Endless Upgrade System Chapter 2994

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In this regard.

Yang Xu’s face was calm and collected, only expression stood there indifferently, and he didn’t even plan to shoot.

This looks in Leng Xuanji’s eyes, but he thinks that Yang Xu is scared and stupid, and can’t help sneering:

“What other guests are you talking about? It’s still the same as before. It’s also a wine skin and rice bag, a silver-like pewter spear! Get me out of the virtual Imperial Palace!”


Leng Xuanji’s giant palm is about to hit Yang Xu. A strange energy fluctuation suddenly surrounds Yang Xu’s body.

Zhan blue’s Astral Qi cover shrouded Yang Xu, making Leng Xuanji’s palm hit it, slightly recessed.

“Yo, there is actually a defensive space, but unfortunately you play with Space Law in front of me, that is display one’s slight skill before an expert! break for me!”

On the tiger claw played by Leng Xuanji, there is Crystal Clear and near-transparent Space Law, which is like a dragon snake.


Yang Xu’s Space Domain was sagged more and more by this one after another Space Law bedroom.

Next to Ge Tiandu, he looked confused, morning sun Xu cast the doubtful expression:

“Huh, isn’t Yang Big Brother’s defensive space very powerful, how can he not stop the cold Senior Brother’s casual blow?”

Is it because the Cold Senior Brother has mastered Space Law?

Yang Xu is standing in the field of Sea God, but the expression is indifferent. Looked towards Leng Xuanji’s pupil light, there is a hint of chill:

Originally he came to be a guest and didn’t want to have more trouble.

Even if Leng Xuanji was overbearing, he shot up, Yang Xu did not fight back, but only defended.

Unexpectedly, this cold mystery is unsatisfied, unsatisfied, and determined to teach himself.

That being the case, then don’t blame me for being impolite!

“Sea God field, congeal!”

Yang Xu really urged the field of Sea God.

Suddenly, the rolling energy circulated in the blue Astral Qi hood.

Sea God’s realm is spinning wildly, and a massive and explosive force bursts out instantly:


The tiger claw crushed by fiercely by Leng Xuanji failed to hold on for even 1/1000th of a second, and was directly destroyed by the anti-shock force!

The force of this counterattack did not stop, and he slammed straight into the main body of Leng Xuanji.


Leng Xuanji was too late to even defend, and was shocked to spur a large mouthful of blood essence.

He couldn’t help being horrified:

“What a quick and powerful anti-shock force!”

It’s almost too late to activate space defense!

With only this hand, he realized the strength of Yang Xu.

looked towards Yang Xu’s eyes, could not help but a little dignified.

at this time.

Yang Xu’s chilly voice came over:

“Cold brother made a move, then I will also make a move, cold brother looks at the move.”

He didn’t even give Leng Xuanji the reaction time at all, so he took a palm and shot towards Leng Xuanji.

This palm looks ordinary and plain, but Leng Xuanji instinctively feels a trace of danger.

His expression could not be changed:

“How dare you attack me?”

Yang Xu couldn’t hold his hand back, but his voice refuted coldly:

“Leng brother laughed, my senior Cultivator asked the immortal, it is reasonable to learn from each other, what dare you? You give me a slap, I am amazed, so I also want cold brother, look at me Just a palm…”

Yang Xu’s words were light and flirty, but listening to Leng Xuanji’s ears, he felt suffocated:

What he said to Yang Xu before is now all returned by Yang Xu.

More terrible is.

With Yang Xu’s palm, getting closer and closer, his sense of danger became more intense.

He felt that Yang Xu’s palm was enough to kill him!

“Block for me!”

The void behind Leng Xuanji, the masterpiece of Dragon-Tiger Qi golden light, the shape of Vermilion Bird Black Tortoise, released a dramatic space fluctuation:


In front of Leng Xuanji, a space Divine Shield condenses.

Above the Divine Shield, Azure Dragon twines, White Tiger roars, Vermilion Bird cries, and Black Tortoise cruising!

An extremely mysterious and abstruse space, Great Dao aura, waves like a wave to all around.

Yang Xu’s palm was blocked by this wave of space for a moment.


It’s just a moment.

With a loud bang, Yang Xu’s palm seal is like a red-hot knife inserted into butter, with no difficulty to break the space Divine Shield, blasted on the body of Leng Xuan.


Leng Xuanji spouted a big mouth again.

In these blood, there are hidden blood traces of gold.

That is his Life Source blood essence!

Leng Xuanji was injured by Yang Xu’s palm, and Life Source blood essence was shot out.

“Cold brother, why don’t you give up all your strength, come, I know you are not careful, you can take it with my 2nd palm.”

With a sneer in the corner of his mouth, Yang Xu couldn’t help but say, moved towards Leng Xuanji 2nd palm and hit again.

With this palm, there was a hint of Power of Thunderbolt.

It was Yang Xu who extracted a trace of Heaven and Earth and robbed Thunder Force by mixing Paradise.

A destructive force, turned into a shiny thunderbolt, wrapped around 5 fingers like a dragon snake, slamming into the cold mystery.

Leng Xuanji’s face suddenly changed dramatically:


“I can’t stop the first palm, this palm is even more impossible!”

What’s more terrible is that this palm seems to be full of devastation, which is an absolute disaster for Leng Xuanji!

“Senior Brother Bai, quickly save Senior Brother ah!”

Even Ge Tiandu saw that Leng Xuanji was not Yang Xu’s opponent at all.

Simply impossible to block this palm.

Bai Liuli has a sullen face, not at all any attempt to shoot:

“When Leng Xuanji attacked Yang Xu, I failed to intervene to block it. Now Brother Yang is just counterattack, what face do I have to block others?”

Leng Xuanji Junior Brother has always been used to supercilious because of its good talent.

Now it is just a lesson to let him know that there is a heaven beyond heaven and there is a person beyond a person!

Bai Liuli was thinking like this, and he became more and more determined not to shoot.

Seeing that thunderbolt-like palm, it will fall on Leng Xuanji’s body.


A cloud of black ink came like raindrops, and suddenly turned into a “shield”, blocking it in front of Leng Xuanji.

Seeing Leng Xuanji, not because eyes shined:

Eldest Senior Brother is here!

“Eldest Senior Brother save me quickly!”

The “shield” word formed by the ink, flashing the ripples of black and black, and Yang Xu’s palm, directly hit together:

Ka cha !

The word “shield” lasted only one second, and then shattered directly.

“En? A little cultivation.”

A young man wearing a scholar costume and a bun on his head flashed to the side of Lengxuan’s body.

With a Magistrate pen in his hand, he glanced coldly at Yang Xu:

“Such insignificant ability, break for me.”

A golden glow flashed over the nib of the Magistrate pen black in your hand.


A stroke like Sword Qi sharp tears Yang Xu’s thunderbolt palm seal directly.

The palm seal shattered, and the Sword Qi strokes also dissolve into ink.

“Many thanks Eldest Senior Brother life saving grace, otherwise I am afraid it will be miserable!”

Leng Xuanji expression stared coldly at Yang Xu.

Scanning Bai Liuli next to him, he couldn’t help coldly snorted:

“Bai Liuli, just now I’m in danger, why don’t you save me? Are you jealous of my innate talent and want to watch this surnamed Yang’s brat kill me to make you happy?”

Leng Xuanji expression said this remark sombrely, and glanced quietly at Eldest Senior Brother Yan Zhufeng.


Eldest Senior Brother Yan Zhufeng, expression looked towards Bai Liuli indifferently:

“Liu, the mysterious Junior Brother, what was said is true? Junior Brother is in danger, why don’t you shoot?”

Bai Liuli frowned, solemnly said:

“We just…”


There was a slap in the face.

Eldest Senior Brother Yan Zhufeng, looked down upon him from the top:

“You are Junior Brother, I am Senior Brother, how do you call me?”

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