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At this time Yang Xu passed the baptism of 1000 myriad tribulation thunder.

The whole person fell into the Dao Comprehension state of calm and composed.

Above the head, crystal clear and near-transparent crystal-like blend Paradise, like a glass umbrella, suspended above his head, slowly rotating.

The densely packed tribulation thunder is still falling down perseveringly.

But it was mixed with Paradise like that little umbrella, and it turned a little and broke away.

A piece of tribulation thunder turns into one after another energy, and dong dong is poured into the body of Yang Xu.

Bang Pa!

Bang Pa!

Yang Xu's fleshy body has undergone a violent transformation.

Every meridian, every granulocyte, every organ within the body is constantly tempered by that tribulation thunder.

Becoming more and more tenacious, more and more powerful!

Not only that.

These cells, meridian, and viscera also seem to be fused with the power of the cave, Heaven and Earth tribulation thunder.

They become more active, and their explosive power is almost 100 times 1000 times the previous!


The whole body cells, meridian, and viscera gave a slight shock.

A massive hole of power, Thunderbolt, exploded.


Yang Xu's whole body, lightning masterpiece, his body, even crazy berserk rose.

In between.

It is as high as several 100 meters, just like a big Buddha capable to support both heaven and earth!

In the Eight Extraordinary Meridians and internal organs of the Big Buddha, every granulosa cell is connected to each other by the Power of Thunderbolt.

In Yang Xu's eyes, the thunderbolt is shining like a dragon snake, looking towards the void in front of him:

He has a feeling that he can break the Vault of Heaven with one punch!

Not the Vault of Heaven of Lower Realm.

It's this realm, with the Vault of Heaven supported by the full Three Thousand Great Dao!

Immortal World's Vault of Heaven!


That black Space Crack was finally unable to support it.

After devouring the black dragon, the Space Crack was torn apart by an invisible force.

There is no energy fluctuation.

A Daoist shadow, almost 1000 times faster than lightning, several 10000 times faster, flashed in front of Bai Liuli.

Even with Bai Liuli up to the realm of 9th Layer Peak in Hundred Caves.

I only saw that a beard with white beard and messy white hair old men with both eyes are spiritless suddenly flashed in front of him.

He unconsciously grabbed a knife and slashed into Bai Liuli's head.

This blade is too fast.

It's as if Bai Liuli realized that this blade had already been cut.


The 49 divine ring behind Bai Liuli flashed suddenly, and he escaped into the void behind him.

Rumble ......

The void where Bai Liuli was originally, the space collapsed and collapsed one by one.

It has continued for a few thousand meters!

Not only that.

Where it collapsed, a large piece of Space Crystal Wall was revealed, and one after another Space Law was torn.

That hand-knife directly cut a terrible gully of several 100 meters wide, like a great valley of space, spreading towards the endless distance!

The power of a palm is so horrible!

Bai Liuli's figure appeared from another direction and his breath was short.

Among the 49 divine rings behind him, there is a rays of light dimming, pa!

The collapse has become a point of light!

Bai Liuli's dodge speed was still a bit slow, and the old man who was unshaven was crushed.

Bai Liuli groaned, his face pale:

Is this the crazy god?

The power of God is so terrifying?

To know.

The old man tore the palm of the Space Crystal Wall without any energy fluctuation.

As if, he just waved his hand casually.

But with no difficulty, Bai Liuli spent several hundred years of cultivation base, 100 divine rings condensed by theuffer untold hardships, and easily destroyed one.

at this point.

Even the trump card powerhouse of the virtual Imperial Palace and even a few elders can’t do it!

Not to mention, the old man will also torn the sky of Immortal World and tofu in general at random!

"Return the scriptures to me... Return the scriptures to me..."

That crazy god 2 has no eyes, no focus, and only murmured the phrase in his mouth.

His nose shook gently, as if smelling, and disappeared in a blink of an eye.

In the blink of an eye, it flashed in front of the Heavenly King.

He approached the space cage condensed in Bai Liuli and ran out.

Only lightly pulled, the space Divine Pillar looked like plastic, and it broke off at the touch.

Tiandu Dharma King has already been ashen faced, 2 eyes full of fright:

"Don't kill me... Old Senior I didn't mean it... Old Senior let me go!"

"Return me the scriptures..."

The mad god only murmured this sentence, with miserable white clothes eyes without focal length, looking towards the Heavenly King Dharmalessly.

Before the arrogant Tiandu Dharma King, in front of the mad god, it was already 6 gods without master, shiver coldly.

The mad god silently reached out his palm and grabbed the Ancient Scripture.

Bai Liuli expression flashed:

"This Ancient Scripture is actually this one crazy?"

I hope he can get the Ancient Scripture from Zhen Shi, and he can leave this world...

Bai Liuli remembered this Old Lunatic shot.

Then I felt a chill.

And it is at this time.

Ancient Scripture in the hands of Tiandu Pharaoh, a black halo flashed through the dark cover, weng!

Zhen Shi Ancient Scripture opens automatically, the pages of the book are turned, and the densely packed mysterious text flashes on the pages.


Those mysterious words golden light flashed, turned into a pair of wings, with that black ancient scripture of ancient times, flying out.

It turned into a stream of light, in the terrified eyes of Bai Liuli and the Tiandu Dharma King.


Zhen Shi Ancient Scripture flew up to Yang Xu's head, the text wings flickered and scattered, Zhen Shi Ancient Scripture fell into Yang Xu's arms.


The moment when Zhen Shi Ancient Scripture touched Yang Xu's body.

The cover of black is transformed into the color of golden-bright and dazzling.

Bai Liuli was dumbfounded:

"Divine Artifact chooses the master?"

On the contrary, Tiandu Pharaoh was not too surprised. After all, he had obtained the Ancient Scripture in this way.

He is even more worried about this one madness in front of him:

"The scriptures are no longer in my hands, you let me go, don't kill me..."

A generation of mixed cave powerhouse, dignified magic king-grade other existence, so humble to beg for mercy.

And that crazy god didn't even look at him.

It seems that the King of Heaven is too annoying.

Wave a hand, bang!

The head of Tiandu Pharaoh was directly beaten by him.

The protection body cultivation technique of the Heavenly King is even mixed with Paradise, and it is too late to release.

Rumble ......

Demon Qi's tumbling mixed Paradise, manifested above the Heavenly King Dharma King, then collapsed.

The material of Primal Chaos, like a black waterfall, flows out of the collapsed mixed Paradise and automatically drills into the crazy body within the body.

Bai Liuli eyes slightly shrink:

What is this method?

Automatically devour Primal Chaos substance?

Crazy God seemed to sense something. The empty eyes of God, suddenly looked towards Yang Xu, his nose shook quickly.

at this time.

The ancient scripture of Golden-bright and dazzling suddenly turned a page automatically.

An ancient "needle" word, flying out of the book pages, golden light flashed, turned into a flying needle, directly piercing Yang Xu's body.

A drop of blood essence flowing in gold, suspended in mid-air, the page of the ancient Scripture book of the world's ancient scripture, hua la, would be merged with the blood essence.

at this time.

2 crystal clear and near-transparent fingers stretched out and snapped.

Smash the drop of blood essence flowing with gold, and crush it directly.

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