faintly smiled:

“4 Although the puppets are powerful, they are still a little weaker against me. Moreover, you seem to have provoked a more difficult existence…”

Yang Xu smiled at the teenager who was bound into a black ball.

Then he looked up at the void and smiled:

“The target you are protecting is almost killed, don’t you still shoot?”


Are there other experts?

Shua shua shua !

The Cultivator followed Yang Xu’s expression and looked towards the empty void.

A faint voice sounded in the ears of everyone:

“I can actually see through the space Great Dao, your origins are indeed extraordinary.”

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