Endless Upgrade System Chapter 2984

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If it is Willpower weak Cultivator.

It may have been irritated by the Demon Sound, the king of the heavenly capital, and bewitched directly, giving up all resistance.

But Yang Xu only smiled faintly, and flew in the void:


A ripple of gold, centered on him, diffused all around.

Pu chi !

In the sky, there are wisps of green emerald notes, which manifest out.

Touching the gold ripples, it immediately shattered!

Tiandu Dharma King in white clothes, holding the black ancient scripture of ancient times, eyebrows slightly frowned:

“It seems you are determined to die, it’s a pity, a pity.”

He shook his head regretfully.

The shot was not slow at all, and the expression was slightly condensed towards the suspended “bing”:


The soldier character was separated by an invisible force.

Every stroke is imprinted in the void, with the voice of the magnificent army with thousands of men and horses, coming out.

Seeing the void in front of Yang Xu, the ancient Battle Armor, the mottled ancient war chariot, the blood-stained generals, the crazy soldiers, condensed into the void.

The magnificent army with thousands of men and horses emerged instantly, occupying a huge space in front of Yang Xu.

He seemed to have fallen into the sea surrounded by soldiers and killing.


“Have me invincible!”

An aura killing Iron Blood, morning sun rising the sky and covering the earth came under pressure.

The densely packed soldiers, under the command of General Iron Blood, waved the spear, urged the war horse, drove the ancient war chariot, and rushed to Yang Xu.

Wherever he passed, the void was crushed, and a crack of one after another black was cracked, as if the rut of death stamped the void.

Law fluctuation, which suppresses all unlawful things in the world, spread out with the king of heaven as the center.

The expression of Tiandu Dharma King is faint, and the fingers gently open the ancient scripture of Zhenshi, and pick it easily:


An ancient word “sword” flew from the ancient Scripture of Zhenshi to the air.

The word “sword” rays of light flashes, and the densely packed sword word avatar.

It becomes 1000 to 10000 sword characters, which transforms into a flying light of cold light, and the raindrops generally shoot towards Yang Xu.

at the same time.

Tiandu Dharma finger once again ticked, the word “Thunder” is like electricity, flying into the void:


A purple thunderbolt, tearing the Vault of Heaven, moved towards Yang Xu, suddenly fell down.

Ka cha !

Yang Xu’s body, Sea God’s field rumble shook and was choked by that purple thunderbolt.

clang clang clang clang…

Into the 1000 myriad flying sword, strikes towards the Sea God field.

every sword, every stab is attacking the same point in the field of Sea God!

In the Sea God field in front of Yang Xu, a little bit of white clothes was stabbed.


“Have me invincible!”

Aura of bloody killing swept over with the ancient generals and soldiers.

war chariot rumble, flash glow cold glow, assassination to the Sea God field, that white clothes little:


The Sea God realm was penetrated.

Countless generals of spears, Ge, long blade, fiercely cut in the field of Sea God.

Make the Sea God field broken.

Sea God aura of Berserk, centered on Yang Xu, swept all around.

Pu chi ……

Those ancient generals, soldiers, and ancient war chariots, like gravel, were washed to pieces.

The densely packed flying sword that occupies the entire sky is also instantly destroyed by the Sea God aura.

purple thunderbolt, morning sun and fiercely.

But the peng sound was directly broken by Sea God Wings in the hands of Yang Xu.

“It seems that your defense space is not so powerful.”

Tiandu Dharma King held Zhenshi Ancient Scripture in hand, and looked at Yang Xu with a smile:

“Your biggest dependence has been broken by me, and now I will give you another chance, the conditions just told you still count, as long as you hand over Five Elements Great Dao…”

Pu chi !

The cold glow flashed.

The head of Heavenly Capital Dharma King flew high.

Yang Xu flashed in front of him, holding Sea God Halberd obliquely, and a few drops of blood dripped from the halberd blade.

On the mirror screen side, Lan Keer and Lan Ruoxing were all overjoyed:

“Yang big brother succeeded!”

“Then the Dharma King was finally cut off!”

genius boy Ge Tiandu, but brows frowned:

“It’s not right, I think that Heavenly King is not so simple.”

Bai Liuli glanced at him with appreciation:

“There is growth. But Yang Xu has long known that Tiandu Pharaoh is not so easy to be killed, you see…”

He pointed at the mirror screen.

I saw Yang Xu with a halberd, and after cutting off the head of Tiandu Dharma King, the expression swept coldly towards the ancient Scripture of that town.

The Ancient Scripture of black world is suspended in front of Yang Xu, less than half a meter away.

You can hold it in your hand as soon as you reach out.

Yang Xu’s eyes, but always cold, faintly stared at it, without any meaning to move.

After about thirty breaths.


The ancient Scripture of the black town turned into a black smoke and dispersed in the void.

Behind Yang Xu, there was a regretful voice:

“Aiya, what a pity, I thought you would be interested in my Ancient Scripture. Didn’t expect, you are so boring.”

The black smoke twists and turns into a silhouette of the heavenly king.

He is still in white clothes, holding the black ancient scripture in the world, looking towards Yang Xu’s expression, full of curiosity:

“You seem to have some understanding of Ancient God Ancient Road. I’m curious what you know. So, you tell me what you know, and hand over Five Elements Great Dao by the way, I can give you a happy heart.”

Yang Xu smiled:

“Do you die happily?”

Heavenly King Ha ha laughed:

“You are so smart, I found that I like you more and more…”

The word “δΊ†” has not been finished yet.

Pu chi !

Cold light flashed.

The head of Tiandu Dharma King flew up again.

The ancient Scripture of black, which turns into smoke, dissipates instantly.

The figure of the Heavenly King Dharma King, who had just condensed out, greeted him with the cold halberd of Sea God Halberd.

And Yang Xu’s mocking face:

“Curious how many times can you be resurrected?”

Pu chi !

Tiandu Dharma King was beheaded again.

At a distance of 100 meters, the Heavenly Capital Pharaoh condensed and formed, looking towards 100 meters away, Yang Xu:

“I can be resurrected countless times. If you want to kill me, you can’t do it.”

“Yang Xu” in the distance suddenly turned into smoke and dissipated.

Behind Tiandu Pharaoh, there was a voice that made him turn pale with fright:

“Really? I can’t kill you, maybe I can refining you!”


A dark shadow enveloped the heavenly king.

With a loud bang, a big gold tripod, rune shrouded, drew the king of heaven and the ancient scripture of the town into the belly of tripod.


The gold cauldron lid that enveloped the “Sealing Great Technique” was heavily smashed, trapping the Heavenly King.

Yang Xu swung around, hula!

Gold’s Divine Fire suddenly burned under the gold Divine Cauldron, heating wildly.

The cauldron lid was banged by the king of heaven and made a bang bang.

But the black glow of “Sealing Great Technique” is shining, and has never been freed by the Heavenly King.

“Very good! Trapped the Heavenly King!”

“Is the Heavenly King Dharma King refining?”

Lan Ke’er and Lan Ruoxing’s eyes are bright and full of anticipation.

Bai Liuli’s eyebrows are full of dignity:

“No, Yang Xu should have noticed that the Heavenly King Dharma not at all main body, he and the Ancient Scripture forever exist in the world, could not be refining, nor beheaded!”

“Ah? Then what did he do to seal the Dharma King in the capital?”

Ge Tiandu wondered.

Bai Liuli looked at Yang Xu in the mirror screen, a smile appeared on the corner of his mouth:

“We may have to witness for ourselves, the birth of the strongest mixed cave ever!”

On the mirror screen, Yang Xu flashed in front of the hated devil, with a smile on his face:

“How about borrowing your mixed Paradise?”

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