Endless Upgrade System Chapter 2999

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Niu Baiyue flashed in front of Yang Xu, spread his palms, and a bronze ancient door flew out of his palms.

On the top of Yang Xu’s head, he dribbled around and instantly became the size of a hill, wrapped around one after another bronze rule, morning sun Xu rumble suppressed.

The bronze energy is like a waterfall, trying to suppress Yang Xu.

“Senior Brother actually took out this Magic Treasure! Then I can’t fall behind!”

White robe expression changed.

He saw that Niu Baiyue’s Magic Treasure was the Supreme Treasure that he accidentally obtained in an Ancient ruin.

It contains the laws of bronze, no stronghold one cannot overcome, extremely hard, even if the cutting space is like the space for cutting tofu Great Dao, it can’t even hurt this ancient bronze door!

Not only that.

The ancient bronze gate seems to be able to absorb the laws of various departments and constantly evolve to improve itself!

“With this ancient bronze door, and with my Nine Sun furnace, this brat is dead!”

A ball of golden light flashed in the palm of the white robe, flicked to Yang Xu, rumble!

A huge furnace with a diameter of 10 meters, which smashed into the ground below Yang Xu.

The mouth of the furnace was aimed at Yang Xu, and an appalling suction instantly enveloped it.

The energy of all around, Heaven and Earth Spirit Qi, was suddenly absorbed and captured by the furnace.

Even the energy in the field of Yang Xu Sea God was instantly captured by the furnace.

Yang Xu’s expression changed slightly:

Virtual Imperial Palace These guys really have some good things.

The ancient bronze door above his head gave Yang Xu a sense of impassability.

Even if he urged the 9-hearted eye, he could not grasp the true aura of the ancient bronze gate.

“This ancient bronze door is definitely not a trivial matter, and its origin is out of the ordinary! It is this furnace, hehe…”

Yang Xu looked at the Nine Sun furnace below, and there was a disdain in the corner of his mouth.

White robe by complexion sank:

“Look at my treasure?”

He missed the chant, and suddenly, in the Nine Sun furnace, 9 Flame Divine Dragon came out.

They roam wildly in the furnace, one after another majestic flame power, released, melting everything between Heaven and Earth!

The Nine Sun furnace rose, and the morning sun enveloped it.

“break for me !”

Yang Xu Sea God Wings gave a slight shock, and his body resembled Divine Mountain’s pressure, slamming into the Nine Sun furnace

Pu chi !

The Sea God realm crashed into the Nine Sun furnace, knocking the Nine Sun furnace straight away.

Zhan blue’s Sea God Halberd, flowing with the ancient Aura, only a flash:

Pu chi !

The Nine Sun furnace is like a piece of tofu, which is easily cut by Sea God Halberd.

“Nine Sun Divine Dragon? Collect for me!”

Yang Xu grabbed a big hand and wrapped five-color Five Elements Divine Dragon in his palm, which is the manifestation of Five Elements Great Dao.

The five Divine Dragons in front of Five Elements Great Dao are nothing short of big.

Can’t even resist, was swallowed by Five Elements Great Dao in an instant!

[Congratulations to the player, get 9000 Flame Law! 】

The system prompt sounds.

Bai robe looked at the treasure that was destroyed by Yang Xu, and his eyes widened.

His face is distressed.

Niu Baiyue coldly snorted came:

“Trifling a broken stove, is it worth your pretentiousness? White robe, don’t hide it, take out your real guy and solve this brat in the shortest time!”

The longer the time delay, the more variables.

He also cannot guarantee that the Elders of the Imperial Palace will not be disturbed.

White robe gnashing teeth, hatred slowly looked towards Yang Xu:

“This brat is dead!”


Clusters of crystal clear and near-transparent rays of light condensed in his hands.

A large bow carved like a crystal suddenly appeared.

Bai Liuli expression can’t change dramatically:

“Yang Xu, be careful! That’s the space Divine Bow, can ignore space defense!”

The voice has not fallen.

The space Divine Bow in the hands of the white robe burst into a ray of bright rays of light.

Next second.

Before the field of Yang Xu Sea God, a divine glow tearing space came out.

Blink again.

That divine glow has appeared in the field of Sea God.

“Not good !”

This is the Sea God field of Yang Xu, which was ignored directly for the first time.

Sea God Wings was shocked, Yang Xu flashed directly 100 meters away.


The divine glow penetrated the void and hit the walls of the virtual Imperial Palace. The densely packed Space Law was shaken out of the manifest and most of it was torn by divine glow.

Huh, hu…

The white robe panted continuously, and the whole body was aura unstable.

Obviously, urging this space Divine Bow will not cost him much.

“My Sea God field seems to have loopholes. Space Law is not strong enough to resist the penetration of Divine Bow.”

A trace of dignity flashed in Yang Xu’s eyes.

Above the head, the bronze rays of light resemble Divine Mountain, rolling down again.

The bronze ancient door directly locked Yang Xu’s aura.

No matter how he dodges, he can’t get rid of the suppression of the ancient bronze door.


Yang Xu stood in the Sea God realm, and the ancient bronze gate pressed the Sea God realm to the ground like a ball.

The hard Sea God field directly cracked the ground of the virtual Imperial Palace, and countless Space Law was torn and annihilated!

“What a solid defense field, only Divine Bow can threaten it! This Divine Art is definitely out of the ordinary!”

Niu Baiyue 2 eyes flashed with greed.

He urged the white robe:

“Don’t stop, continue to attack ah!”

The white robe clenched the teeth and once again urged the space Divine Bow.

“Sea God Wings!”

Yang Xu urged Divine Wings and tried Totem to take off.

Over the top of the head, millions of rays of light erupted from the ancient bronze gate, crushing wildly.

Yang Xu rushed forward, and the ancient bronze door suddenly fell empty, and rumble hit the ground.

Niu Baiyue complexion changed, and I saw Yang Xu as if it were a ray of divine light, shooting at me.

“Want to move me? It’s naive.”

Niu Baiyue’s palm touched forward, 10 Space Law, condensed out.

Each Space Law is like a Flood Dragon, winding and twirling.


10 Space Law, morning sun Xu Biao shot, wherever passed, densely packed space Divine Power, gathered towards them.

Before rushing to Yang Xu, it really turned into a Divine Dragon with a length of 10 hundred zhang. The dragon mouth opened wide, and he wanted to devour him.

Pu chi !

Yang Xu Sea God Halberd waved a space Divine Dragon beheaded.

With another wave, another space Divine Dragon was beheaded.

Yang Xu Sea God Halberd waved again and again, 10 Space Divine Dragon, without the slightest resistance, was directly beheaded.

Not only that.

This 10 broken Space Law was swallowed and fused by Yang Xu’s Sea God field.

Around the Sea God realm, there were more ray of crystal rays of light from Space Law.

“En? It seems that his defensive space has expanded a bit?”

White robe eyes shrank felt that Yang Xu’s defense field had changed.

“But it still can’t stop my space Divine Bow!”


Divine Bow, the white robe space, attacked again.

This time.

He attacked from behind Yang Xu.

Seeing a ray of divine glow, only one flickered, penetrated the defense of the Sea God realm, and reached behind Yang Xu.

“Get it.”

White robe’s mouth smirked.

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