Endless Upgrade System Chapter 3002

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Yang Xu’s figure emerged.

Suddenly I felt that my vitality filled my body.

Brain system prompts, waterfall usually starts to brush the screen:

[Player gains 100,000 space divine ability! 】

[Player gains 1910000 space divine ability! 】

[Player gains 230,000 space divine ability! 】


The energy exhausted from the mountain’s poor water began to recover quickly.

Yang Xu lightly shook the right hand, pu chi!

Fierce energy burst out.

“The body transformed by Divine Pagoda is still easy to use. It’s just that I have to restore the Fleshy body as soon as possible. Divine Pagoda can’t help me for a long time.”

Yang Xu vaguely remembers that in this Immortal World, it seems that Divine Pagoda also has a secret.

“You said you got a lot of benefits, what is it?”

Yang Xu asked.

“You don’t need to understood this. The most important thing for you now is to find a suitable Outer Body Incarnation and refining it to make up for the flaws of your fleshy body.”

Divine Pagoda Road.


Yang Xu flashed in Universe in the sky.

The whole body haunts the mysterious aura.

“Bai Liuli gave me a space coordinate, where a chance should be hidden, and the Great Dao fragment of this space is also somewhat out of the ordinary.”

In the palm of Yang Xu, a ball of light appeared.

The size of the watermelon exudes a crystal luster, densely packed rune wrapped around it.

Right in the center is a fingernail-sized fragment.

From this fragment, the aura of Great Dao Law permeates.

Yang Xu was inspired by Bai Liuli’s lifelong Space Law gift.

A faint feeling at this moment, this piece of space Great Dao seems to be linked to a special Plane.

“System, can you analyze the origin of this Great Dao fragment?”

[Unknown space Great Dao fragments, not from this world! It belongs to the higher Immortal World. You can use this space Great Dao fragment to open the Transmission Passage. Do you want to activate it? 】

The system’s response surprised Yang Xu.

Is the fragment of this space Great Dao actually from the higher Immortal World?

And can you use it to enter another Plane?

“Don’t turn it on first. My state is too weak now, wait for it to return to Peak state, and turn it on not too late.”

Yang Xu secretly thought.

A battle with Niu Baiyue and Bai robe.

Let him fully realize that he is still too weak at present.

Be strong as soon as possible and rescue Bai Liuli!

“Huh, the aura of the Great Dao fragment? Interesting.”

A silhouette behind him sounded like a ghost-like sound.

At the moment, Yang Xu is in a universe in the sky, all around a dark and silent.

But this silhouette came to him quietly and was not noticed by Yang Xu!

Yang Xu swept away with cold eyes:

This is an azure clothes Old Daoist. His eyes are long and narrow, the streamer is shimmering, and his whole body haunts the natural aura of Taoism.

He completely ignored Yang Xu.

Instead, his eyes fell on the Great Dao fragment in his hand, and he suddenly looked up and looked at Yang Xu with a smile:

“Little friend, this thing has something to do with me, this time I will help you resolve this disaster for free… Come, put the Great Dao fragment containing the curse of God and Demon in my hands, I will help you for free Destroy it!”

azure clothes Old Daoist looked at Yang Xu with a smile.

A kind-hearted look.

Pu chi !

A touch of cold light pressed against his neck, flashing past.

“Little friend, why are you hurting me? I’m helping you ah!”

azure clothes Old Daoist escaped Yang Xu’s blow and stared at Yang Xu in disbelief.

A look like hate iron for not becoming steel.

Yang Xu holding Sea God Halberd, flashed in front of him instantly:


Sea God Halberd penetrated the void and stabbed him in the head.

azure clothes Daoist His face turned cold instantly, a slight light flashed in his eyes:

“Since the friend refuses a toast only to be forced to drink a forfeit, then he will blame Old Daoist mercilessly! Today Old Daoist wants to subdue monsters and defeat demons and save you!”

azure clothes Old Daoist robe with big sleeves waved violently, huh!

Heaven and Earth suddenly dim!

Yang Xu feels that all around is a black hole, not going to the sky, not falling to the ground.


There are no universe aura fluctuations.

He seemed to enter a completely isolated space!

“This is Heaven and Earth in the sleeve?”

Yang Xu coldly said.

“Little friend, you know it. This is indeed Heaven and Earth World in the sleeve of Old Daoist. You are now just a mayfly in Heaven and Earth in my sleeve. Hand over the fragments of the Great Dao in that space. I will let the little friend How about you leave safely?”

Responding to him is Yang Xu sharp’s halberd:


Sea God Halberd exploded with ancient power, and the rolling waves turned into one after another vortex, swept frantically, tearing all around.

Where it passed.

The dark spaces are all cut by dense-packed vortex by these blade-sword-like vortex.

Yang Xu waved freely, and Sea God Halberd became 1000 hundred zhang.

Softly trembled, this world is cut open.

Yang Xu sneered:

“Trifling a Small World and want to trap me?”

“Little friend persist in your own wrong doings, already Bedevilment! Today I will surrender you!”


With the azure clothes Old Daoist’s low drink, Heaven and Earth World suddenly disappeared from the sleeve.

azure clothes Old Daoist squeezed the yellow paper talisman, waved it, talisman lit:

“Please Magic Treasure!”

weng weng!

A fist sized purple bottle gourd emerged from the fire.

The bottle gourd’s whole body light flashed, and the bottle gourd’s mouth opened with a bang, pointing at Yang Xu.

azure clothes Old Daoist mutter incantations, the purple bottle gourd suddenly shook slightly:

嗤chi chi…

The densely packed sword light, a piece of miserable green, contains a tempting herb fragrance, and the morning sun Xu Fei shoots.

In my mind, Divine Pagoda couldn’t help but rejoice:

“Ha ha ha, Yang Xu, you are really lucky! You are missing half of the Fleshy body, and the treasure will automatically come to your door! This bottle gourd can give birth to the grass and tree essence. The Wood Attribute is very similar to the life source energy, and it is refining it. Can help you recondense the fleshy body!”

Yang Xu can’t help eyes shined:

“Then I have to thank Master Tao!”

Universe in the sky.

Yang Xu is all around, all around.

He was standing in the middle of Sea God’s realm, and let the densely packed green Sword Qi shoot at him.

Klang clang!

The green sword light crashed into the Sea God field, but it shattered.

“Space Great Dao fragments, I can’t use you for the time being, I will take you to strengthen my Sea God realm first!”

Yang Xu flicks with the finger, sou!

The space Great Dao debris flew into the Sea God realm, the rays of light flashed, and merged with its Perfection.

The azure clothes Old Daoist on the opposite side are completely stupid:

“Very powerful protection field! Even the fragments of the Great Dao space can be integrated. The level of this field is never under the Great Dao fragments of that space…”

In the eyes of azure clothes Old Daoist, burning and greed flashed.

However, Yang Xu’s icy voice sounded:

“Want to grab my stuff? You bottle gourd, I accepted it.”

Yang Xu flashed to the top of azure clothes Old Daoist’s head, and the purple bottle gourd came forward.

Pick it up.

Purple bottle gourd was suddenly caught by Yang Xu in his hand:

[Congratulations to player Yang Hao, get treasure: Purple Gold bottle gourd (immature)! use or not? 】

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