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Gold rippled across, and everyone felt the soul dizzy.

Next second, puff, puff!

The Cultivators, like dumplings, fell from the sky and fell into the sea.

Ge Tiandu did not block the gold ripples, his head fainted, and fell from the sky.

Bai Liuli was all around, aura lingering in the Great Dao, behind 49 divine ring, rays of light flashed.

gold ripples spread to the moment in front of him.

It passed through his body without any effect.

Bai Liuli extend the hand, gently tick.

The void seems to have invisible big hands, holding Ge Tiandu, Lan Ke'er and Lan Ruoxing together, holding them together.

Bai Liuli looked towards Yang Xu:

"This newcomer seems to be proficient in law attacks, can it be done?"

Yang Xu eyebrow raised, looked towards that white clothes man, said with a smile:

"Yes. You can protect a few of them."

From the white clothes man, Yang Xu felt a threat of aura for a long time.

If you fight.

He may not be able to take care of Lan Ke'er and Lan Ruoxing.

Bai Liuli took everyone, and his figure disappeared completely.

"Where to go! leave behind for me!"

Hate God Demon King slammed into the void, trying to block it, but fell into a void.

Even Bai Liuli couldn't touch a piece of clothing corner.

Hate God Mojun could not help staring at Yang Xu, with a trace of grief on his face:

"You are the only one left, and you want to fight us 2?"

"The big brother Yang is left alone. Can he deal with those two strong enemies?"

Bai Liuli took Lan Ke'er and brought them to a safe place.

Lan Ke'er could not help asking.

Bai Liuli smiled and brushed through the void.

Space Rune condenses, a mirror of a ray of magnificent light is presented in front of them.

What is shown in the mirror is the picture of Yang Xu in the face of the hated devil and the man in white clothes.

Hate God Mo Jun sneered unscrupulously.

Suddenly, he morning sun Xu rushed to the past:


Demon Qi lingered all over his body, with Paradise hanging down and rolling down Demon Qi.

In the hands of Hate God, the demon light flashed, and a black long blade appeared.

On top of it is a line of resentment laws, blade light flashed, like a Black Dragon, fighting towards Yang Xu.

Yang Xu's face showed a helpless smile:

"Why don't you learn a lesson."

He slaps it and shoots it out.

Pu chi !

The knife cut by the Hateful Demon King was directly destroyed.

Yang Xu's figure flashed and appeared in front of the Hate God.

Hate Sky Demon King eyes shrank, feel the dangerous aura.

Heavenly Dao Divine Fist!

Yang Xu hit with a punch.

The goal is not to hate Heavenly Demon King, but to hate Paradise above the Heavenly Demon King.

"I hit the wrong target. The most solid body in the Cultivator is the Paradise. Why doesn't he directly hate the Heavenly Devil, but want to start with his Paradise?"

Ge Tiandu looked at the picture in the mirror, anxious.

Lan Ke'er is full of bright eyes:

Since the big brother Yang has done this, there must be his reason!

"Obviously, he just wanted to abolish the Hateful Demon King, and didn't want to kill him directly."

Bai Liuli broke through Yang Xu's plan.

As you can see in the picture, Yang Xu punched out and mobilized the Power of Heaven and Earth faintly.

Heavenly Dao Law's majestic aura, condensed into a fist print, was heavily bombarded on the heavenly demon king's mixed Paradise.


Hate Heavenly Demon King's black Paradise, rumble trembling, as if was struck by lightning.

Ka cha !

This blend of Paradise can't bear the power of "Heavenly Dao Divine Fist" and it bursts directly.

The primal Chaos matter flew from the cracks.


Hate Sky Demon King spouted a big mouth of blood essence, the whole body cracked open after one another blood mouth

Cultivator's mixed Paradise is connected to Cultivator's own life.

Crushed Paradise, Cultivator fleshy body will Shattered with it!

Essence, Qi, and Spirit, who hated Heavenly Demon King, shed quickly.

The whole person fell into a sluggish state and fell to the sea.

"Is this resolved?"

"Only one punch?"

Lan Ruoxing and Ge Tiandu were terrified.

Lan Ke'er smiled:

"I knew that Yang big brother was the best!"

Bai Liuli slightly smiled, did not speak, expression was through the mirror screen, looked towards white clothes man.


White clothes The man seemed to find something, suddenly looked up and looked at Bai Liuli through the mirror.


Yang Xu's figure flashed in front of the white clothes man:

"Don't read it, your opponent is me."

white clothes The man withdrew his gaze and locked Yang Xu:

"You just got a punch called Heavenly Dao, but it combines the source of Heaven and Earth Five Elements. It seems that you have a complete Five Elements Great Dao in your body."

white clothes The man gently opened the black classics in his hand. On the pages of white clothes, there is an ancient text that flashes the golden-bright and dazzling rays of light.

He looked towards Yang Xu:

"If you are willing to offer Five Elements Great Dao, I can help you out."

Yang Xu smiled:

"Help me out? You have what skills and abilities?"

white clothes The man is not angry, "You should have heard of the Ancient Road?"

Yang Xu's face suddenly changed.

The picture that was dusted deep in the corner of memory flashed through my mind.

The long-term picture, after a long time, even if it is a personal experience, Yang Xu has the feeling of watching the life of others.

"Have you ever been to the Ancient Road?"

Yang Xu brows slightly wrinkle, some doubts.

Bai Liuli on the mirror side is also somewhat skeptical:

"He has been to the Ancient Road of Ancient God? No one can enter the Ancient Road of Ancient God and come back alive! Even if God is born, he will fall into it!"

Bai Liuli remembered the ancient legends he had seen in the virtual Imperial Palace forbidden area.

The look of shock could not be revealed on his face.

In the picture, the man in white clothes faced Yang Xu's questioning, but frankly took the head:

"Tongshen Ancient Road I am naturally not qualified to enter, but I know the location of the Tongshen Ancient Road. Not only that, I also got it..."

white clothes Man gently flips the pages of the black classics.

On the pages of the snow-white book, there is an aura full of order and order.

"Tiandu Dharma King, don't talk nonsense with him. I am now confused with Paradise. It seems that there are signs of crumbling~! Solve this brat immediately to help me rebuild and blend Paradise!"

The voice of hatred demon king flustered and exasperated came.

white clothes The man heavenly king, not faintly smiled, ignored the hatred of the heavenly demon king, but simply brushed on the ancient Scripture of the world:


A golden-bright and dazzling Sanskrit, flashing the meaning of an ancient Buddha, flew out of the snow-white pages.

It floats between Yang Xu and Tiandu Dharma King, twisted and twisted one stroke at a time, gradually turning into an ancient "Bing" character.

Suddenly, a burst of aura burst out from the soldiers.

"Give you the last chance to hand over the full Five Elements Great Dao, and I will send you away, otherwise, I am afraid you will really fall here."

Tiandu Fawang looked at Yang Xu with a smile:

"You have the current cultivation base realm, it is very difficult, not to mention your innate talent, there should be a bright and great future, why bother to die?"

"Hand over Five Elements Great Dao, then leave, you can start over..."

The voice of the heavenly king is full of charming waves.

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