Endless Upgrade System Chapter 3001

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A youngster flashed in front of Niu Baiyue without warning.

There was a round of silver moon suspended above him, and a ray of Great Dao light hung down.

Set the youngster to look like Divine Immortal.

Niu Baiyue saw him, but his face showed respectful color:

“Reporting to Migratory Senior Brother, there is no major event. A little thief ran into the virtual Imperial Palace and was rushed away by me.”

The youngster couldn’t help laughing, and the bright moon circulated above his head

“A little thief, can kill Yan Zhufeng and Baipao Junior Brother successively? Niu Baiyue, you didn’t tell the truth.”

Niu Baiyue also wanted to speak.


An invisible force blasted him violently, imprinted in the void, and spit out blood.

Youngster expression lightly glanced at Bai Liuli and grabbed it, ka cha!

That bronze ancient door suspended in midair, he was caught in his hand at will.

Youngster is playing with the ancient bronze door, smiling towards towards Niu Baiyue:

“Waiwan Junior Brother, I have recently realized that it seems that I can immediately break through the bottleneck and get promoted to the Space-Time room, but I need a Magic Treasure to suppress the Paradise. How can I borrow your bronze door?”

The cattle embedded in the void worshiped the moon and their faces were extremely ugly.

But to Nie Feihuang’s cold expression.

He still squeezed a smile:

“Whatever the Senior Locust Senior Brother said, if you need it, even if it is used, I…”


Niu Baiyue didn’t finish talking, so he spouted a blood essence, looking pale at the ancient bronze door——

At this moment, Nie Feihuang had completely erased his Spirit Imprint imprinted in the ancient bronze door.

Since then.

This bronze ancient door belongs to Nie Feihuang.

“Many thanks thanks to Junior Brother’s support. It seems that there is nothing wrong here. I will continue to retreat.”

youngster disappeared out of thin air.

There disappeared together, and the cow worshiped that ancient bronze gate that Supreme Treasure.

“Ha ha, in order to swallow the Five Elements Great Dao alone, you are really willing to give up your blood.”

Bai Liuli looked at Niu Baiyue sarcastically, “Unfortunately, Nie Shibo is probably not going to be fooled by you like this.”

Niu Baiyue complexion is gloomy, dripping water quickly, looking at the place where Nie Feihuang disappeared, the expression flashes:

“Hmph, when I get the Five Elements Great Dao, I will let Nie Feihuang know how powerful I am! It’s not so easy to take my ox to the moon for nothing!”

Bai Liuli raised his eyebrows:

“Then I advise you to get Leng Xuanji back quickly, otherwise it is difficult to guarantee that he will reveal Yang Xu’s secret… Oh yes, Ge Tiandu also knows Yang Xu’s news, he is the palm Son of Teaching, how are you going to deal with him?”

Niu Baiyue felt an inexplicable irritability.

The duck that got in hand just flew like this, and brought so much trouble to himself.


Bai Liuli raised his hand gently and flew out directly.

Bai Liuli had a pain all over his body, but he laughed heartily.

“Brother Yang, I hope you can recover soon. Don’t go back to the virtual Imperial Palace anymore.”

The background of the virtual Imperial Palace is too deep, it is not Yang Xu who can do it with a single spear horse…

Universe void.

An ancient dead star center.


Star Core exploded out of thin air, lava flowing and tearing stars.

The center of lava, Yang Xu’s body appears out of thin air.


He spurted a lot of blood, aura was depressed, and his state was in decline.

This is after he soared to Immortal World.

He suffered such a serious injury for the first time.

【caveat! More than 85% of the player’s fleshy body is damaged and cannot be recovered… 9% is recoverable and requires energy consumption…7% of the vital parts are intact! Do you recover immediately? 】


[9% of injuries recovered! The player’s life source energy is insufficient, and the rest of the injuries cannot be recovered! 】

The system prompt sounds.

“83% of the injuries can’t be recovered. Is my fleshy body completely extinct?”

Yang Xu laughed bitterly.

He could feel that most of his body was unconscious.

If it is not the last moment, there is the power of the Sea God field protecting body.

He may be killed in seconds!

“Now I need energy to restore the state! Activate the Kunpeng Treasure Body!”

Yang Xu’s Treasure Body “Kunpeng’s body” can devour all energy, Qi of Immortal Spirit.

Not used before, Yang Xu has not been activated many times.

But this time.

system’s icy answer made Yang Xu stunned:

[Kunpeng Treasure Body has collapsed! Unable to activate! 】

Yang Xu looked towards lava around:

“Five Elements Great Dao, draw Fire Attribute energy, first restore self-protection…”

[Five Elements Great Dao is used to keep the player Life Power running, no extra work is possible! 】

The system responded again with a cold response.

Yang Xu speechless:

Is it only waiting to die?

9 Eye of heart, fast operation, Yang Xu’s mind began to think and calculate quickly.

The final conclusion is that unless his avatar of summon oversee Lower Realm comes.

Otherwise he has no chance!

83% of the fleshy body has been completely destroyed.

For other Cultivator, I am afraid I can only wait to die.

Yang Xu can support it now because of the Five Elements Great Dao, helping him draw energy.

“It seems that I can only find that guy first.”

Yang Xu closed his eyes.

Sensing All Heavens void.

Not enough energy!

Spirit Power is not enough!

Unable to sense the existence of All Heavens Void!

“My current state, too weak…”

Yang Xu laughed bitterly.

A prompt sounded in my mind:

[Sensing that the player’s state falls, the space Great Dao fragment is activated, and the space divine ability can be drawn. Does it start? 】

“Just ask, start now.”

[The player gains 1 space divine ability! 】

[The player gains 3 space divine ability! 】


The extremely slow space draws efficiency, leaving Yang Xu speechless for a while.

I actually have such a downturn.

Really underestimated the virtual Imperial Palace.

Only one cow worships the moon, so he looks like this.

“Well, how did you become this kind of virtue? It really disappointed me.”

A voice suddenly sounded in Yang Xu’s mind.

Yang Xu’s eyes could not help blinking:

“Huanggu Divine Pagoda! You don’t help me suppress the passage between Lower Realm and Immortal World, what are you running for?”

“Aren’t you looking for me? Come on, don’t be brave, your current state, or restoring it, let me help you.”


A small sip of Small Pagoda suddenly appeared over the dead star.

This Small Pagoda is only palm size, and it haunts mysterious and obscure aura.

It only gave a slight shock.

The entire star was even split into two and a half from the middle by the invisible force.

Even with that, Yang Xu’s right half body was directly destroyed!

Only half of “Yang Xu” is left, yelling in Universe in the sky:

“You sand sculpture tower, how did you destroy my fleshy body?”

Divine Pagoda counterattack:

“It’s all gone, what else do you keep? You good luck, when I helped you guard the Lower Realm, I got a little benefit and helped you for free for a while.”

Huanggu Divine Pagoda flew to Yang Xu with only half left, and saw the rays of light flash, Yang Xu’s other half of the body, condensed out.

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