Endless Upgrade System Chapter 2981

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The means and power that Yang Xu showed made all the people present were shocked.

Bai Liuli was even more surprised:

This Human Race teenager has a complete Five Elements Great Dao!

Five Elements Great Dao, but three Thousand Great Dao ranked extremely forward.

The source of Heaven and Earth is involved!

And more importantly.

Mastering Five Elements Great Dao is of vital importance to the fusion of Paradise!

Bai Liuli’s eyes flashed with envy that could not be concealed.

At the moment, Ge Tiandu also flashed on Bai Liuli’s side.

Looking at the complete Five Elements Great Dao by Yang Xu.

The eyes are full of envious admiration that cannot be concealed:

Both father and Senior Brother have warned him.

Being a virtual Imperial Palace disciple, it is not only necessary to gain insight into the Great Dao.

Let’s not relax the comprehend of Five Elements Great Dao and Five Elements!

Because Five Elements Great Dao is crucial to the way Cultivator will go after!

Some Cultivators who are not proficient in Five Elements Great Dao, even if they condense a mixed Paradise, often because the Five Elements rule is missing, resulting in a mixed Paradise not enough Perfection.

You must use a lot of Magic Treasure, Spirit Qi, Dao Artifact and even Immortal Artifact, etc., to suppress and mix Paradise, and cultivate Five Elements law.

Mixed Paradise is a great help for the Cultivator in the mixed cave.

Your mixed Paradise is not enough Perfection, you have to use Magic Treasure to suppress, it is equivalent to missing a leg in battle.

Cultivator’s strength is greatly reduced!

If you like Yang Xu, you have mastered the Five Elements rule in advance, and even mastered a Five Elements Great Dao.

He condensed the mixed Paradise, which will be more powerful than Perfection.

In battle.

The explosive power that can be released will be even more terrifying!

“No! Give me a grudge against Great Dao!”

Hate God Mojun watched his hard refining resentment Great Dao, easily captured by Yang Xu.

Anger is about to explode.

His big hand waved violently, and in his hand black pagoda was thrown out by him.


The black pagoda looks like paper paste, light and fluttering without any sense of heavyness, wandering around in the sky.

Everyone’s eyes were attracted by the black Small Pagoda.

Yang Xu grabbed it and Five Elements divine ring flew into his palm.

The system prompt sounds in my mind:

[Congratulations to player Yang Xu, get 1 Great Dao of Resentment! Is it refining immediately? 】

Yang Xu ignored it, but looked towards that black Small Pagoda.


With black Small Pagoda as the center, the rune of 8 black, like a chain, quickly spread to all around.

The void around black Small Pagoda, condense a huge rune like a cobweb.


Where the black rune covers, the void is broken, and a space fluctuation comes out.

“It’s Space Gate! He opened a spatial door!”

Ge Tiandu is lowly cried.

The virtual Imperial Palace’s discipline, cultivation comprehend space Great Dao, has a very keen perception of space fluctuations.

Bai Liuli naturally felt it too.

But not at all in his face was a little surprised. Instead, he glanced coldly at the sea below the space where the space collapsed.

There were 49 crystal divine rings behind him, flashing slightly, and a cold arc provoked in the corner of his mouth.

Then, Bai Liuli looked towards Yang Xu over there:

How will you deal with the next situation?

rumble, rumble!

The void oscillated, and a dark spatial door appeared in the collapsed space.

From that spatial door, a giant claws was drilled, narrow and sharp, like a blade.


The space was torn again by that huge sharp claw, accompanied by one after another space fluctuation.

A huge 8-claw Demon Beast appeared in front of everyone.

It is 30 meters high, similar in appearance to a spider, and has a large head with one after another black rune imprinted on it.

It haunts one after another dark and resentful aura, with ghosts surrounding it like ghosts and howl like wolves.

Hate Sky Demon King flashed like a shadow, and appeared silently on top of his head.

“Child, I’m in trouble, kill for me to kill him!”

Morning sun Xu violently pointed.


cold glow

The void was directly torn by the monster’s giant claws, and the cold cold glow instantly appeared in front of Yang Xu.

Everyone could not help cry out in surprise:

“What a horrible Ominous Beast!”

“It’s claws can even split the space!”

“Space Crystal Wall is as fragile as tofu in front of its paws!”

Everyone exclaimed discoloration.

The exact opposite of them.

Instead, Yang Xu’s face was calm and calm.

Facing the blade before beating in the blink of an eye.

There was not even a slight change in expression on his face.

Despite the beheading of the blade, Yang Xu remained motionless, and the crystal rays of light gleamed in the Sea God realm:


Ominous Beast sharp claw, which can be easily cut even in space, is directly blocked by an invisible barrier.

Yang Xu’s Sea God field, condense a group of bright brilliance, blocked Ominous Beast sharp claw.

Regardless of how it explodes and how hard it is.

However, on the barrier of the Sea God field, one after another ripple was stimulated.

Can’t break the defense at all!

Everyone’s eyes were wide, and they were full of envy:

really strong defensive power ah!

What the hell is Divine Art?

They looked towards Yang Xu’s expression, just like watching a God.

However, the next scene.

But it was beyond their expectations.

I saw that Yang Xu stepped out and stepped out of the Sea God field.

Appeared in front of the Ominous Beast sharp claw.

Without the protection of the Sea God domain.

Yang Xu’s clothes were hunted by the sea breeze.

In the eyes of everyone surprised.

Yang Xu Zhao Hen Tian Mo Jun ticked his finger:

“Come on, continue to attack me…”


Hate the demon king a single thought, Ominous Beast immediately waved 2 sharp claws, just like 2 handle Divine Blade, fiercely beheaded to Yang Xu.

Yang Xu expression is calm and calm, pinching his hands forward:

weng weng!

2 Energy big hands, appear out of thin air, each big hand is wrapped with densely packed Five Elements law.

There is aura of Five Elements Great Dao, condensed on it.


The 2 energy hands collided with the 2 sharp claw fiercely, and a huge roar erupted, and the space was endless.

The silhouette of Yang Xu suddenly disappeared.

The next moment.

Hate God Demon’s pupil shrank suddenly:

Yang Xu actually came out of the void in front of him.

The genius boy Ge Tiandu couldn’t help blinking his eyes:

“How is it possible? He is still proficient in space Great Dao?”

Bai Liuli smiled and shook his head:

“He is not at all proficient in space Great Dao, but his understanding of Space Law has indeed reached a subtle point.”

Bai Liuli felt a little strange. In Yang Xu’s body, he obviously not at all felt strong Space Law fluctuations.

How can this Human Race teenager so easily mobilize space energy?

“The helper you found, too weak, your mixed Paradise is very interesting, I want it.”

Yang Xu said, digging his hand to the hate of the demon king, and grabbed the past.

Hate Heavenly Devil complexion greatly changed:

“You courting death!”

From Yang Xu’s face, he saw naked contempt and disdain.

Dare to run up to him and directly attack.

This is not at all in his eyes!

“Child, attack me!”

Hate God Demon King yelled and slammed his body, blending Paradise above his head, rolling Demon Ability down like a waterfall!

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