Endless Upgrade System Chapter 2979

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In the eyes of everyone surprised.

A ripple appeared in the void, and a tall young silhouette emerged slowly from the ripples in the space.

In his white clothes, there is a sun and moon rune shining in his eyes, 49 Great Dao aura behind, divine shine myriad, lucky color 1000!

Above the head, a crystal clear and near-transparent blend of Paradise seems to be formed by crystal condensation.

One after another Space Law, which blends into nature, the waterfall generally falls down and surrounds him.

Everyone simultaneously cry out in surprise:

“Is a mixed cave expert again!”

“Oh my god, aren’t the powerhouses in Hundred Caves any more valuable now?”

Shark rolls sky, Wu Xinliang and the others, exclaimed secretly.

Those young people in white clothes, a pair of eyes fell on Yang Xu.

In the pupil, the sun and moon rune shines again and again, it seems to see Yang Xu through.


Yang Xu only smiled faintly, the expression on his face was dull like a lake.

Let young people in white clothes completely fail to see through.

“White big brother, help me quickly, I’m trapped!”

The sound of the young Ge Tiandu was heard in the black sphere, which was intertwined.

Bai Liuli eyebrows slightly frowned.

In the icy gaze of hate the devil.

He pointed at his finger:


A touch of Sword Qi burst out of the sky, straight toward the black sphere.

Behind the Hateful Demon King, gloomy flashes in Liu Demon Eye:

“Want to break my captivity? Are you far away…”


A black wicker was born out of thin air, and was drawn towards the touch of Sword Qi.

Sword Qi instantly shattered!

Bai Liuli frowned, “en?”

His pupil light gave Liu Mo a cold look.

In the eyes of everyone surprised.

Bai Liuli lifted his wrist gently, rolling the sea water, and suddenly rose into the air.

There is more than 100 cubic meters of sea water, like a hill, suspended by the invisible force and suspended in the air.

Bai Liuli slightly ticked his finger:

clang clang clang!

The huge volume of sea water turned out to be an effort in a blink of an eye, and was compressed into 9 crystal lance by an invisible force.

These 9 root lances, crystal clear and near-transparent, cold light are shining, revealing the sharp edge of no stronghold one cannot overcome.

Bai Liuli only expressed coldly, and 9 crystal lances disappeared instantly.

Next second.

But in front of Liu Demon, simultaneously flashed out.

Its speed is so fast, Liu Mo, let alone dodge, even the defense is too late, bang bang bang!

9 crystal lance, directly penetrate the body of Liu Mo.

He took the opportunity to take him out of several 100 meters away, with a loud bang, nailed to the void.

Not only that.

The 9 crystal lances flashed the densely packed Law Rune, the streamer flickered, and the edgy spins, turning the key acupoint of the demon into a seal.

Let Liu Mo struggle.

Can’t mobilize the slightest energy!

Not to mention break away!

In between.

Bai Liuli only used his finger to suppress the Liu Demon, who can’t handle the genius boy Ge Tiandu.

This way, Lan Ke’er and Lan Ruoxing could not help taking a deep breath.

The Hateful Demon King cast a surprised look on Bai Liuli:

This mixed cave seems to have something?

It’s Yang Xu, with a look of surprise.

It seems to have been so general.

“If you can’t reach your home, you will need 4 places. If you take the space of our Imperial Palace Great Dao, don’t say it is complete, even if it is only 20%, I don’t know if it is a rateless heretical path of the devils. So embarrassed.”

Bai Liuli waved his hand, and there was a translucent ripple in the sky that trapped Ge Tiandu’s black ball.

The ripples in the space wrapped the black ball with only a slight swing.

pu’ sound.

The black ball shattered instantly, one after another black tentacle, annihilated into black powder, and was blown away by the wind.

“Bai big brother, these guys are so hard to deal with. I was caught off guard for a while before they caught their way!”

As soon as Ge Tiandu got out of trouble, he jumped in front of Bai Liuli and said.

A pair of eyes, staring unsatisfiedly at the side of the hate demon king.

Hate God Mo Jun sneered in the corner of his mouth, just about to speak.

Bai Liuli interrupted him lightly:

“In this case, you will fight again and win. I will go back and tell you father and let him leave you a few more days. If you lose…”

Ge Tiandu’s eyes widened:

“Bai big brother, rest assured, as long as no one else intervenes, I will definitely win!”

A pair of eyes stared provocatively at the cold-eyed Pu Mo:

“You also heard that, the white big brother asked me to fight you again, come on!”

His figure flashed, and he rushed towards the Pu Mo.

The sword demon and Blood Demon standing beside Pu Mo were ignored by him.

As if not worrying at all, these 2 will be inserted horizontally.

Hate Sky Demon King felt a while wrong.

Sword Demon and Blood Demon felt that they were ignored by Bai Liuli, and Demon Qi was surging in his body, and he would immediately shoot.


Bai Liuli’s cool voice came slowly:

“Say you two can’t intervene, when my words are in vain?”

Boom, weng!

Blood Demon and Sword Demon are all around, and the space shows strange fluctuations.

It seems that there is invisible force that condenses and kneads space into steel.

2 translucent space cages appeared suddenly, imprisoning Blood Demon and Sword Demon.

Their faces were suddenly furious, and they were about to break free after glaring.

What shocked them was.

Regardless of how they motivate the momentum, the ending is just like the Liu Mo nailed to the void, unable to break free!

“With such a powerful Control Power degree, this guy really comprehend a space Great Dao?”

Hate God Demon Eyes shrank.

The mixed Paradise above the head, the black Demon Qi energy, rolling and rolling, just like the Demon Cloud.

Bai Liuli justified and hated the Heavenly Demon King. From beginning to end, he didn’t seem to take him seriously.

Seeing that Ge Tiandu and Na Pumo are fighting again, you come and go, there is mutual advance and retreat.

Bai Liuli didn’t worry, as soon as his eyes turned, he looked towards Yang Xu.

“Next, did you shoot, or did I shoot?”

Lan Ke’er, Lan Ruoxing, and even Shark Rolling Sky and Wu Xinliang were all surprised:

This young man in white clothes who is so powerful is not even in the eyes of Demon King.

Why did you look at Yang Xu, a human race teenager, in a different light?

and also.

What is the virtual Imperial Palace mentioned in his mouth?

Why have you never heard of it before?

Regardless of whether it is Shark Rolling Sky or Wu Xinliang, above this sea, they are the leader-level characters occupying one side of the power.

However, for this virtual Imperial Palace, never heard of it.

Can’t help but be curious.

“I can’t think of the Great Dao, the space of the virtual Imperial Palace. Now that there are juniors who have already learned about it, it’s gratifying. But this devil is saved with me. He just mixes with Paradise. I just need it. Give it to me.”

Yang Xu smiled authentically.

The indifference in the words is as if the hate of the devil is a broiler that can be slaughtered at any time.

It makes Seven Orifices angry to hate the heavenly demons, and mixes up with Paradise rumble.

Bai Liuli looked at it, couldn’t help smiling, and said to Yang Xu with a deep meaning:

“Sire has Heaven and Earth in it, Liuli can’t see the roots, but I want to be old with the virtual Imperial Palace, and this demon will give Sire.”

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