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Yang Xu looked down at Zhenshi Ancient Scripture with a smile on his face:

"I thought you were a high-end Immortal Artifact, but I didn't think it was a demon book, or a demon book with ideas..."

"We have no chance, you should go with the old Senior."

Yang Xu grabs the Ancient Scripture of Zhenshi.

whoosh whoosh!

He felt it just the moment he picked up the Ancient Scripture.

The insane expression of the madman immediately enveloped him.

The invisible pressure is like 1000 mountains and 10000 mountains, covering the sky and the sun, and crushing him in the endless darkness.

Bai Liuli couldn't help but squeeze sweat for Yang Xu.

In front of the mirror screen, Ge Tiandu and Lan Ke'er had already opened their mouths so long that they could put a duck egg in them. They were completely shocked by the changes in the scene before them.

Only Yang Xu, in this case, can still laugh:

"Old Senior, you are a god, and it shouldn't be for your little dolls? This Ancient Scripture I didn't intend to touch my finger, I will give it back to you."

Yang Xu hooked his finger, and an invisible force enveloped the ancient Scripture of that town.

Hua la !

In Zhenshi Ancient Scripture, there are countless words flying out, want to condense wings and take away.

Yang Xu fingers softly trembled, pu chi!

Those words suddenly collapsed.

Zhen Shi Ancient Scripture trembled frantically, and seemed to be struggling violently, but was finally smiled by Yang Xu and sent to the crazy god.

The white-haired, messy-bearded Old Lunatic, extinguished the existence of a Demon King in the mixed cave. At this moment, his hands were shaking, and he took the ancient Scripture in the hand.

Zhen Shi Ancient Scripture seemed like an ignorant child, struggling wildly in his hands.


The mad god held Ancient Scripture in his arms and muttered to himself.

He has no eyes and is empty, but he only stands there silently, and the eight square spaces are all silent.


Above the Vault of Heaven, a strange wave suddenly appeared.

A Great Bell's voice, as if myriad thunderbolt burst at the same time, sounded above the Vault of Heaven:

"Amitabha...Sire was here..."

Brahma Sound bursts, and the scent of Bodhi falls like a waterfall.

I didn't see where the speaker came from. Whatever it looked like, I saw a green vine with the thickness of the little finger. There were 3 green leaves on it. I saw a little bottle gourd growing under a leaf.

The green vine is like a green dragon, flying towards that crazy god, brushing and pulling!

At such a speed that the madness could not react, the madness was bound and bound instantly.

rumble ...

Crazy God's body, swelled madly, turned into a full height of 1000 meters, just like a Divine Mountain.

But the verdant Immortal Vine also expanded with it, with a diameter of 100 meters thick, as if it were a huge pavilion.

The 3 leaves are also transformed into a small bottle gourd with a diameter of 100 meters and a peanut size, which is also transformed into an azure hill.

There is faintly sounds of wail like ghosts and howl like wolves, passing from the hill-like green-skin bottle gourd.

That wail like ghosts and howl like wolves like Demon Sound permeated all around, where the space passed one after another ripple, cracked open densely packed cracks.

Ka cha !

Bai Liuli's condensed mirror screen Space Rune was directly shattered.

Ge Tiandu and Lan Ke'er, they couldn't see anything.


Crazy God bound by Emerald Vine, struggling madly, 2 hands flashed over the dragon-shaped rune.

Pa, pa!

The 2 emerald green leaves flew into the sky, shining emerald green brilliance, and suppressed the 2 hands of the mad god


2 Swastika Character rune, flashed from the green leaves.

God Aura went crazy at an alarming rate.

That Immortal Vine, so hanging a mad god, flew above the Vault of Heaven.

Crazy God seems to have given up struggling, empty with both eyes, strangely a little more glorious.

I saw his body shudder, and the Ancient Scripture in the gold cover in his arms was thrown out by him.

Zhenshi Ancient Scripture draws an arc of light in the void and flies to Yang Xu.

Fly halfway.

Zhen Shi Ancient Scripture suddenly opened automatically, once again condensed a pair of text wings, and with a slight shock, it was going to fly away in the opposite direction of morning sun.


That mad god, flashing mysterious rune with his eyes, the three words made the Ancient Scripture softly trembled.

It whirled in the air and finally turned around reluctantly, morning sun Xufei went away.

"I can't, I can't shake you off, can I?"

Yang Xu looked at the Ancient Scripture, who was flying back and forth before him, and he was speechless.

He can see it, this ancient scripture is a big trouble.

Neither the mad god, nor the owner of the emerald green Immortal Vine, is not good!

Especially the owner of the emerald green Immortal Vine, updated horror. Without seeing only one Immortal Vine, it is a bad temper to bind a god!

Yang Xu expression blinked quickly, thinking about how to get rid of this trouble.


When the crazy god was brought to the Vault of Heaven by Immortal Vine, it was completely disappeared.

The thunderous voice sounded again:

"Did you choose him? A Human Race? Hehe, crazy is crazy, you go..."

The sound dissipated.

That horrible majesty aura is also disappeared.

After the rain clears, everything seems as if nothing happened.

If it weren't on the Vault of Heaven, there was a terrible space in the big rift.

Yang Xu almost doubted that the scenes of Fang Cai were all dreaming.

"It seems that I am in a big trouble."

Yang Xu looked towards Bai Liuli with a wry smile.

Bai Liuli glanced behind Yang Xu, a Zhenshi Ancient Scripture like a tail, with a smile on the corner of his mouth unable to bear:

"That Ancient Scripture, it seems that you are the master."

Yang Xu is not looking at Zhen Shi Ancient Scripture at all:

"Che, I'm not interested in it. This kind of demon book, staying by my side hurts myself. Didn't you see that even the Heavenly King is killed by it?"

Zhen Shi Ancient Scripture shuddered violently, untainted by even a speck of dust's white clothes pages, hua la la sounded, and seemed to protest Yang Xu's claims.

"Congratulations to Brother Yang, mixing Paradise successfully, why not visit my Imperial Palace?"

Bai Liuli looked at Yang Xu expectantly.

He sensed the great potential of Yang Xu.

And this person's style of behavior matches Bai Liuli's appetite.

Maybe that busy, you can also find a contribution to Yang Xu.

"Ha ha ha, Brother Bai has spoken personally, I can't go without it, after all, you have lost a lot of cultivation base."

Behind Yang Xu expression faintly discernable, looked towards Bai Liuli, there was only 4 18 of the crystal divine ring.

Bai Liuli smiled, flicked and buzzed.

A spatial door appeared in front of him.

Ge Tiandu first walked out of it, Lan Keer and Lan Ruoxing, follow closely from behind.

"Originally I wanted to go to the Hai Clan, but now I can't do it anymore. I plan to go to the Imperial Palace with Brother Bai."

Yang Xu said goodbye to Lan Lan Ke'er and Lan Ruoxing.

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