Endless Upgrade System Chapter 2997

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“In this case, when Martial Uncle starts to fight Yang Xu for a while, I can also help to fight to prevent him from running away.”

Yan Zhufeng expression looked towards Bai Liuli meaningfully.

Bai Liuli complexion is gloomy, expression changes rapidly.


He stomped fiercely:

“Okay! Yan Zhufeng, Yang Xu has a Fist Art called Heavenly Dao Divine Fist. It involves Space Law, and the formidable power is very powerful. If you can… I want this Fist Art!”

Bai Liuli’s face showed greed.

Yan Zhufeng’s eyes immediately flashed and gave Bai Liuli a deep look, then laughed:

“Ha ha ha, I can’t think of it, Junior Brother Bai is actually the same person, I…”

Bai Liuli interrupted Yan Zhufeng coldly:

“Don’t take me with your mention on equal terms, you don’t deserve it! Remember, Heavenly Dao Divine Fist is mine! I will tell you what you think!”

Looking at Bai Liuli’s back.

Yan Zhufeng scornfully curl one’s lip:

“I thought you were a good person. Didn’t expect is also this kind of junk stuff. Maybe the idea of ​​murdering to seize the treasures has long been destroyed by me.”

There was a cold flash in his eyes:

“Unfortunately, Bai Liuli is a fool. The reason I said that is just to delay time. When my Master comes, what Heavenly Dao Divine Fist, Five Elements Great Dao, are our master and disciple!”

Yan Zhufeng’s Master Niu Baiyue, although it is also the 9th Layer of the Mixed Cave Realm, has a cultivation base of 2300 years.

The strength is more than twice that of the white robe!

In front of the Master, the white robe master and disciple can’t make any waves!

“Master, bad news, Yan Senior Brother already knows that Yang Xu owns Five Elements Great Dao, and he said that as soon as Mr. Moon comes, he will take all of Yang Xu. We can only follow and drink some soup, Don’t even want to eat a bite of meat. Master, let Yang Xu leave. As long as he is alive, with his friendship with me, our master and disciple will have a chance!”

Bai Liuli gave Master white robe soul sound transmission.

The white robe stared at Bai Liuli quietly, it seemed that didn’t expect, Bai Liuli was also greedy for Yang Xu’s Five Elements Great Dao.

expression flashes, and he quickly considers whether the plan of the discipline is feasible.

My family knows their own affairs, and Baipao knows that once Niu Baiyue comes over.

He is absolutely impossible and an opponent of Niu Baiyue.

When the time comes, whether it is Five Elements Great Dao, or other treasures on Yang Xu, they will be swallowed by Niu Baiyue that old monster!

Fortunately, Niu Baiyue is now in retreat.

He still has time to turn plot against…

“Okay, Liuli, just do what you say! Wait for me to grab the Five Elements Great Dao on Yang Xu. Let’s comprehend together. What other fragmentary treasures on him belong to you! I’m looking for opportunities to take advantage of that old facetious did not come, send Yang Xu out of the space bubble!”

White robe made up his mind and wanted to put a long line to catch big fish.

Bai Liuli blinked his eyes and immediately gave Yang Xu sound transmission:

“Brother Yang, I’m sorry for you, so much trouble for you, I found a confused space in the peripheral zone of 2nd Immortal World, I wanted to go explore with you, maybe I can find out Treasure, it looks impossible as it is now. This is the coordinate of that confused space. For you, when you are strong enough, go exploring alone, maybe there is something to gain! The Master will send you out of the space bubble in a moment. , Pay attention to yourself!”

Bai Liuli expression looked at Yang Xu apologetically:

“I’m sorry for Brother Yang, and I’m in trouble. Whether it’s Master or Yan Zhufeng, I will help you hold them back.”

Yang Xu has not had time to respond.


A piece of space energy, which contains rich Space Law fluctuations, suddenly enveloped Yang Xu’s whole body.

With a big wave of his white robe, the Space Rune like a dragon snake quickly entered Yang Xu within the body.

in an instant.

Yang Xu’s body kept flashing.

This is a sign of space shuttle.

Yan Zhufeng, who was not far away, suddenly changed his complexion:

“Damn! Bai Liuli you bastard! You dare to swindle me!”

Shua shua shua !

Yang Xu’s body is constantly flashing, and the Space Law of the Imperial Palace is much stronger than the outside.

The white robe is outside and can instantly transport Yang Xu away. In this virtual Imperial Palace, it takes a lot of power to break the constraints of the virtual Imperial Palace Space Law.

After 3 seconds.

The space of the virtual Imperial Palace was finally torn apart by a crack.

“Ha ha ha, Junior Brother Bai, the treasure delivered to the door, just handed away, you are simply reckless waste of natural resources ah!”

A loud voice, like a thunderbolt, chopped towards the white robe.


The sound condensed into a beam of sound waves, which hit the body of Yang Xu heavily.

The Space Rune surrounded by Yang Xu collapsed instantly.

The Space Crack of the white robe finally tears together slowly.

A tall silhouette flashed to the side of the white robe, and his large hands shot to the void repeatedly:


An invisible space cage enveloped Yang Xu and could no longer be teleported.

Bai Liuli’s complexion suddenly changed and looked at the person in horror:

“Uncle Niu, you…”

“go away.”

Niu Baiyue flicks with the finger, Bai Liuli seemed to be a ball and was flew directly out of 100 meters.

With a bang, it hit the walls of the virtual Imperial Palace, his face gloomy and fell to the ground.

A piece of white robe complexion ashen, but dare not say a word.

Niu Baiyue did not look at him, his eyes pierced Yang Xu like a steel hook:

“You have a complete Five Elements Great Dao on your body? Give it in. Such a treasure is not something you deserve. Only in the hands of the old man can you make the best use of it. In addition, you have all the odds and ends that you have to hand over Well, you can be a servant of the Imperial Palace. I have been working hard for 100 years and may be qualified to comprehend once the space Great Dao!”

Niu Baiyue looked at Yang Xu with cold eyes, a look of compassion.

“Master, there is a book in this brat, formidable power out of the ordinary, which is a perfect match with my Heaven and Earth Yin-Yang Magistrate pen, which the discipline wants.”

Yan Zhufeng leaned forward and said.

Niu Baiyue nodded:


“Master, he still has several Fist Art with formidable power, disciple want!”

Leng Xuanji also stepped forward and said.

Niu Baiyue is generous:


Yan Zhufeng and Leng Xuanji, eyes shined suddenly, in unison:

“Then the Master will do it! This brat is reckless, and dare to shoot against the mysterious Junior Brother in the Imperial Palace. If you don’t teach him a meal, he will not be convinced.”

Leng Xuanji is more said with a smile:

“I think it’s better for the Master to abolish his cultivation base directly, so that he can no longer turn over the waves.”

Niu Baiyue expression looked towards Yang Xu coldly, as if looking at a zoo monkey:

“How about, do you want to resist? I can let you out and let you use all your means.”

He smiled at 2 disciplines:

“Just for you to see, the formidable power of Five Elements Great Dao.”

at this time.

The white robe, which had not been talking, was finally inserted:

“Bull Senior Brother, this Five Elements Great Dao, not equal to me, how about comprehend together? I can help you out, suppress this brat, otherwise he makes a lot of noise, and alarms the other Elders, then just Oh no.”

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