Endless Upgrade System Chapter 2985

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Hate God Mojun saw the murderous intention from Yang Xu’s eyes.

“Do not……”

Hate God Demon yelled.

Yang Xu slapped him with a slap.

5 Fingers, wrapped around one after another gold Small Dragon, golden light shining, each Small Dragon is condensed by Five Elements Great Dao.

Yang Xu’s slap, a Divine Palm phantom in the void condense.

With the power of incomparable, it looks like a golden Divine Mountain is knocked out, and it hits heavily on the black mixed Paradise that hates the devil.

Ka cha !

Mixing Paradise immediately broke a mouthful.

This mouth spread quickly on the dark mixed Paradise, forming one after another spider-like crack.


Hate Sky Demon King spouted a big mouthful of blood.

Yang Xu stood in the void with a smile, beckoning at will.


A whiff of black chaotic material flew out of the crack of the Paradise Paradise that hated the demon king, and gathered in the palm of Yang Xu.


Hate Sky Demon King eye socket cracked, bloodshot eyes full:

“You go die for me!”

“Demon Monarch White Bone, Divine Bow!”

When the fiercely bite his tongue, Life Source blood essence spouted out, and with a cry in the air, it burned into a blue flame.

From the flames, a white bone appeared with one after another twisted and weird black rune on it.

The white bone transformed into a big bow in miserable white clothes.

Indistinctly, the Zhan blue flame condensed into a phantom of the devil:


The white bone magic bow instantly condenses a blue arrow, accompanied by a loose finger of the devil’s phantom, and the blue light, shoots straight to the face of Yang Xu.

Yang Xu expression, there is no change at all, looked towards the expression of hating the demon king, full of sympathy:

“It’s all the time, haven’t you seen the gap between you and me?”

In his palm, the black Primal Chaos material has condensed a fist sized mass.

Yang Xu only hooked his fingers at random, and the mixed material suddenly vacated.

Accompanying his random expression.

Primal Chaos matter suddenly condensed into a black shield, clang!

Block the blue arrow directly.

This is the resentment of Law Energy, the condensed arrow, which was directly broken.

Yang Xu smiled, waved, brushed!

The resentment of Great Dao was condensed out by him, and turned into a chain of laws, and a whip was drawn on the demon phantom and the bone bone bow.

The demon phantom is like a soap bubble, bursting in an instant.

The white bone magic bow was swept in front of Yang Xu by resentment Great Dao.

[Homologous ability of resentment Great Dao detected, can absorb and strengthen resentment Great Dao, is it refining? 】

The system prompt sounds.

Yang Xu will naturally not have any frustration:

“Absorb immediately.”


The white bone magic bow is transformed into a liquid of miserable white clothes, which is absorbed by the Great Dao Chain of Resentment.

The entire resentment of Great Dao suddenly burst into infinite divine light.

Formidable power is even more powerful than in the hands of the Hateful Demon King.

“Well, resenting the Great Dao is almost complete, but other strengths are needed to strengthen and supplement it.”

Yang Xu owns a complete Five Elements Great Dao.

Therefore, we know how a perfect Dao Law of Perfection State can fluctuate perfectly.

At this moment.

In addition to shocking and angry hate the devil.

And in front of the mirror screen, surprised Lan Keer and Ge Tiandu.

The Heavenly King, suppressed by Sealing Great Technique and Five Elements Great Dao, is struggling frantically.

Bang bang bang !

That golden tripod, blooming brilliant golden light, wrapped around densely packed Metal Element Law, already Rune of Sealing Great Technique.


With the crazy strikes of the Heavenly King.

The Sealing Great Technique rune on Golden Cauldron was constantly broken and shattered.

The power of Golden Cauldron’s repression is constantly decreasing at an alarming rate.

Tiandu Dharma King, coming out of trouble!

Yang Xu looked in his eyes and was not in a hurry. He only smiled a little, and looked towards Hate Tianmojun:

“Sorry, there is not much time left for you. Any last words?”

“Last words? My last words are to turn your family!”

Hate God Demon yelled.

There was aura of resentment all over the body.

This resentful air resonated with the resentment Great Dao in Yang Xu’s hands.

Resenting the Great Dao God Chain, hua la la is oscillating and seems to be leaving Yang Xu.

Hate Heavenly Demon King saw this scene, his eyes could not help shining:

“Hate Great Dao, come back, I will be your true master! Only by my side can you grow up and evolve into a true Perfection without hatred Great Dao!”

Yang Xu was amused by him:

“In my face, dig me in the corner? Okay, resent the Great Dao, since your predecessor is in summon you, just go.”

Yang Xu said, in the stunned eyes of Lan Ke’er, Lan Ruoxing, and Ge Tiandu.

Throw away the grudge Great Dao.


Resenting the Great Dao is like a python, flying towards the Devil King.

Hate the Heavenly Demon King suddenly overjoyed

“Hate Great Dao, welcome back!”

However, the next scene.

But it made the hate of the Devil King cool from head to toe.

The moment of resentment when Great Dao flew in front of him, the rays of light masterpiece and divine splendor bloomed.

one after another Aura of resentment, condensed in the void, shrouded the devil from the head to the feet, making it impossible to move even a little bit.

Hua la la !

Resenting the Great Dao is like a chain that binds the hatred to the Demon King!


Resentment Great Dao dragged the restrained Hateful Demon King like this and flew back to Yang Xu.

Looked at the stunned Devil King.

Yang Xu teased:

“Anyway, you are a generation of demons, don’t you understand the truth of a talented person chooses a patron of integrity?”

The hate of Heavenly Demon King opened his mouth wide and wanted to say something.

Yang Xu is too lazy to talk nonsense with him:

“Learn to be smarter in your next life, not everyone can provoke you.”

If you don’t hate Tian Mojun act recklessly, you want to move Yang Xu’s sheltered Lan Keer to them.

Yang Xu will not take action against it.

of course.

His mixed Paradise is another reason why Yang Xu shot.

Pu chi !

Yang Xu flicked his hand, and a ray of sword light would pierce the head of Tianmo Jun directly.

The aura that hates the heavenly demon’s life dissipates instantly.

[Kill the 3rd Layer Powerhouse in the Hundred Caves and hate the Heavenly Demon King. Players gain life source +13000 points! 】

[Congratulations to the player Yang Xu for getting 3 Primal Chaos rules! 】

“Yang Xu! I will not let you go, my soul will curse you all the time, you must not die!”

The soul of the Hateful Demon King floats from above the corpse.

Yang Xu swept it lightly and took a picture of it:

Pu chi !

Hate God Demon soul flies away and scatters!

“Stupid, all of them are killed. What more ruthless words are there? There is a big gap with Yang big brother. I dare to find fault.”

Ge Tiandu showed contempt.

Next to Bai Liuli, then frowned:

“No, it’s not that simple to hate the demon king, Yang Xu seems to be aware of it.”

On Yang Xu’s side, a slap collapsed to destroy the soul of the devil.

He sensed a trace of fluctuations, escaped into the sky, could not help but raised his eyebrows slightly, looked towards the heavenly king over, carefreely smiled:

“That guy’s expectation of you is not small, and he will help you with his desperation, waiting for you to avenge him.”

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