Endless Upgrade System Chapter 2989

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Tiandu Dharma King was also dumbfounded at the moment:

He completely didn’t expect, Yang Xu actually used his own “Great God Array” to condense the prototype of Paradise!

more importantly.

It seemed to succeed immediately!

“Never let him succeed!”

“Du Tianshen Great Array, withdraw me!”

Tiandu Dharma King tried to revoke the Great Array of Dutianshen Sha and let Yang Xu suffer the suction of Thunder Tribulation.

Yang Xu could not help staring:

“I want to go when I come? I haven’t finished yet, just wait for me!”


Zhan blue’s Sea God Halberd, with the wave of Yang Xu, turned into a length of 100 meters, like a Divine Pillar, rumble rolled to 49 Demon God.

Bang bang ……

49 Demon God, beat back step by step by Sea God Halberd, bloody halo under his feet kept flashing.

If there is no support from Tenjinsha Great Array.

I am afraid they will collapse directly!

The formidable power of Sea God Halberd is too terrifying!

“No, I can’t destroy the Demon God of my hard condense!”

Tiandu Pharaoh was so distressed that his eyelids twitched.

There is no 2nd blood fountain that can provide him with so much power, condense 49 blood demon God in one fell swoop.

These 49 Daemon Gods, if used well, may later be refining into his Outer Body Incarnation!

Each Outer Body Incarnation is equivalent to the strength of the main body, shared with the memory and soul of the main body.

It is equal to 49 lives!

“Du Tianshen Great Array, cannot be withdrawn!”

Tiandu Pharaoh immediately measured the pros and cons, clenched the teeth:

“Since it cannot be undone, then attack me!”

“Break for me break the brat’s defense field!”

Tiandu Dharma King was so angry that he gnashing teeth and madly ordered Demon God to attack Yang Xu’s protective cover.

This protective cover is simply a turtle shell, and it is difficult to break despite how the 49 Demon Gods attack.

Yang Xu, in the protection of the Sea God field, frantically condenses the prototype of Paradise:

“Primal Chaos matter,condense for me!”

With a big grasp, Yang Xu spilled a lot of Primal Chaos material again.

These Primal Chaos matter, unlike the previous four, they did not undergo tribulation thunder baptism and tempering.

When they merge with the prototype of mixed Paradise.

There was a hint of stagnation.

[Primal Chaos fusion progress of substance and mixed Paradise, 1%, 2%…]

[Primal Chaos fusion progress of substance and mixed Paradise, 1%, 2%…]


The densely packed system prompt starts to sound.

Yang Xu couldn’t help but smile, he had thought of this step, loudly shouts:

“The progress is so slow, let me help you!”

Heavenly Dao Divine Fist!

King Divine Fist!

Five Elements Divine Fist!

Yang Xu’s double fist is like a hammer, entangled with the fluctuation of Great Dao Law, and rumble hit the prototype of mixed Paradise.

9 Eye of the heart, a lot of calculations and reasoning, so that every punch of Yang Xu is hit by the least perfection of the material fusion between the prototype of Paradise and Primal Chaos.

See Yang Xu punched out like a dragon, all around, densely packed fist shadow crazy strikes in the prototype of mixed Paradise.

A large amount of Primal Chaos material was fiercely smashed into the prototype of mixed Paradise by him.

The impurities in the Primal Chaos substance have also been tempered and refined by Divine Power released by “Heavenly Dao Divine Fist”, “King Divine Fist” and “Five Elements Divine Fist”.

The progress of Primal Chaos material fusion has soared rapidly:

[Primal Chaos fusion progress of substance and mixed Paradise, 9%, 17%, 31%…]

[Primal Chaos fusion progress of substance and mixed Paradise, 11%, 27%, 49%…]


[Primal Chaos has succeeded in material fusion and has not yet achieved Perfection State! 】

[Primal Chaos has succeeded in material fusion and has not yet achieved Perfection State! 】

A series of reminders sounded again.

Yang Xu slightly smiled, not surprised:

“I haven’t experienced the final baptism of Thunder Tribulation, of course Impossible has reached Perfection State.”

He used forceful fleshy body power to urge Primal Chaos to merge material and mixed Paradise, which was only a preliminary plan.

Then I want to integrate its Perfection.

You also need the help of Five Elements Great Dao, and even Primal Chaos Law, Heaven and Earth tribulation thunder.

of course.

People who are so enthusiastic about Heavenly King Dharma can also provide some help.

For example, Zhenshi Ancient Scripture!

In the eyes of Yang Xu, the bright glow flashed, and finally he was able to free up energy and deal with the Heavenly King.

He looked at all around with a smile, the 49 coolies who constantly attacked Sea God.

Yang Xu’s mouth showed a smirk:


A slight shock to the Sea God field caused the Sea God field to spin up.


The 49 Demon Gods who were struggling and smashed around the Sea God realm, all the blades in their hands, were flicked out.

Yang Xu glanced at the opportunity and grabbed it:


A Demon God, like a little chicken, was pinched in the neck by Yang Xu and caught in the Sea God realm.

Suddenly, at the foot of Demon God, the array mark of Tenjinsha flashed with blood-red rays of light, trying to rush into the Sea God realm.

Pu chi !

As soon as I touched the barrier of the Sea God field, the array mark of blood red suddenly shattered!

Can’t enter the Sea God field at all.

As a result, Yang Xu became more and more affirmed:

The Sea God realm is a higher level of civilization than the Great Array.

And condensed “Kunpeng Whale Swallowing Establishing Destruction Art” in the field of Sea God, it is even more difficult to figure out, mysterious origin!

“Is this all Tenjinsha? A little too weak.”

Yang Xu condensed the big hands of Five Elements and carried the Demon God.

Demon God is like a chicken, constantly struggling and thrashing in his hands.

Yang Xu can do it easily, click!

The Demon God’s neck was directly pinched by him.

gu du gu du!

A bloody Divine Power emerged from Demon God’s neck. The wound was completely recovered, and Demon God continued to struggle frantically.

“Alright, my mixed Paradise Void Energy supplement, you are a 1st nourishment.”

In the terrified eyes of the Heavenly King Pharaoh.

In Bai Liuli’s incredible expression.

Yang Xu threw the Demon God to his head:

Five Elements Divine Fist!


That huge body of Demon God was directly beaten.

Minced meat flew across, blood splashed.

Divine Power, the flames condensed in “Five Elements Divine Fist”, instantly burned these useless impurities into nothingness.

The purest energy is mixed with the prototype of Paradise and instantly absorbed.

“Well, the effect is pretty good.”

Yang Xu felt that his previous consumption was supplemented.

And the prototype of mixed Paradise seems to become fuller.

His sight of harboring malicious intentions suddenly looked towards 48 Demon God again:

“Two more!”

Yang Xu grabbed it, and two Demon Gods were caught by him like a poor chicken into the Sea God realm.

The outside world is the Dharma King, and he is about to jump.

The Demon God, who finally came out together, didn’t have time to exert his strength. He was slaughtered by this brat like a chicken.

Tiandu Dharma clenched the teeth:

“It’s useless, it’s all useless stuff, keep you all cheap, Yang Xu, scatter for me!”

Every day after sending fiercely a Zhen Scripture Ancient Scripture.

Pu chi !

The Ancient Scripture of Zhenshi exploded a cloud of blood mist.

The bloody Divine Power soaked in the ancient scripture of the ancient world was forced out by the heavenly king.

The pages of blood red have restored the state of clean white as snow again.

one after another Ancient divine text, gradually condense prototype, exuding a holy and majestic brilliance.

All the gods are Great Array, without the support of the bloody Divine Power, they suddenly lost all their power:

Bang bang bang ……

One by one, the explosion became a bloody firework.

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