Endless Upgrade System Chapter 2988

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This made Bai Liuli secretly shocked at the same time.

I feel admired again:

In other words, while fighting against Heaven and Earth tribulation thunder, and responding to 49 foreign domain demon god attacks, I am afraid I am not sure!

“Okay, if you don’t need help, then I’ll plunder for you!”

Bai Liuli said.

“If there is a big fish that won’t open your eyes in a while, don’t shoot, leave it to me.”

Yang Xu said again.

Bai Liuli’s eyes widened:

Are there any other experts?

How did I not notice?

What’s more, if someone really comes from profiting from somebody’s misfortune, can Yang Xu still hold it?


A bright glow flashed in Bai Liuli’s eyes:

“Unless he can really do that step like the legend, it’s just how is it possible, can his Fleshy body be comparable to Immortal?”

With a wry smile on the head, 49 divine rings behind Bai Liuli flashed slightly, the body became a transparent state, blending with the space.

No Cultivator could notice his existence and aura.

This is comprehend space Great Dao, comprehending Sect’s Exclusive Divine Ability!

Yang Xu, after blocking the 1st purple tribulation thunder.

The big hand repeatedly hit Space Rune, Divine Dragon of 8 11 rule, roared and merged again, condensed into the prototype of Space Law.

Just this time.

After the cleavage of purple tribulation thunder, the prototype of that space became a little bit more crystal clear and sharp.

Faintly there was a strong aura overbearing wrapped around it.

No surprises.

When the space prototype of Yang Xu condense was immediately imminently, the Thunderbolt on the Nine Heavens torn again.

This time, 3 purple Divine Thunder in a row, each one has a bucket thickness, moved towards Yang Xu’s head again, fiercely slashed down.

“Primal Chaos matter, go!”

Yang Xu throws it away, 3 pieces of Primal Chaos material, flying out against the purple Divine Thunder.

Ka cha !

3 pieces of Primal Chaos material, temporarily tempered and refined by purple Divine Thunder, become crystal clear and near-transparent, just like glass.

But when you look closely, the gravel-sized translucent material clearly surrounds the Primal Chaos aura of pure Perfection.

3 Purple Divine Thunder, passing through the Primal Chaos material, chopping again on the space prototype of Yang Xu.

Over the top of Yang Xu’s head, the prototype of that space resembled an umbrella, and was torn by 3 purple Divine Thunder instantly.

“Five Elements Great Dao, resent Great Dao!”

Yang Xu once again hit the big hand of Five Elements, and the chain of resentment god, rumble, hua la la flew out.

嗤 ka!

Five Elements big hands, wrapped around the Five Elements Great Dao Divine Dragon rule, grabbed two purple Divine Thunder.

Resent the Great Dao Divine Chain, just like Flood Dragon, which bound a layer of purple Divine Thunder.

“condense for me !”

Yang Xu urged 2 Great Dao Divine Power to compress 3 purple Divine Thunder again, and turned into 3 purple light ball.

“Space Divine Dragon, you have to continue to contribute!”

Primal Chaos material accumulated by Yang Xu is running out.

But he is still condensing the space prototype again, seducing Heaven and Earth Thunder Tribulation.

By the way, he glanced at the Heavenly King Dharma King:

Why is this guy so slow?

It’s not enough to use your own material.

At this moment, Heavenly King Dharma, holding the Ancient Scripture of Zhenshi, all around surrounded by 7 7 49 Demon God.

From the pages of Zhenshi Ancient Scripture’s blood red, a twisted and weird text flew out, and it continued to penetrate into the 49 Demon God.

Their aura is climbing at an alarming speed.

In the blink of an eye, I was promoted to the 9th Layer Peak in the mixed cave!

Boom, weng!

Every deity is Demon God, and his eyes emit red beams of tyranny, blood, disaster, doomsday, and destruction.

They simultaneously morning sun over there, staring at the past.

Tiandu Dharma King Yang Tian laughed:

“Ha ha ha, the Great Array of the gods, it’s done!”

He pointed to Yang Xu at will:

“Go, kill for me!”


The blood spring that released the bloody Divine Power burst into burst.

49 Demon God, the god of heaven, turned into a beam of 49 blood red, and rushed to Yang Xu.

whoosh whoosh whoosh …

49 Demon God, Yang Xu was besieged in it instantly. In each Demon God’s hands, blood light was condensed into Ominous Artifact such as blade, spear, sword and halberd battle axe.

They tried to break the protection of the Sea God field.

However, all Ominous Artifacts are still blocked by the Sea God realm.

“Great Array takes shape and reverses Heaven and Earth!”

Heavenly King Dharma ordered.

49 At the feet of Demon God, suddenly condense 49 circles of blood red.

Each ring releases a bloody divine glow, which is linked to each other with a strange rune, like a dragon snake, forming a whole.


A huge array of gods appeared in the void at the foot of Yang Xu, blood red rays of light, directly covering Yang Xu and his Sea God realm.

Yang Xu felt that his side, Heaven and Earth, seemed to be cut off from the outside world by 49 Demon Gods.

Above Nine Heavens, rumble thundered the Thunder Tribulation cloud, and there was a short stagnation, a little stunned:

What about people?

Why can’t you feel that stunned aura?

Yang Xu’s eyes lit up suddenly, and looked towards the Heavenly Capital Dharma King in surprise:

“Ha ha ha, I know that the Heavenly King is a warmhearted person! Thank you for the field you built for me, this protective cover, Laozi accept it!”

He was waiting for this moment.

When I was in contact with Zhenshi Ancient Scripture.

Yang Xu lamented that there was a Space Law aura in Zhenshi Ancient Scripture.

At the same time there are fluctuations in the domain Outer Heaven Demon Aura.

Yang Xu has a deep memory, and thus thinks of a lot of information.

Under heavy verification.

Yang Xu decided to fight once:

If he is wrong, at worst delays the time for the cohesion to complete mixing Paradise.

But if he bet correctly.

That would be a 10000 profit!

Greatly shorten the time of his cultivation!


Like the legend, you can get the strongest mixed Paradise that you haven’t seen in through time!

“Law Divine Dragon, mixed cave space, all condense for me!”

Accompanying Yang Xu loudly shouted.

The rolling energy is crazy and moving, with 81 Space Law Divine Dragon above the head, and simultaneously explosive space divine might.

Originally experiencing the space prototype of Thunder Tribulation tempering, rumble works.

“Primal Chaos matter, go!”

4 crystal clear and near-transparent Primal Chaos matter, haunting the divine rays of light, flying towards the cracks in the space prototype:

Ka ka!

The completely pure, crystal clear and near-transparent Primal Chaos substance, with the prototype of the translucent space, there is almost no stagnation, Perfection merged together.

[Congratulations to the players Yang Xu, Primal Chaos material and the mixed Paradise prototype perfection fusion, mixed Paradise prototype strength increased by 10,000 points! 】

[Congratulations to player Yang Xu, the material of the mixed cave and the perfection of the mixed prototype of Paradise, the strength of the mixed prototype of the Paradise increases by 10,000 points! 】

Four consecutive clear system prompts sounded in Yang Xu’s mind.

The prototype of the mixed Paradise above Yang Xu’s head released an obscure and volatile wave.

“Yang Xu actually did it! This move is feasible!”

Bai Liuli hidden in the sky, his eyes lit up suddenly.

Seeing the space prototype of Yang Xu, it merged with the material of the mixed cave and gradually became the prototype of mixed Paradise.

Bai Liuli’s eyes flashed with stunning colors:

I can still play like this!

Yang Xu How did he think of it?

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