Endless Upgrade System Chapter 2993

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Xuan Tian Plane, extremely mysterious and abstruse!

The entire virtual Imperial Palace occupies this entire Xuan Tian Plane.

When Yang Xu came to this Plane.

The Space Law aura, which was suddenly everywhere, and the Time Law aura, which was faintly discernable, were shocked.

This is the first time he has seen such pure Law fluctuation in Immortal World!

For a time.

His eyes flickered incessantly, and there was an urge to sit down and cultivate for a few hundred years.

Bai Liuli has been quietly observing Yang Xu’s expression.

Seeing this at the moment, could not help laughing:

“Ha ha, Brother Yang, I thought you could stay calm and calm whenever you want.”

Yang Xu sighed with a bitter smile:

“It’s really the great generosity of the Imperial Palace, which amazes me.”

Bai Liuli took Yang Xu and flew in Xuan Tian Plane while introducing:

“This little Plane independent of Immortal World was not created by my virtual Imperial Palace Senior, but the Founding Sect Ancestral Master of the Virtual Imperial Palace, a spatial bubble accidentally discovered.”

“According to legend, we founding Sect Ancestral Master, Old Ancestor, destiny amazing flood of good fortune fills the heavens, traveled to Immortal World when I was young, accidentally broke into a space bubble, this space bubble actually contains a complete The Great Dao of the space! It took thousands of years for the Old Ancestor to refining the Great Dao of the space and perform various incredible Divine Ability, condensing and strengthening this space bubble, and finally transformed into this independent little Plane.”

There was a trace of pride on Ge Tiandu’s face next to him, and he couldn’t help boasting:

“The Plane in our virtual Imperial Palace is not inferior to some Space-Time wormholes in the Immortal World Universe. It is one of Old Ancestor’s masterpieces!”

Yang Xu hearing this, can’t help but raise a brow:

“Oh? Can it be comparable to Space-Time Wormhole? Is it exaggerated?”

Space-Time wormholes are more deadly and dangerous than space black holes and space white holes.

Because it involves not only Space Law, but also time injury.

Accidentally fell into it.

You may not be immediately released into other space by the turbulence of Space-Time.

But it’s possible that you will only be out in the Space-Time wormhole for one second, but it’s 1000 million years outside in an instant.

Cause Cultivator to die directly!

Time is the most powerful invincible killer!

Immortal is still in front of Space-Time occasions, drag out an ignoble existence, and run for longevity.

What’s more, they are the Cultivator who just condensed the Paradise!

Ge Tiandu grinned when he saw Yang Xu’s unbelief:

“Yang big brother, I don’t know anything about it. Our space bubble has independent consciousness. 4000 years ago, our old emperor, Old Ancestor, died during meditation and merged his Divine Consciousness with Xuan Tian Plane… “

“Tiandu, stop talking!”

Ge Tiandu was not finished, but was interrupted solemnly by Bai Liuli.

He smiled bitterly, morning sun Xu Yi arched his hand:

“Brother Yang, I don’t know the weight of this brat. I accidentally revealed the secrets of my virtual Imperial Palace. I also invited Brother Yang…”

“Direction, this matter comes out of your mouth, into my ears, and no 3rd person will know!”

Yang Xu assured him seriously.

Secretly thought:

Even the power of Old Ancestor who controlled the space Great Dao like that, has it fallen?

No matter how powerful the powerhouse is, you can’t escape the time’s teasing before you get the longevity Daoguo, but in the end it’s nothing but loess!

However, this matter is a secret to the virtual Imperial Palace, and Yang Xu will not circulate it.

In front of the rays of light 10,000 zhang, it seems that there is a round of maturity sun blooming divine light.

It seems very close, but Yang Xu they have been flying for ten days and ten nights before they faintly saw a grand palace.

“If I turn on Sea God Wings, the speed can be increased by at least 1000 times, and Space Jump can also be used. It will take you a few minutes to get here.”

Yang Xu secretly thought.

“If I open the Space Gate directly, I can easily cross these distances, but in this space bubble, people without the brand of the Imperial Palace cannot display the Space Gate. Even if it is successfully displayed, once it enters the Space Gate, it will Crowded by the manic Power of Space!”

Bai Liuli secretly thought.

Ge Tiandu didn’t think about his attitude, only looked excitedly at the Imperial Palace city wall in front of him.

Even if he has been watching for several hundred years.

But every time I see the virtual Imperial Palace, there is still a strong sense of pride.

The huge virtual Imperial Palace spreads over 10,000,000 li, and it has a vast territory. Even if Ge Tiandu exhausted his eyes, it was difficult to see the end.

Yang Xu is different.

The eyes flashed slightly, and the eyesight, together with the 9-heart eyes, worked together.

Suddenly the entire Imperial Palace was taken in the entire scene.

He sensed one after another Space Law Divine Power like Dragon Vein, lurking deep underground in the virtual Imperial Palace.

When sensing deeper.

Yang Xu felt that a bitter consciousness ruthlessly repelled his counterattack.

“Probably this is the Old Ancestor Divine Consciousness…”

Old Ancestor, the generation that controlled the space Great Dao, eventually became a tool to control a Sect. It has to be said that it is sad.

Yang Xu shook his head to disperse his thoughts.

Just close to Bai Liuli near the Imperial Palace city wall.

Brush pull!

The space in front of him wriggled slightly, and a tall silhouette was squeezed out of it.

This silhouette, the whole body is shrouded in dark mysterious.

Can’t see his face and expression.

Bai Liuli smiled when he saw it:

“Xuanji Junior Brother, your skills have improved a bit, don’t play mysterious anymore, and quickly show up to meet your guests.”

The silhouette shrouded in the mysterious light group could not help laughing:

“My innate talent is much stronger than you, and it’s not as it should be by rights to be refined? VIPs? What VIPs can you bring with Bai Liuli?”

Mysterious light group wriggled like a curtain and opened to 2 sides, a youth silhouette was presented in front of Yang Xu.

His expression is proud, and his expression is full of arrogance. Behind him, there is Dragon-Tiger Qi constantly blending and changing. The shape of Vermilion Bird Black Tortoise is like a cloud when it gathers and disperses, showing vigorous dragon and ferocious tiger. state.

“Brother Yang, this is my Junior Brother, Leng Xuanji. Xuanji Junior Brother, this distinguished guest is…”

Wait for Bai Liuli to finish introducing.

Leng Xuanji raised his hand to interrupt, and looked at Yang Xu condescendingly:

“Bai Liuli, what you say is a distinguished guest, I don’t believe it. After all, with your innate talent, aptitude is slightly higher, you will be treated as an expert, but I will not be cold, my innate talent is above you, he Are you qualified to be a VIP, I have to try it myself!”

With that, before waiting for Bai Liuli to speak, Leng Xuanji grabbed a shot of morning sun Xu.

Next to Ge Tiandu, it was not too big to see the excitement, clapping and applauding:

“Good! Cold Senior Brother is just trying the power of Yang big brother!”

Bai Liuli quickly prevented:

“Absolutely not! Mysterious Junior Brother, you can lose your courtesy!”

“My senior Cultivator asked Xianxian not to increase his strength. It’s reasonable to learn from each other. What’s wrong with me? I shot him, I despised him!”

Leng Xuanji said so, but the expression on his face did not have any respect for Yang Xu.

With a hint of contempt in his mouth, he looked down on Yang Xu with a provocative expression, and the moment he grabbed it out, the shape of Dragon-Tiger was slightly shocked behind him:

ao roar!

His palm turned into a Giant Tiger Claw, 100 meters wide, like a hill, moved towards Yang Xu hiding the sky and covering the earth.

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