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Bai Liuli has seen Shameless Yan Zhufeng and Leng Xuanji.

Lest there will be other accidents.

Can't help the Master:

"Master, don't let Yang Xu go in. I think the Imperial Palace might not be suitable for him. Let him leave here."

Bai Liuli looked at the Master white robe.

With the Master's comprehend of the space Great Dao for 1000 years, as long as he is outside the virtual Imperial Palace, he can send Yang Xu out of the space bubble by a single thought.

Unexpectedly, Master laughed heartily:

"Good disciples, since Yang Xu is a talent, then I can’t miss the Imperial Palace. What is appropriate and inappropriate? Do you only know the two bastards of Yan Zhufeng and Leng Xuanji to know if the Imperial Palace is suitable for Yang? Xu ?"

Baipao did not agree to let Yang Xu leave.

Bai Liuli instinctively felt something was wrong.

The white robe has turned his head towards Yang Xu and smiled freely:

"Brat, take a look at the Imperial Palace, do you have the guts?"

Yang Xu 9 The Eye of Mind works, and has already noticed something.

But his face was quiet, nodded with a smile:

"Ask for it! The prestige of the virtual Imperial Palace, I have long heard that for the complete space Great Dao, I have been fascinated for a long time!"

"Ha ha ha, Little Brother Yang really is aspirational, Liuli, you are not as good as Yang Xu."

Bai Liuli glanced at Bai Liuli with a cold flash of light under his eyes.

"Ha ha ha, let's go too!"

With a big wave of white robe, a wave of space energy swept up Yang Xu and Bai Liuli, like a beam of light, and instantly rushed into the gate of the virtual Imperial Palace.

"Damn! The old fellow the early bird catches the worm! Eldest Senior Brother, what shall we do?"

Leng Xuanji looked at the direction of the white robe leaving, gnashing teeth.

Yan Zhufeng frowned, but his eyes flashed with intense plot against and thought expression:

"The white robe is the Elder of the virtual Imperial Palace. Although his strength is not Supreme, how can he have a 1000-year cultivation base, so that he can be so attentive to this Yang Xu, there must be other secrets in Yang Xu!"

Leng Xuanji expression flashed, looking towards Ge Tiandu beside:

"What else do you know about Yang Xu? Tell me all!"

Ge Tiandu complexion changed:

"Eeee... White Robe Senior won't let me say more..."

"Oh? That's what it is."

Leng Xuanji complexion slightly changed, glanced at Yan Zhufeng quickly:

Now they are more certain that the white robe must understood anything.

Yang Xu absolutely hides big secrets, or treasures and the like!

"You go to the Master and I will stare at Yang Xu. If there are other treasures, I can't be swallowed by the white robe!"

Yan Zhufeng instructed Leng Xuanji to ventilate and report.

His self turned into an ink line, rolled up Ge Tiandu, and flew towards the gate of the virtual Imperial Palace.

Virtual Imperial Palace.

The moment when Yang Xu appeared.

Suddenly felt that all around rolled Power of Space, swept across.

He took only a slight breath.

Suddenly there was a lot of space energy, shua squeezed into his heart and lungs.

Yang Xu can't help but sigh, it is worthy of control of the existence of the space Great Dao.

Just such a rich spatial energy, it is no ordinary Sect, and even the lower Immortal World can compare!

"Ha ha, Yang Xu, you should feel it. In our virtual Imperial Palace, we use the space Great Dao tempering space Divine Power. I am not boasting. The space in the virtual Imperial Palace is as strong as the 3rd class Immortal World! "

Immortal World is also hierarchical.

The Immortal World that Yang Xu has just soared is the elementary Immortal World, with the lowest level, and has never been born a Three Thousand Great Dao.

Elementary Immortal World is extremely fragile. Only if you have enough strength, with no difficulty can you teach space.

If you have mastered a weapon like Great Dao.

The shuttle space comes and goes freely, like walking the city gate!

2 Waiting for Immortal World, it is a lot stronger than the elementary Immortal World. Most of them were born in the Three Thousand Great Dao, and the rules of each department are more perfect and powerful.

Even if it is a very powerful powerhouse, it needs a lot of effort to tear up the space of Immortal World such as 2.

The 3rd-class Immortal World up is the real Immortal World!

3 Wait for Immortal World Space Law to be solid, and the laws of each system are linked and fused with each other, able to withstand Immortal's full-strength attack without crashing!

It can even absorb the energy exploded by the digesters of Immortal and automatically strengthen it.

3 All of the above Immortal World can automatically evolve.

In the primary Immortal World, an Independent Space comparable to the third-class Immortal World can be developed.

I have to say that the method of virtual Imperial Palace is indeed amazing!

"I have a chance, I really want to see the great space Great Dao."

Yang Xu secretly thought.

If you can get the space Great Dao...

He could not help but a strong yearning:

The reason why he can be so powerful, entering Shen Sumei, is on the one hand relying on the massive life source energy accumulated by the system.

On the other hand, thanks to Five Elements Great Dao!

There is no limit to the power of Great Dao.

Yang Xu's ability to condense Paradise with no difficulty is also thanks to Five Elements Great Dao.

If you get space Da Dao again.

Well, the breakthrough confusing environment, entering the Space-Time environment, is a matter of course!

The Space-Time realm with a higher Level 1 than the mixed cave realm involves the mystery of Space Law.

Even a trace of Time Law's reconciliation is needed.

If you get the space Great Dao.

It is with no difficulty to comprehend the cultivation of Space Law to Perfection State!

"Unfortunately, the space Great Dao is the Sect Protecting Treasure of the Imperial Palace, where the destiny is. I think it may not be so easy to get it."

Yang Xu's mind flashed, but there was calmness and calmness on his face.

Along the way, he looked at the white robe with a smile, where he chattered, and he said about him.

Yang Xu is just like watching a good show.

Beside, Bai Liuli's face was already black as the bottom of the pot.

He vaguely felt that the Master's white robe also seemed to be different from what he had imagined.

The Master also has a side not known to him.

"Did Ge Tiandu tell the Master the news as well? The Master shouldn't..."

Bai Liuli twitched.

The whole person as if was struck by lightning.

at this time.

Yan Zhufeng's cold faintly voice floated into Bai Liuli's ear:

"Hehe, Bai Liuli, now you also know that your Master is not a good bird, right? He has been stuck in the 9th Layer days bountleneck of the cave. It has been 100 years, and the cultivation base has not been able to enter. His lifespan is coming to an end. , The Five Elements Great Dao on Yang Xu is for him to renew his life Golden Core, he has to get it even if he is desperate..."

Bai Liuli's face changed suddenly:

"You also understood Five Elements Great Dao? Ge Tiandu told you?"

Yan Zhufeng sneered:

"Ge Tiandu's idiot, relying on the illegitimate child of the Sect Master, believe oneself infallible, and dare to press the Sect Master against me. I just used some means, and I lifted everything he knew!"

Yan Zhufeng expression cold faintly looked away not far, Yang Xu who was talking with the white robe, the corner of his mouth revealed a joke:

"I can't think of this brat, I am not old, the cultivation base is not high, but there are so many treasures on my body. Bai Liuli, you go to tell the white robe Martial Uncle, Five Elements Great Dao I am not qualified to intervene, but the ancient on Yang Xu Scripture book, how to send me?"

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