Endless Upgrade System Chapter 2998

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The white robe expression faintly stared at Niu Baiyue:

“After all, not all Elders are shutting down…”

Niu Baiyue expression suddenly flashed.

Baipao is threatening him, and if he is not given the opportunity to comprehend, he will make a big deal out of it.

when the time comes.

This complete Five Elements Great Dao is not the two of them.

“Okay, since Junior Brother Bai wants to shoot, then I will give you this opportunity. But your discipline is restless.”

Niu Baiyue expression coldly glanced at Bai Liuli not far away.

Behind Bai Liuli, 4 17 divine ring, flashing the rays of light, there is a strong force to burst out.

The white robe expression was slightly cold, and pointed at Bai Liuli:

“I teach you everything about your comfort, don’t be fooled in front of me.”

A crystal clear and near-transparent rune, like the Flood Dragon, flew into Bai Liuli Qi Sea with a thunderous thunder.

All his skills were sealed.

Bai Liuli’s eyes reveal sadness.

“Your name is Yang Xu, right? You have seen the situation now. In my virtual Imperial Palace, you have absolutely no chance of winning, hand over Five Elements Great Dao, and spare you not to die.”

The eyes of the white robe eagle falcon fell on Yang Xu.

Yang Xu smiled.

He didn’t feel threatened, even from beginning to end, he watched these people like a movie, without saying a word.

Until this moment.

He was shrugged, as if he was moving, and asked casually:

“Do you really plan to let me go?”

“Kunpeng Whale Swallowing Establishing Destruction Art” is running, and the Sea God realm extends around him.

Pu chi !

Niu Baiyue’s condensed space cage is like a paper paste in front of the Sea God field, so fragile.

Torn by Sea God field with no difficulty.

Within the domain of Sea God, Yang Xu is in an absolutely safe state.

Niu Baiyue and white robe, almost eyes flash simultaneously:

“En? If you have a powerful Space Domain, you can’t think of a high level cultivation technique! ha ha ha, unexpected harvest ah!”

“This cultivation technique, I want it!”

Niu Baiyue looked up and laughed.

The white robe expression flashed, and no further requests were made:

He has the opportunity to comprehend Five Elements Great Dao, which is already pretty good.

I want something else.

I’m afraid it will cause Niu Baiyue to turn over.


A bright glow flashed through the eyes of the white robe:

He may not have no chance!


Sea God Halberd condensed in his hands, and Yang Xu flashed in front of Yan Zhufeng.

An unmatched force of terror instantly enveloped Yan Zhufeng.

Yan Zhufeng’s face could not help changing:

“Master save me!”

The crystals of light flashed around him, condense the space barrier.

A 5-color Divine Dragon haunts Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, Earth Five Elements aura and tears the space barrier instantly.


Sea God Halberd flashed.

Yan Zhufeng’s head flew high.

Leng Xuanji on the side looked stupid:

How can this be!

Eldest Senior Brother, with 600 years of cultivation base, was killed by this brat!

Doesn’t he have no chance of winning?

Leng Xuanji’s dead souls are all in danger, and the original unscrupulous look is completely distorted at this moment.

He madly urged within the body Divine Power, bursting at an alarming speed and trying to escape from the battlefield.


Yang Xu kills Yan Zhufeng in seconds, but without looking at Leng Xuanji, his figure suddenly disappears.

The next second, it appeared in front of Bai Liuli.

“There is nothing to miss here, just leave with me.”

Yang Xu mentioned Bai Liuli and turned to leave.


Bai Liuli’s whole body burst out with an obscure energy fluctuation, showing a dark color, winding to Yang Xu.

For a moment.

Yang Xu was entangled with black energy and turned into a turtle shell.

His Sea God realm could not stop this peculiar energy.

Niu Baiyue and Bai robe, greatly changed by complexion:

“This is Demon Art!”

Bai Liuli burst into tears:

“Master, you forced me! From now on, I will no longer be your discipline, and you will no longer be my Master!”

“Yang Xu, I Bai Liuli put you in danger and said I am sorry for you! I have the opportunity to give you back in my next life!”

Bang bang ……

Behind him 4 17 energy divine ring, contains his 490-year cultivation base.

At this moment all broke up and poured into Bai Liuli within the body.

Under the blessing of Demon Art.

Horrible energy fluctuations were released from him:

whoosh whoosh!

The space of the virtual Imperial Palace was torn open by this black energy.

In Yang Xu’s mind, a system-intensive prompt suddenly sounded:

[Congratulations to the player, get 1000 Space Law! 】

[Congratulations to the player, get 1900 Space Law! 】

[Congratulations to the player, get 4000 Space Law! 】


“Yang Xu, I will give you all my Space Law for life, and I will give you all, and there is also a space Great Dao fragment! I will also send you! In the future, far away from the virtual Imperial Palace, don’t avenge me!”


Pu chi !

The whole body was shrouded in black Demon Ability, like a turtle shell, Yang Xu, which was pushed hard into Space Crack.

“Want to escape in front of true body? Get me back!”

Niu Baiyue’s body flashed, just like a space gyro, actually got into the space directly.

The next second, he rushed out of Space Crack in front of Bai Liuli, rumbled and kicked on the black turtle shell of Yang Xu.

“You anti-bone boy, die!”

Niu Baiyue shot towards Bai Liuli.


Bai Liuli blood essence shattered, the body space barrier, bursting after one black crack.

His life, aura, dissipated quickly at an alarming rate.

Yang Xu expressionless, a slight shock, black Demon Ability collapsed all over his body.

“Hate Great Dao!”

Yang Xu put a whole line of resentment into the Great Dao and broke into Bai Liuli within the body.

In Bai Liuli’s mind, there are definitely a lot of resentment qi for Master and Niu Baiyue.

Under the guise of resentment of Great Dao, he immediately sheltered all his remaining Life Power.

But the strength did not even stay in the past 1/1000th.


Bai Liuli fell to the ground and resented the Great Dao as if it were a Black Dragon, protecting his dying life.

The field of Yang Xu Sea God started again, holding Sea God Halberd and flying out:


A pair of huge Divine Wings, surrounding each and everyone space elf and law elf, propelled his body to fly like a flash movie.

“Hehe, it turns out that Brother Yang still has such a pair of Divine Wings…”

Bai Liuli mouth showing a smile.

He remembered the distance when the two of them took Yang Xu to the Imperial Palace to fly like a turtle.

It was actually his most enjoyable section of the road.

“Your heads are mine!”

Yang Xu stepped on the Sea God field and held the Sea God Halberd. Behind the tremor of Sea God Wings, it was like an ancient God coming.

Leng Xuanji, not far away, already looked silly.

It is the Old Monster who has been cultivating for 1000 years like Niu Baiyue and Bai Pao.

“Peerless Divine Art! This brat cultivation is definitely a peerless Divine Art!”

“Maybe it is more precious terrifying existence than Five Elements Great Dao!”

Niu Baiyue and Baipao looked at each other and immediately rushed to Yang Xu.

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