Endless Upgrade System Chapter 2982

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The Demon Qi is entangled in the whole body, trying to block Yang Xu.

“Give me aside.”

Yang Hao coldly smiled, and slapped towards the hatred Heavenly Demon King.

This palm, the energy roared, and the violent gas turned into a huge palm, and it bluntly hit the hate devil.

Hate Sky Demon King flashed coldly in his eyes, trying to resist.


On that huge palm, there are 5 divine glow flashes.

Aura of Five Elements Great Dao, wrapped in Heaven and Earth Power of Source, rumble rolled.


Hate God Mojun was slapped and flew out by Yang Xu.

The mixed Paradise with black on top of his head was entangled by the Power of Five Elements, making a chi chi burst and white smoke.

Hate God Mo Jun was swept by Yang Xu with a palm, his face showed astonished expression.

The Cultivators in the distance were also shocked:

“How is this possible? In a long-lived environment, he slaps and flew into the mixed cave realm?”

“Well, it’s the existence of mixed Paradise that can’t stop Yang Xu’s slap?”

Everyone looked towards Yang Xu’s expression, full of incredible expressions.

Even Ge Tiandu, who has always been proud, is incredulous.

He asked Bai Liuli in surprise:

“Do you see it, how did he do it? How could that palm be so strong?”

Bai Liuli smiled bitterly and sighed:

“This is the formidable power of Five Elements Great Dao… Refining Five Elements Great Dao to Peak will be able to reach the power of Heaven and Earth source.”

Bai Liuli sighed:

“At this point, the space of the Imperial Palace, the Great Dao, is still a bit different from that of Five Elements Great Dao.”

be that as it may.

But Bai Liuli not at all is too envious.

After all, the space Great Dao also has places beyond the reach of Five Elements Great Dao.


Bai Liuli glanced at the sea below Ominous Beast.

Yang Xu is also standing in the void at this moment, looking down at the spider-shaped Ominous Beast.

There was a sneer in the corner of his mouth, not at all put this guy in his eyes:

“Any cat any dog, dare to come to this realm.”

He casually a finger pointed.

Slender fingers, not at all any power.

Lan Ruoxing, Lan Ke’er, they can’t even feel the slightest energy fluctuation.

But next second.

The fierce and fierce Ominous Beast that can tear apart the space, the pu’ sound on the top of the head burst a burst of blood.

A blood hole appeared on top of its huge head.

Like a spring of blood, gu dong gu dong braved blood.

It made a painful roar.

within the body vitality, passing at an alarming rate.

Yang Xu expression lightly, swept the black Small Pagoda suspended in midair.

To black Small Pagoda follow beckoned:


A chain of Five Elements gods flew out of the palm and wrapped around Small Pagoda.

Black Small Pagoda seemed to feel the danger and was struggling crazy.


Is Yang Xu’s power free from it?


It was entangled by Five Elements Divine Chain and pulled into Yang Xu’s hands.

Boom, buzz!

In Black Small Pagoda, one after another violent Demon Qi wave is released.

Yang Xu smiled:

“Are you still unsatisfied? If Divine Pagoda is here, make sure to keep you up to date.”

“Exactly, I’m going to meet the guy soon, so I’ll treat you as a gift.”

In the palm of Yang Xu, a black rune flashed over, and the aura lingering all the seals immediately sealed the black Small Pagoda.

It is Sealing Great Technique.

Black Small Pagoda, shrouded by Sealing Great Technique, still wants to struggle.

Yang Xu pinches, ka cha!

A crack appeared on the black Small Pagoda.

“If you don’t want to give up, just obediently and honestly.”

Yang Xu lightly said.

The Black Small Pagoda suddenly became honest, and the Sealing Great Technique rune on his body gradually fell silent.

The black Small Pagoda slowly shrank and gradually turned into a jujube core, which was easily put away by Yang Xu.

“Return my Magic Treasure to me!”

Hate Heavenly Demon King is furious.

Seeing his helpers from summon, one by one was surrendered by Yang Xu.

He was so angry that he was about to vomit blood.

Turned over the palm, a black book appeared.

This black classic haunts a dead aura.

As soon as it appears, it releases the wave that the born person is not near.

Everyone’s eyes are attracted by the black classic.

Yang Xu’s eyes flashed slightly, looking at the black book with surprise:

“Well, to live to death? What is this Magic Treasure, which contains the power of life in death?”

Unlike others, Yang Xu sensed the powerful Power of Life in the black classics.

There is also an incredible wave of energy hidden deep in that classic.

Hate God Mojun sneered again and again:

“You are all dead! I will let you all become a text in the Ancient Scripture in the world…No, you are not qualified, and at most it will be half a text!”

Zhenshi Ancient Scripture?

Yang Xu stared at the black classics.

Hate God Mojun sneered, his big hand grabbed the Ancient Scripture of Zhenshi and wanted to open it.


Zhen Shi Ancient Scripture flashes black and glorious, even if you hate Heavenly Demon King exhausted all one’s strength, you can’t access the pages of Zhen Shi Ancient Scripture.

“What’s going on? Why can’t it be opened? That dog thing lied to me!”

Hate God Demon screamed angrily.

After another toss, there was still no way to hate the devil.

There was an awkward aura in the air.

Hate the gods fiercely fiercely throw the black classics hard, throwing out:

“One waste, I was deceived by that dog thing!”

The black classics flew into the air, and everyone looked at them with their eyes shut.

But I saw the ancient classic scripture of the black classic town, dancing in the void, moving towards the sea level below.

Seeing it will fall into the ocean.

Above the sea, a small vortex appeared.

A white hand appeared in vortex, putting the ancient scripture of that town firmly in the palm.

With the continuous expansion of vortex.

The master of the arm slowly emerged from below the sea surface.

He is in ordinary white clothes, and looks like an ordinary mortal.

The face looks like 20 years old, and when you look at it again, it looks like 30 years old, and when you look closely, it seems to become 40 years old again.

There was a strange arc in the corner of his mouth. At first glance, he seemed to be smiling at you, but when he looked carefully, it seemed to be a sign of anger.

His face was fair, his expression was clear, and there was no trace of Demon Qi fluctuations on his body.

white clothes The man held the black ancient Scripture ancient scripture book with his hand, and either too fast nor too slow stepped into the air, standing opposite Yang Xu.

Hate God Demon King saw that silhouette, but gnashing teeth:

“Dog stuff you dare to swindle me, this Ancient Scripture will not work at all!”

white clothes The man didn’t look back, he smiled and said:

“It doesn’t belong to you, you naturally can’t use its formidable power.”

Don’t wait to speak to the devil.

Yang Xu raised his eyebrows slightly:

“Then you seem to be its owner? Zhen Shi Ancient Scripture, it sounds like very difficult to deal with.”

white clothes The man couldn’t help but smile slightly:

“It’s not particularly powerful. But…”

His expression swept Yang Xu, Bai Liuli and the others:

“But killing you should be enough.”

Bai Liuli, Ge Tiandu and the others, eyes slightly shrink.

White clothes Men speak plainly, but they feel a weird pressure.

It’s as if what he said will surely come true.

white clothes The black manuscript in the hands of men turned silently all night.

There are ripples of gold, which emerge from the ancient scripture of the black classics.

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