Endless Upgrade System Chapter 2986

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at this time.

The space where the Heavenly Capital King was trapped by Golden Cauldron was suddenly torn apart.

gu du!

A blood spring with a diameter of 100 meters condenses out of the void, and gu du gu du’s blood is flowing.

There was a lot of bones and skeletons floating in the plasma, and there was a ray of bloody rune condensed around it.

The moment when this blood spring appeared.

All the energy suddenly moved towards Golden Cauldron.

To be precise, it was converging towards the crack in Golden Cauldron.

Tiandu Pharaoh received the irrigation from Blood Qi.

Aura skyrocketed at an alarming rate.

“Ha ha ha, it turns out that this is the old fellow’s collection ah! I have solicited you for so many years, and finally I got it!”

The excited laughter of Heavenly King Dharma came.

Yang Xu ignored it.

With a sweep of his eyes, toward the hate of Heavenly Demon King, the dying Paradise, who was about to collapse, slapped him with a slap:

“Primal Chaos matter is mine.”


The Primal Chaos material that hates the heavenly devil is broken.

Yang Xu condense a Primal Chaos rule that has just arrived.

This Primal Chaos rule is that the hatred of the heavenly devil works hard with the blood essence, and it can be said to be the skeleton of the Paradise.

So it appeared.

All Primal Chaos matter, all 100 birds return to the nest in general, adsorbed to the Primal Chaos law.

It is at this time.


The bite of Golden Cauldron suddenly shattered.

Tiandu Dharma King in white clothes, holding the black worldly book of the world, reproduces the void.

His eyes are like falcons, staring directly at the Primal Chaos law and Primal Chaos matter in Yang Xu’s hands:

“Steal something from this King? Give this King back!”

Tiandu Dharma King opened the pages of the book, flicks with the finger, sou!

A golden-bright and dazzling “scratch” word twisted and twisted in the void, turned into a big hand covering the sky, morning sun Xu’s Primal Chaos material, snatched and killed.

Yang Xu expression remains unchanged:

“Stolen me? Really courting death.”

Pu chi !

A blue ray of light flashed through the void.

That day the big hand was cut off directly by an invisible force.

Yang Xu followed beckoned and saw in the sky a blue Divine Halberd, flying back to Yang Xu.

“Things that want to take me? I’ve been waiting for you.”

In Yang Xu’s hands, Primal Chaos has more and more material, and it turns out to be heavier.

It’s like holding 10000 mountains in your hand.

“The materials are already there. Next, it’s time to condense my mixed Paradise!”

In Yang Xu’s eyes, a bright glow flashed.

Having a mixed Paradise is completely different from having no mixed Paradise.

There is no mixed Paradise, at most it is half a mixed cave.

And condense mixed Paradise.

Not only does Cultivator’s own battle strength soar.

And long-lasting battle strength can also be greatly improved.

When Cultivator condenses the mixed Paradise, it is powerful enough to even break the limitations of Space Crystal Wall and continuously capture energy from the World of Higher Rank!

“I have enough understanding of Space Law, more support from Five Elements Great Dao, 2 Great Dao resentment against Great Dao, and 3 Primal Chaos rules that hate the devil to deny himself for others, enough to condense my mixed Paradise. “

“On this occasion, breakthrough to the Hundred Caves!”

Yang Xu loudly shouts in heart, hum!

A Space Law rose soaring, hovering above him like a Divine Dragon.

The Heavenly Kings were shocked:

Is this to condense Paradise in front of him?

This is how not to put him in his eyes ah!

Tiandu Pharaoh has a feeling of being naked and ignored.

This is the mirror screen.

Don’t say Ge Tiandu, Lan Ke’er, Lan Ruoxi do them.

Even the determined Bai Liuli.

At this moment there are some astonished discoloration.

“Yang Xu is too daring to play, actually in the face of the Heavenly King Dharma, breaking through the cave environment and condensing the Paradise?”

“He wouldn’t be afraid of Heavenly Capital Dharma King, would he destroy his progress?”

What seemed to come to mind, an ancient legend, flashed in his mind.

Bai Liuli’s pupil shrank suddenly and stared at Yang Xu in the mirror screen:

“Does he want… My God, I’m really frank, maybe the strongest burrow cave since the through time is really born!”

Yang Xu here.

There are already 99 rules Divine Dragon above his head, which keeps walking.

Each rule Divine Dragon, crystal clear and near-transparent, contains a lot of Space Law, space information.

These are all Yang Xu’s perception and experience of the space Great Dao.

Taking them as the foundation, Yang Xu wants to develop his own prototype of mixed Paradise.

“System, burn all sources of life, and immediately break through to the mixed cave!”

[The player has 137900 life sources, are they all burning? 】

“All burn!”


Yang Xu within the body, Eight Extraordinary Meridians seem to have ten thousand horses galloping, berserk’s fierce life energy, with the speed of naked eye, permeating Yang Xu’s whole body.

Yang Xu’s aura is almost at an alarming rate, crazy berserk rose.

In the incredible eyes of the Heavenly King Pharaoh.

in an instant.

Yang Xu’s imposing manner fluctuated and climbed to the 9th Layer Heaven Peak in the Hundred Caves.

It is even stronger than the days of the Heavenly King, Peak!

“Very powerful life Source Aura! How is this possible, how did he do it?”

Tiandu Dharma dumbfounded.


An ancient legend passed through through time passed through his mind.

Tiandu Pharaoh’s eyes glared:

“Is he trying to realize that legend is not successful? Whimsical, delusional!”

“With me, the Dharma King is here, never allowed!”


Tiandu Dharma King flashed like a mist.

Next second.

It suddenly emerged in front of Yang Xu.

At this time in Yang Xu, the imposing manner climbed to the apex, within the body Eight Extraordinary Meridians internal organs, a transformation is taking place.

An unprecedented vigor and vitality emerged in his within the body.

It seems that there is Life Spring, gurgling flow.

“break for me !”

As soon as the Heavenly King Pharaoh grabbed it, Zhen Shi Ancient Scripture shot a black malaria, trying to erode the fleshy body of Yang Xu.


Yang Xu only smiled faintly:

How could he not beware of such tricks?


A clear blue space barrier suddenly appeared.

An incredible power directly repulsed the Heavenly Capital Dharma King and his miasma beyond 100 meters.

Really the Sea God field!

With the improvement of Yang Xu fleshy body strength and realm.

His Sea God field seems to have reached the edge of breakthrough.

The enclosed space and range have become larger.

[Congratulations to the player Yang Xu for upgrading! Current Level: 1 heavy sky in mixed cave! 】

A clear system prompt suddenly came.

The majestic aura in Yang Xu’s body slowly stabilized.

Above the head, 99 Space Law Divine Dragon suddenly released a bright divine shine.

They all sensed the fluctuations of Yang Xu realm’s improvement and became excited.

Yang Xu couldn’t help eyes shined and said with a smile:

“Wait for anxiety, the next time is when you show divine might.”

“Space Great Dao, Law Divine Dragon, Nine by Nine Returns to One, mix holes and mix elements!”

“Mix Paradise,condense for me!”


Above Nine Heavens, there is thunder in the void.

One after another thunderbolt God chain, like the anger of the sky, tearing the Vault of Heaven, rebuking Yang Xu for his bravery.

Focusing on the field of Yang Xu Sea God, a sharp aura that destroys everything, annihilate everything, pervades all around.

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