Endless Upgrade System Chapter 2980

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“Laozi is not an object, it’s your turn to let it go!”

Hate Heavenly Demon King, was irritated by the conversation between Yang Xu and Bai Liuli.

He blends Paradise above his head, and rumble spins.

The energy of Demon Qi falls like a waterfall.

In the surging Demon Qi, there is a green Demon Eye shining, and the Demon Eye is full of the law of resentment aura.

Yang Xu raised his brow slightly and smiled:

“No wonder you can refining 4 demons, it turned out to be a fluke Great Dao.”

The resentful Great Dao is also one of the Three Thousand Great Dao.

But its power comes from Heaven and Earth all living things, the deepest negative energy.

Accidentally, it is easy to cultivate deviation, reason collapse, and lose oneself.

So except demonic path Cultivator.

No one wants to touch this power.

Only hate the devil, the cultivation of “Hate Demon Art” has control over the power of resentment and resentment.

The resentful Great Dao has become a big help for him!


With a big wave of his hand, Hate Heavenly Demon Jun mixed with Paradise rumble above his head, there was actually 9 black Divine Dragon, and the bucket was thick and flew out.

Every black Divine Dragon has scales and a roaring beetle. Under each scale, there is a green demon Demon Eye.

A series of resentful laws, wrapped around the dragon claw, radiating a wave of black ripples in the sky, pervading into the void.

The surviving Cultivator accidentally touched a ray of thread, and his face suddenly became dark, and his eyes were filled with negative emotions such as resentment and anger.

The whole person almost collapsed.

yin ang!

9 Resentful Divine Dragon, morning sun Xu Fei shot, densely packed Demon Eye all over the body, launching demon light, erupting the devastating mist.

Demon Qi, the bitterness that covered the sky and the sun, was completely dark, and covered the void of 30 li.

All Cultivator, panicked, quickly retreated.

That Bai Liuli stood in the void, not at all moving, behind 49 divine ring, crystal clear and near-transparent, dropped one after another law waterfall, completely separating him from the resentment of all around.

He didn’t at all taking seriously for the trick of hating the devil

Instead, his eyes fell on Yang Xu.

Because of this young man, he was completely invisible!

The virtual Imperial Palace is the strong Great Sect on the continent of Taixuan continent.

Among the several Great Influences that are tied to the virtual Imperial Palace, there are countless talents and genius.

But no one felt Bai Liuli as strange as Yang Xu.

In Yang Xu, he not at all sensed aura which is too powerful.


This Human Race teenager’s cultivation base realm, but only 9th Layer days long life.

There is no breakthrough even in the mixed cave.

But somehow.

Bai Liuli felt a huge oppression from Yang Xu.

As if, Yang Xu in front of him is 2 people.

This one on the surface, ordinary appearance, ordinary innate talent.

The real Yang Xu inside is as powerful as God, proud of the heroes, and unmatched!

Bai Liuli couldn’t help wondering:

Does this young man still hide a powerful Outer Body Incarnation?

“Let’s see what exactly you are.”

A bright glow flashed through Bai Liuli’s eyes.

Yu Guang noticed in the corner of his eye that Ge Tiandu had already pushed Pu Mo back step by step, unable to resist.

A smile appeared on the corner of his mouth:

This is the true strength of the virtual Imperial Palace.

Just when he was thinking.

The battle between Yang Xu and the Hateful Demon King has begun.

9 Resentful Divine Dragon, the whole body is black, the green light of Demon Eye shines, exuding the magic mist that can make the Cultivator’s mind confused, and the morning sun is entwined.

Yang Xu stood upright, surrounded by Sea God, and cut off all the magic fog.

He was covered with golden light all over his body, and his hands were randomly explored. The rolling golden energy condensed into a big energy hand seal.

The energy big hand seal just grabbed, as if grabbing a loach, easily grabbed a bitter Divine Dragon.

Black’s resentment Divine Dragon, a dragon mouth, morning sun Xu resentment venom, green Demon Eye all over the body, releasing the demon demon light.


Five Elements Great Dao hangs over Yang Xu’s head, Fire Element Law blooms violently, all venom is removed, and demon light is blocked.

“Scatter for me.”

Yang Xu squeezed gently.

The energy hand seal was squeezed violently, pu chi sounded, and a vicious Divine Dragon was directly pinched by him!

The face of the Hate God could not help changing.

The Cultivator in the distance can’t help but marvel:

“It’s so easy!”

Lan Ke’er’s eyes were sparkling, full of excitement:

“He is really strong!”

yin ang!

The other 8 resented Divine Dragon, showing the state of high-spiritedness, once again the morning sun came around.

Yang Xu sneered:


King Divine Fist!

He threw a punch.

Rising winds, scudding clouds !

Heaven and Earth change!

The power of King converged in an instant, faintly condensing into an overbearing phantom, accompanied by Yang Xu this fist.

This one King is a phantom, majestic, and between the waving of his hands, he has captured 8 Divine Dragon.

Bang bang bang ……

8 Divine Dragon, hit by Yang Xu “King Divine Fist”, swept away in an instant!

Hate Heavenly Demon King was furious and erased a sudden shock.

The head rumbled with Paradise rumble running, a black brilliance falling into his palm.

That little black light dribbled around and turned into a black pagoda.

The black pagoda is so bright, it is faintly seen, there are countless Resentful Soul silhouettes of evil spirits, screaming in the pagoda.

Hate Sky Demon King moved incantation, Pagoda buzzed, and all the Resentful Soul evil spirits were refining into the grudge Divine Power by him.

The resentful Great Dao is around him, condensing the manifest, and turning into a dark Great Dao chain:

“Capture me!”

Black pagoda spewed out the venomous Divine Power and merged into the Great Dao God Chain.

The chain of God condensed by the resentful Great Dao suddenly extended towards the void, like a poisonous snake, moved towards Yang Xu.

hua la la, hua la la!

Resentful Great Dao chain, emitting a ray of Demon Sound.

Demon Sound is over, and the imprisoned sword demon, Blood Demon, and Willow Demon nailed to the void are directly shattered by Demon Sound’s brain.

Divine Soul will die in an instant!

Even Bai Liuli, eyebrows slightly frowned, 49 divine rings in the back gave a slight shock, and a ripple in the space fell.

Pu chi !

All Demon Sounds were shattered by this space ripple.

Ge Tiandu’s side is also a similar coping method. The whole body is surrounded by ripples in the space, isolating all Demon Sound from the outside.

His opponent, Pu Mo, was not so lucky.

Demon Sound passed by, and he was unable to guard for a while. The black tentacles all over his body were instantly crushed into powder.

His brain was also directly shaken into a pile of paste.

“Fortunately, we fled in advance, otherwise we will not escape the fall!”

Lan Ruoxing sighed.

Lan Ke’er and Shark Rolling Sky, they are all shocked and silent.

“Look at me using the Great Dao chain to imprison you, how can you resist me!”

Hate God Mo Jun waved his resentment Great Dao God Chain, morning sun Xu circle came over.

Yang Xu expression was calm and calm.

With a quick flip, Five Elements Great Dao appeared in the palm of the hand, and the rays of light shone into a 5-color divine ring.

“The resentful Great Dao is pretty good, but it’s a pity that in front of Five Elements Great Dao close to Heaven and Earth source, it’s not enough to watch. collect for me!”

Yang Xu chuckled and threw the Five Elements divine ring into the void.


Five Elements divine ring hangs in the air, 5-color divine light shines, Five Elements law condenses and transforms continuously, forming a black hole.

With the suction power, the bitter Great Dao chain was enveloped directly.

The resentful Great Dao Divine Chain, which is not under the control of the Dark Sky Demon King, was inhaled directly into the Five Elements divine ring!

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