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Bai Liuli's eyes flashed with anger, holding on to the fire, coldly said:

"Yan Senior Brother..."


Another slap in the face.

Yan Zhufeng looked down on Bai Liuli from the top:

"I think your heart seems to be unconvinced. Your innate talent is in the virtual Imperial Palace. It is a last resort. Fortunately, it has been more than 100 years of cultivation before being ranked in front of the mysterious Junior Brother. You are compared with him. You are a tile. It’s jade stone, and jade stone is in danger. Even if the tiles crush themselves, they should protect themselves, because the mysterious Junior Brother is the future of my Imperial Palace! Do you understand?"

Bai Liuli's eyes flashed a bit of sadness.

The imposing manner of the whole person became a bit disappointed.

Leng Xuanji looked beside him, his mouth slightly raised, showing a smile of taking pleasure in other people's misfortune.

Yan Zhufeng took his gaze at a moderate pace and glanced over to Yang Xu:

"These people of unknown origin dare to attack the virtual Imperial Palace disciple in the territory of the Imperial Palace, maybe it was a spy sent by other Sect."

"Eldest Senior Brother is right, maybe he is the remains of Demon Sect!"

Leng Xuanji stared coldly at Yang Xu.

Yang Xu expressionless, the ancient Scripture above the head of the world, the white pages turned gently, revealing an aura of found mystery.

Yan Zhufeng looked in his eyes, eyes slightly shrink, the Magistrate pen in his hand snapped tightly:

"This Ancient Scripture... aura that is a well-founded mystery! If it cooperates, my Heaven and Earth Yin-Yang Magistrate pen may be able to exert a more powerful formidable power!"


Zhen Shi Ancient Scripture seems to have noticed Yan Zhufeng’s gaze, and the brilliance flashed into a group of brilliant lights and vibrant colors, which escaped into the inside of Yang Xu’s within the body.

The rays of light in Yan Zhufeng's eyes are even hotter:

This book... Could it be that Immortal Artifact, where Artifact Spirit was born?

Thoughts are revolving, he looked towards Yang Xu's eyes, a little bit more burning:

"This little brother, since it is a distinguished guest invited by Liuli Junior Brother, then I should never be impolite for the Imperial Palace. Come and come, please join me in the Imperial Palace!"

Yan Zhufeng will lead the way.

"No need."

Yang Xu waved his hand coldly.

He looked towards Bai Liuli, Bai Liuli's face suddenly showed a bitter smile:

I wanted to introduce Yang Xu and the others to the elders of the virtual Imperial Palace, or directly pull them into the virtual Imperial Palace and accept it as a discipline.

How did this happen.

It seems that busy, Yang Xu may not be able to help.

"Brother Yang, I'm really sorry, let you read the joke, I..."

"shut up!"

Yan Zhufeng saw that Bai Liuli meant to let Yang Xu leave.

Can't help interrupting him directly, his figure flashed, and vaguely blocked Yang Xu's retreat:

"Brother Yang, let's go, go to my virtual Imperial Palace as a guest, and my virtual Imperial Palace has room for the Great Dao to suppress Sect destiny, maybe you still have a chance to comprehend."

Looking at Yan Zhufeng, who blocked his way, Yang Xu glanced a sharp edge.

Did you enter the thief's den?

Dignified's virtual Imperial Palace, has fallen to the point of grabbing visitors?

Even Eldest Senior Brother is this kind of faction, Yang Xu feels that this virtual Imperial Palace is probably not a good thing for anyone else.

"Brother Bai is muddy but not stained, so it's hard for him."

Yang Xu thought of lightning and gave Yan Zhufeng a deep look, a smile on his face was meaningful:

"Since Brother Yan was inviting each other, I was disrespectful, and Brother Yan led the way!"

"No no no, Brother Yang, please come in front, the front is the virtual Imperial Palace entrance, mystery, you lead Brother Yang!"

Yan Zhufeng feared that Yang Xu would run away, and blocked Yang Xu's path.

Leng Xuanji said with a smile, looking at Yang Xu's expression as if he were treating a lamb:

"Brother Yang, please here."

There was a flash of anxiety in Bai Liuli's eyes, and even if he simply understood it, Senior Brother wanted to rob others.


"Brother Yang, I hurt you. For a while, 10000000 don't enter the gate of the virtual Imperial Palace. We have 9 Great Array inside the virtual Imperial Palace, and the formidable power is stronger than one. I will give you the opportunity to drag Yan Zhufeng to them. You Take the opportunity to escape!"

Bai Liuli told Yang Xu sound transmission.

After talking about it, he felt extremely bitter, and there was a trace of sorrow.

"Brother Bai, am I the only one leaving? Don't you still want to join in here?"

Yang Xu's sound transmission makes Bai Liuli start slightly:


Maybe it's time to leave!

He was homeless at the time and was taken in by the Master of the Imperial Palace and survived.

But for the past 100 years, he went to and fro for the Imperial Palace and had countless effects.

"After I have sent Brother Yang away, I will leave and join in with them. I really can't do it."

The imaginary Imperial Palace has been making Bai Liuli more and more tired over the years.

A trace of decisiveness flashed through his eyes.

In front, the virtual Imperial Palace, which is as glorious as the sun, exudes a golden glow.

A few hundred beams of energy light, like one after another Raising Heaven Divine Pillar, stand proudly on the side of the virtual Imperial Palace city gate 100.

Seeing closer and closer to the city gate.

Bai Liuli clenched the teeth:

"Yang Xu must not be allowed to enter the virtual Imperial Palace, otherwise he will not escape even if he has a protective body in the defense field!"

"It's now……"


Bai Liuli hadn't had time to shoot yet. With a huge force, fiercely hit his dantian position.

Behind the 4 18 crystal clear and near-transparent divine ring, there was a crack.


Bai Liuli was beaten and flew a dozen meters away, spitting out a big blood.

"Leng Xuanji, you..."

Bai Liuli looked at Leng Xuanji in disbelief.

Leng Xuanji smiled:

"Do you think I can't see it with Eldest Senior Brother, do you want to plot to let Yang Xu leave? hmph, Brother Yang said they would like to visit my virtual Imperial Palace, what are you doing here for critical?"


Can't help Brother Yang create opportunities!

Bai Liuli looked towards Yang Xu ugly.

Yang Xu expression not at all changes, but casts an expression of concern:

"Brother Bai, your character is too rigid to be suitable for the virtual Imperial Palace. Leave quickly, this is not for you."

Bai Liuli's pale face showed a trace of sadness.

looked towards Leng Xuanji and Yan Zhufeng's eyes, gradually becoming indifferent.

And at this time.

A tall silhouette, dropping from the sky:

"Who dares to hurt my disciple! Liuli, are you okay?"

A white clothes old man, divine poise and sagelike features, expression deep like a deep, suddenly came.

He raised his hand and waved a stream of light into Bai Liuli within the body.

Bai Liuli's injury recovered almost half of his injuries, and his face was a little more ruddy.

He looked towards old man in surprise:

"Master, why did your old man come?"

The old man nodded his head and smiled, touching the long beard with a smile looking towards Yang Xu:

"Tiandu this brat said that you made a Imperial Palace for us, attracted a genius, shall I come here? Brat, that genius will not be you?"

old man morning sun Xu Yi smiled, the sharp expression of the blade was swept to Leng Xuanji and Yan Zhufeng:

"You two dressing up as God, playing the devil, bad reputation of Imperial Palace, roll aside!"

Wave your robe sleeve, bang bang!

Yan Zhufeng and Leng Xuanji were shocked out.

A gentle force wrapped Yang Xu and moved to the side of the old man.

Bai Liuli also moved to another level:

"Come on, disciples, you follow me into the palace, I want to see, who dares to hit me in white robe!"

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