Endless Upgrade System Chapter 2987

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Mirror screen.

Bai Liuli saw this scene, even if he had already experienced this first stage.

Can’t help but sigh:

“Yang Xu has started, he wants to fight for a space from Heaven, a space that is his own.”

“If the cohesion of Paradise succeeds, even if it is only a half-condense, Yang Xu will jump out of 3 circles from now on, not in Five Elements, completely get rid of the shackles of this piece of Heaven and Earth Law!”

“He will soon encounter Thunder Tribulation!”

Lan Keer and Lan Ruoxing were staring at the mirror screen without blinking, lest they miss the most exciting part:

“Yang big brother must be able, Thunder Tribulation will not fail him!”

“Maybe he can directly condense the complete blend Paradise!”

At this moment, the Dharma King is isolated from the Sea God realm, and is almost out of anger.

He rampaged all directions Star Domain, All Heavens Plane for so long.

It has never been so helpless as it is now.

Especially in his hands, there is a Ancient Scripture, which is almost the existence of omnipotent.


But it was blocked by a small barrier.

“I want to destroy you! I want to take all your Great Dao Law, all your destiny and chance!”

this moment.

The Heavenly King Dharma sensed that the Ancient Scripture in his hand gave back the desire to swallow.

Zhenshi Ancient Scripture sensed the threat of Yang Xu and wanted to completely devour and destroy this Human Race in front of him!

gu du gu du!

Above the space, that blood spring is still releasing the bloody Divine Power.

A ray of madness flashed in the eyes of the Tiandu Dharma King, and looked at the Ancient Scripture:

“Since you want to kill it, it’s time for you to release real power! Don’t just think about using me, but you don’t have any power at all!”

Tiandu Dharma King flashed in shape and appeared above that blood spring.


He jumped directly into the gurgling blood spring.

The ancient Scripture of the black town was suddenly soaked and soaked with blood.

gu du!

gu du!

A large amount of bloody Divine Power was swallowed and absorbed by Ancient Scripture.

The ancient Scripture of black’s world suddenly opened, revealing the white pages.

On the pages of the white book, the ancient and magical words of each and everyone were stained with blood.

The King of Heaven is like a Demon God, bathed in a blood spring, urging the Ancient Scripture:

“Tu Shensha, Dayan 50, Heaven escapes, reversing samsara!”

“Du Tianshen Sha Great Array, come out for me!”


In the hands of the heavenly king, there are 49 ancient runes, flying in the ancient scripture of the world.

Suddenly between.

Zhenshi Ancient Scripture shines, one after another, as tall as God’s phantom, from the pages of Zhenshi Ancient Scripture blood red.

Mirror screen.

Ge Tiandu, Lan Ke’er and Lan Ruoxing, they were completely stupid:

“What’s the trick? The God Array Great Array, why have you never heard of it?”

Bai Liuli’s pupil shrank suddenly, staring at Tiandu Dharma King:

“He actually can summon all the gods! This is the means of Outer Heaven, what is the origin of the heavenly king?”


Behind the void of Bai Liuli, the 49 crystal clear and near-transparent divine ring blooms brightly.

“I’m afraid there will be twists and turns in Yang Xu, you stay here, don’t move around, I will come when I go!”

Bai Liuli urged Divine Power, a trace of ripples appeared in the void, and his figure disappeared instantly.

Next second.

He came to Heaven and Earth where Yang Xu was.

There is nowhere to be filled with horrible Paradise aura fluctuations.

Bai Liuli was far away, watching the Dharma King in the blood spring that day, continuously condense one after another.

The Ancient Scripture all around of the town has surrounded more than 40 fierce overbearing, godlike silhouettes.

Bai Liuli morning sun over there, cast a worried look.

At this time, Yang Xu was fighting Tian.

The sky above the head, 81 Space Law Divine Dragon, roaring roar, merged into an isolated space above Yang Xu’s head.

When this space was just formed.


Above Nine Heavens, Thunder Tribulation comes!

Yang Xu dared to fight against Heaven and Earth. When he was in Lower Realm, he could barely fight.

But here is the more powerful Immortal World!

The will here is more tenacious and more terrifying.

Yang Xu only showed a sign of wanting to fight.

A purple Divine Thunder of the bucket thickness immediately took shape towards the space above his head, fiercely splitting.

The Sea God domain can defend against all attacks.

But for these Heaven and Earth tribulation thunder, it can not be blocked.

This is a kind of suppression on the source Great Dao level.

Purple tribulation thunder, directly penetrate the Sea God realm, and slash towards Yang Xu.

“Primal Chaos matter, congeal!”

Yang Xu grabbed a big hand, palmed a Primal Chaos substance, the size of gravel, and flew up against the purple Divine Thunder:

Ka cha !

Purple Divine Thunder splits the Primal Chaos substance, fiercely, and the gravel-sized Primal Chaos substance, by purple Divine Thunder fiercely tempering, into crystal clear and near-transparent, exuding a brilliant light.

purple Divine Thunder, fiercely draped over that space prototype.


81 A Space Law, a condensed space prototype, was immediately torn apart.

Yang Xu grabbed a big hand, and a giant hand condensed out of thin air. Above 5 fingers, there were lines of Five Elements Divine Dragon.

Five Elements Divine Dragon, exuding 5 colors of divine light, condensing the spirit of Five Elements, and going towards the purple Divine Thunder:


Five Elements’ big hand put purple Divine Thunder in the palm of his hand.

Yang Xu squeezed hard, bang bang!

The purple Divine Thunder of Berserk was actually pinched into a purple ball of light by him.

Bai Liuli looked at the purple ball of light, and then looked at the Primal Chaos substance that was crystal clear and near-transparent by Divine Thunder tempering, and could not help taking a deep breath:

“He really dares!”

“My God, can his accumulation sustain? Where did he get that many Primal Chaos material?”

Bai Liuli looked around the blood fountain while worrying.

The Heavenly King Dharma King held the Ancient Scripture of the world, and the bloody Divine Power, which was poured into it, urged all around 49 to be the god of God, and continued to form.

The 49 Dao are the gods, and each has a horrible aura comparable to Ancient Divine Power and Demon God.

Every pair of eyes is full of aura of tyranny, destruction, disaster, sin, and doomsday.

“Yang Xu is fighting against God of Heaven and tribulation thunder. I’m afraid he doesn’t care about it. I have to take my hand.”

Bai Liuli secretly thought.

The virtual Imperial Palace is Upright Sect decent, and Bai Liuli cherishes a righteous heart.

Having trouble seeing the same fellow.

He couldn’t stand idly by.


Can I block the Great Array of the Tenjinsha by myself?

The 49 Demon Gods are all possessing the terrifying strength comparable to the 9th Layer days of the mixed cave realm!

Even if Bai Liuli comprehend the complete space Great Dao.

There is no confidence to be able to compete against 49!

It is at this time.

A bland and calm voice passed into Bai Liuli’s mind:

“Brother Bai, don’t waste your energy here, trifling several Foreign Domain Demon Gods, it won’t hurt me. You can protect my 2 brother sisters, the rest is for me.”

Yang Xu’s voice is full of breath, plain and calm.

There is no aura of urgency or worry.

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