Endless Upgrade System Chapter 3000

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Pu chi ……

The divine glow penetrates Yang Xu’s body directly.

Niu Baiyue and Baipao smiled at each other.

Bai Liuli’s face was disappointed:

“Brother Yang… I’m sorry you…”

“Yang Xu”‘s body fell from the Sea God realm weakly, thumped, and hit the floor.

When the corner of Baipao’s mouth is picked, he will rush to seize Five Elements Great Dao.

Niu Baiyue sneered:

“Don’t worry, this brat is very cunning…”

A group of elite rays of light at his fingertips flashed violently:


A ray of light was like a bullet, hitting the head of “Yang Xu” on the ground.

pu chi sounded, “Yang Xu” was hit directly.

White robe laughed heartily:

“Ha ha ha, Senior Moon Senior Brother is too cautious to see me stripping the Great Dao Law from him!”

The white robe flickered and appeared in front of “Yang Xu”.

Niu Baiyue looked at the above, the still undissipated Sea God realm, felt a while wrong:

“Not good! That brat has a problem! White robe you…”

Niu Baiyue’s speech has not fallen.

On the side of the white robe, a 5-color rays of light condensed out of the void.

Yang Xu, holding Sea God Halberd, smiled coldly towards the white robe:

“send you off !”

Sea God Halberd slashed towards the white robe.

“Bronze ancient door, suppress for me!”

Niu Baiyue hurriedly urged the ancient bronze gate to try to subdue and kill Yang Xu.

Without the asylum in the field of Sea God, now is the best time to kill Yang Xu.

As for the safety of the white robe, Niu Baiyue simply ignored it.

Above the head, the bronze Divine Power was heavy like a mountain, and morning sun’s body rolled down.

Even with the strength of the Fleshy body he is now far above the same level.

I can hardly bear the pressure.


On the top of Yang Xu’s head, the crystal clear and near-transparent blend Paradise emerged.

Blocked the bronze rays of light for a moment.

At this moment, it is enough!

Sea God Wings flashed, the head of the white robe flew high.

He stared at the beads, he couldn’t believe it, he was just killed by a Human Race brat!


Space Divine Bow was caught in the hands by Yang Xu.

In my mind, a clear sound of system sounded:

[Kill the 9st Powerhouse x1 in the 10000th Layer day of the mixed cave, and the player will gain life source +1 points! 】

[Congratulations to the player Yang Hao, and get Immortal Artifact: Space Divine Bow! Do you wear it? 】

Yang Xu didn’t do any stay, his body just shocked, shout!

Sea God Wings unfolds behind.

The remaining Sea God field at the top also shattered instantly and condensed around him.


The ancient bronze gate rolled down and happened to hit the Sea God field, pressing Yang Xu to the ground again like a ball.

Bai Liuli saw the Master be cut.

The expression in the eyes is complicated, with nostalgia and pain.

Then, it turned into a sigh.

“Brat, today you don’t want to get out of the virtual Imperial Palace! die for me!”

Niu Baiyue saw that the white robe was killed, and the importance attached to Yang Xu in his heart raised the level once again.

Space Rune appeared under his feet.

Just a little, it flashed in front of Yang Xu instantly.

Ka ka ka !

The Power of Space in him condenses and turns into a bright Divine Armor of rays of light.

A long blade, with a blade like running water, condenses in the hands of Niu Baiyue.


There was a mark of a yak on the broad knife, which shone with brilliance.

“This long blade is a pair of horns that Niu Baiyue used his demon body to condense out. It contains Life Source Monster Power. Yang Xu, you have to be careful.”

Bai Liuli’s voice sounded.


A huge blade form outline, containing the power to tear Vault of Heaven, slashed towards Bai Liuli.

“You little bastard, talkative, solve you first!”

Niu Baiyue did not take Bai Liuli seriously.

A random knife is enough to kill it.

Unexpectedly, when the blade light rushed in front of Bai Liuli.

Bai Liuli’s body is full of black mist, and the power of resentment turns into 2 dark and thick tentacles, pa pa!

Break the blade light directly.

Bai Liuli was safe and sound, but instead sneered looked towards Niu Baiyue:

“If you want to kill me, I’m afraid you can’t do it. Yang Xu, that knife is his key point. Breaking it up will allow Niu Baiyue to enter the seriously injured state.”

Bai Liuli’s words have not fallen.


Yang Xu looked like a shadow, flashing in front of Niu Baiyue

Berserk’s punch, containing King Divine Power, hit the long blade of Niu Baiyue.

“Get lost!”

Niu Baiyue raised his demon sword and fiercely cut Yang Xu’s fist.


One punch, one knife, intersect ferociously.

Rolling energy aftermath, burst into all around.

Bai Liuli’s face is constantly changing, his eyes flashing with determination:

No more delay!

Elders of the virtual Imperial Palace must have been shocked by this place.

10000 Once opened the Great Array of the Virtual Imperial Palace.

Yang Xu can’t fly even if he inserts his wings!

“En? That Demon Art actually works? Is it because of Yang Xu’s resentment of the Great Dao?”

Bai Liuli’s eyes lit up.

At this time, Niu Baiyue was punched by Yang Xu berserk and flew out.

Yang Xu also retreated 3 big steps in a row, and his face was a bit ugly:

Niu Baiyue’s cultivation base is too powerful.

Although more than 2000 years of cultivation did not make him a breakthrough realm, the accumulated power cannot be underestimated.

More terrible is.

Niu Baiyue doesn’t have Condense and Paradise.

At that time, his power will certainly have a huge leap!

“I am not his opponent for the time being, so I have to find a way out.”

Yang Xu just thought of this in his mind.


A burst of black energy penetrated the Sea God realm and wrapped him again.

Yang Xu can no longer be familiar with this kind of energy. It is malicious to Yang Xu not at all, so he can freely enter and leave the Sea God field.

Yang Xu turned his head towards Bai Liuli.

Seeing Bai Liuli’s whole body, black Demon Ability flowing, resenting the Great Dao like a Flood Dragon, wrapped around him.

His morning sun smiled brightly:

“Just failed to help you, I will definitely send you out this time! Yang Xu, go to the coordinate I gave you, look for opportunities, and come to rescue me after getting stronger!”

Before, Bai Liuli was so desperate that he just wanted to sacrifice himself and send Yang Xu away.

just now.

He was sublimated as a whole, and no longer wanted to die.

And he also knows that only in this way can Yang Xu leave.


With the help of resentment Great Dao, Bai Liuli once again tore the space of the virtual Imperial Palace.

Seeing this, Niu Baiyue immediately urged the ancient bronze gate to stop it.

However, it was too late.

Yang Xu was enveloped in a black turtle shell, and was directly pulled into the spatial door by black energy.

“Damn it! break for me!”

Niu Baiyue’s whole body, rays of light masterpiece, a dark mixed Paradise above his head, 100 meters high, Demon Qi surging like an ancient magic mountain, he transformed into a giant very awesome demon with a long zhang.


Rolling the Demon Ability into the ancient bronze gate, it bursts into incredible power:

Pu chi !

Yang Xu’s right half of the body was hit by a bronze ancient door, and half of the fleshy body collapsed directly!

black glow flashed.

Yang Xu’s body came out without knowing the direction.

When Niu Baiyue flashed, huge talons were inserted into Space Crack, trying to trace Yang Xu’s traces.

“Hehe, it’s useless. The Demon Art that I put on is obtained from a mysterious space debris. It can easily erase any space coordinate, you can’t find it.”

Bai Liuli sneered.

“Little bastard, die!”

Niu Baiyue Demon Qi is monstrous, very angry, and raises his hand to kill Bai Liuli.

“You dare kill my? Don’t you want Yang Xu to come back?”

Bai Liuli is unscrupulous:

“Leave me, Yang Xu will definitely come to my rescue. If you kill me, what is waiting for you will be Yang Xu’s crazy revenge!”

Niu Baiyue looked gloomy and uncertain.

“Worship Junior Brother, what happened? How do I feel that there is aura left by the Great Dao?”

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