Endless Upgrade System Chapter 2990

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“It all exploded and saved my effort.”

Yang Xu slightly smiled.

Looking at the exploding blood mist, he could obviously sense the rich energy in it.

I don’t see Yang Xu doing any complicated movements.

The big hand only pointed at the masses of blood mist, grabbing at will:


The space where the blood mist is located is like a huge amber, like a huge gem, and was dug out of the void by Yang Xu.

Yang Xu throws away.

Amber with a lot of Demon God’s spirits exploded in the mixed Paradise:


Rolling Jingqi, mixed with Yang Xu’s prototype of Paradise, is undergoing fusion and strengthening.

In my mind, the endless sound of system sounded:

[Mix Paradise to get 100,000 life points! Strength increased by 1%! 】

[Mix Paradise gains 210,000 points of life source and increases strength by 2%! 】


not far away.

Tiandu Dharma King is completely stupid:

Mastered Space Law and Five Elements Great Dao, will it be so powerful?

“Damn it! Come back to me!”

The Heavenly King Dharma burst into pain, but it was all the energy that he worked hard from the blood spring to condense.

Yang Xu is all cheap now!

“Zhen Shi Ancient Scripture, take me away!”

King Tiandu vigorously turned the pages of Ancient Scripture.

The white pages, hua la la turned, one after another ancient mysterious text, like a dragon, flying out of the pages:

Klang clang!

They got into the sky and wanted to plunder Demon God’s exploding blood mist.


The rumble oscillated in the space, snapped and burst a black crack.

In the hands of the heavenly king, Zhen Shi Ancient Scripture suddenly burst into black brilliance.

Tiandu Fawang complexion greatly changed:

“Not good! The guy who soul of a deceased has not yet dispersed is here again!”

The Tiandu Dharma King grabbed the white pages of Zhen Shi Ancient Scripture, and tore a piece of it.

He stuffed the white book pages, chewed them in, and then spit out:


A black dragon, a scaled grimace, and a cold dragon claw flew out of his mouth.

The dragon was imprisoned by a mysterious force, and a stern dragon roar came out of his mouth, flying involuntarily towards the space crack.

When the dragon approached Space Crack:


It was sucked into the crack by an invisible force, and the flesh and blood of the whole body merged with that crack.

Yang Xu here.

After fusing a lot of energy.

The prototype of his mixed Paradise has begun to release terrifying fluctuations.

Powerful power is beginning to appear.

A bright glow flashed in Yang Xu’s eyes:

“There is only one last step…”


Above the Vault of Heaven, the tribulation thunder roared and whirled.

rumble, rumble!

Above Nine Heavens, the thunderbolt roared.

Thunder Tribulation Clouds were forced for a long time, and finally locked their target again at this moment.

Yang Xu first appeared.

They were immediately impatient, and desperately morning sun Xu Xuan vented his vigorous energy.

“Ha ha, the last step, I will come too!”

Over Yang Xu’s head, the Paradise is like an umbrella of Primal Chaos, and it is like a spiral of Primal Chaos. Rumble rotates to welcome the tribulation thunder to the sky.

First, 9 purple thunderbolt, fiercely blast!

Another ten or eight spherical lightning bolts, fiercely smashed down!

Then there are 49 chains of lightning gods, fiercely cleaved!

If it was before, Yang Xu had not yet condense the prototype of Paradise.

The space prototype condensed by Space Law Divine Dragon may be directly smashed.

but now!

The prototype of mixed Paradise has been initially condensed.

And it has also been strengthened by a lot of mixed-hole materials!

There is also the exercise of myriad fist strength on Yang Xu Cheng 1000!

Bang bang bang ……

Purple Divine Thunder, spherical lightning, and lightning god chain bombarded on the prototype of mixed Paradise.

One after another burst out of the blaze of the sun.

Each time you hit the prototype of Paradise.

Tiandu Dharma King and Bai Liuli were surprised to find that the prototype of Yang Xu’s mixed Paradise was crystal clear.

Divine Thunder fell continuously.

The prototype of Yang Xu’s mixed Paradise almost eliminates a lot of impurities at the speed that naked eye can see.

Primal Chaos Color, which was originally gray, gradually became a crystal clear and near-transparent translucent state!

Bang bang!

The crystal-clear Paradise was hit by the tribulation thunder, as if it were a bright sun.

In the mixed Paradise, those cavities that could not be tempered to Perfection State were tempered by a rolling tribulation thunder of 1000 100 times.

Completely transformed into crystal clear and near-transparent state!

at the same time.

In the ear of Tiandu Dharma King, his face was constantly changing, looking at the crack temporarily blocked by the evil dragon corpse body, his eyes flashed with strong fear:

“This world should not stay for a long time, let’s go~”

He dragged Zhen Shi Ancient Scripture and turned to leave.

clang clang clang!

A few columns of space energy pillars with thick and thin arms, crystal clear and near-transparent, suddenly surrounded the Heavenly Capital Dharma King into a space prison.

The silhouette of Bai Liuli emerges from the void, and it is in a high position, looking down on the King of Heaven:

“How to deal with you, Yang Xu has not decided yet, you can’t go away.”

He glanced at the Space Crack.

The screaming dragon is almost swallowed by that Space Crack.

Behind Bai Liuli there are 49 crystal clear and near-transparent divine rings, a light shock, the space Great Dao Law senses Zhoutian space.

He could not help flashing dignity in his eyes:

“This Space Crack is connected to a chaotic space?”


Bai Liuli’s sharp expression, like a knife spear, stabbed the Tiandu Dharma King all over with pain.

At this glance, the Heavenly Capital Dharma King was immediately determined. The young man in front of him was a expert in the mixed cave.

And still control the expert of the space Great Dao!

“Can there be Primal Chaos energy in this hybrid space?”

Bai Liuli expression is solemn and authentic.

Primal Chaos energy, come a few strands, they can easily deal with.

But if it is a mixed energy of entire World, or a Primal Chaos World.

That is a disaster for this realm!

The arrival of Primal Chaos World, waiting for this realm, will be the end of being swallowed and assimilated into Primal Chaos!

Fortunately, the King of Heaven immediately shook the head:

“Not Primal Chaos World, but for you and me, it is more terrifying than Primal Chaos World!”

“What? Say!”

Bai Liuli coldly said, the expression flashed slightly, ka ka!

The space prison that enveloped the Heavenly Capital Dharma King shrank several times at once, causing the Heavenly Capital Dharma King’s body to ache.


The Ancient Scripture in his hand seemed to recognize him, but he grew up in his hand and never let go.

“Inside… there is a god hidden! A mad god!”

Heavenly King Dharma is amazing.

“God? Will they be crazy?”

Bai Liuli expression changes slightly.

Senior of the Imperial Palace said that God is able to grasp the past, present and future, and overlook the existence of a long river of time.

Their position is flooded with wisdom and calmness.

God is a collection of all reason and ruthlessness in the world.

In the life of God, there is only Great Dao longevity, and everything else makes way for the longevity Great Dao!

Will such a god be crazy?

“That’s a madman! He will slaughter everything he sees, whether you are a fairy or a demon, you can’t escape his poisonous hand!”

The eyes of Tiandu Pharaoh are full of deep fear.

Bai Liuli eyes shrank, looked towards Yang Xu, there was some anxiety.

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