Endless Upgrade System Chapter 3003

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Yang Xu brows slightly wrinkle:

This bottle gourd is not mature yet?

He couldn’t help expressing coldly scanned azure clothes Old Daoist:

“Fool, this bottle gourd is not mature yet, what are you doing to take it off? This wast of waste is wasted!”

If you wait for the Purple Gold bottle gourd to fully mature.

Its evaluation is probably not treasure.

It can evolve into a mouthful of Immortal Artifact!

“Give me my bottle gourd back!”

azure clothes Old Daoist complexion greatly changed.

Yang Xu looked down at him, slightly smiled:

“This thing has something to do with me, I will help you refining it.”

Thoughts move, the system will wipe out the Spirit Imprint of azure clothes Old Daoist in Purple Gold bottle gourd.


azure clothes Old Daoist spit out blood.

“Old Daoist fights with you!”

A flash of azure rays of light flashed over his head, and an Azure Lotus appeared.

That Azure Lotus was made by his mixed Paradise Form Transformation.


Yang Xu swept like Divine Dragon, and punched Azure Lotus with a punch.

rumble …

Azure Lotus rays of light are dim, and azure’s mixed Paradise prototype appears.

azure clothes Old Daoist complexion is declining, begging for mercy:

“Senior spares life! expert spares life! I…”


Yang Xu is too lazy to talk nonsense with him.

It was another punch, pounding heavily on Paradise.

Ka cha !

Mix Paradise and break down directly!

Old Daoist wa’ed, squirting Life Source blood essence repeatedly.

Aura was depressed, and her pale face was frightened and regretful:

He has done a lot of murdering to seize the treasures.

I also had the experience of kicking the iron plate.

But every time he was able to escape with his clever tongue.

But this time.

This Human Race teenager didn’t give him the chance to show his tongue!

Come up is a trick!

“A second shot!”

Yang Xu’s right fist, aura merging wild ancient and Heavenly Dao, dragon snake combined attack:

Pu chi ……

The azure clothes Old Daoist’s Paradise was finally completely exploded.

A large amount of Primal Chaos material, all captured by Yang Xu:

[Congratulations to player Yang Hao, earn 1000 points for Primal Chaos! 】

[Congratulations to player Yang Hao, earn 8000 points for Primal Chaos! 】

[Congratulations to player Yang Hao, earn 10000 points for Primal Chaos! 】


azure clothes Old Daoist has completely lost consciousness.

face deathly pale, with blood on the corner of his mouth, floating in the Universe in the sky.

Yang Xu confuses his Paradise, after annihilating.

Too lazy to ignore him.

Go ahead and go.

Wait for azure clothes Old Daoist to wake up.

Not help the eye socket cracked, crying father shouting mother:

“My bastard Heaven Ah! I knew that the brat was so difficult, I wouldn’t provoke him ah!”

Pa pa ……

azure clothes Old Daoist regretfully fiercely smoked his mouth.

The void in front of him was gently rippling like a wave of water.

An Old Daoist, exactly like him, came out of the ripples.

He wore white clothes, with sympathy on his face.

azure clothes Old Daoist could not help staring:

“What are you doing now? Why didn’t you come to save me just now?”

The same old Daoist, with a wry smile:

“If we just come out, I am afraid that you will lose me even if you are there. With me in, you still have the capital to make a comeback. If I disappear, you will probably never be able to take revenge.”

“Revenge? Yes! I want revenge! That brat took away my other Purple Gold bottle gourd, and I must take it back! And his great Dao fragment…and his cultivation technique of cultivation space, I will take it all back!”

azure clothes Old Daoist eyes filled with resentment and greed.

The voice has not fallen.

A cool voice sounded behind him, causing azure clothes Old Daoist to die:

“Well, why don’t I think something is wrong? It turns out that you have a mature Gold Bottle bottle gourd and refining it to Outer Body Incarnation?”

100 meters away.

Yang Xu stood on a meteorite, floating in the Universe, and smiled a little at azure clothes Old Daoist.

“You… why are you back?”

azure clothes Old Daoist complexion is extremely ugly.

Next to the white clothes Old Daoist, his face was dull.

“Yeah, I’m back. Old Daoist, I think you, Outer Body Incarnation, has a destiny with me, why don’t you just leave for me, how?”

Yang Xu spoke amazingly.

azure clothes Old Daoist complexion suddenly became ugly.

He can feel that Yang Xu’s strength has not yet been exerted.

Only 3 punches can destroy his mixed Paradise.

Not to mention, his invincible defense field.

“Fellow Daoist, it seems you and I are destined to be different this time.”

white clothes Old Daoist smiles bitterly at azure clothes Old Daoist.

azure clothes Old Daoist face unwilling, angry:

“You just left me like this?”

white clothes Old Daoist expression Frankly:

“Fellow Daoist why so, you and I have the same heart, you are me, I am you. You and I know that in front of this boy, we have no room to resist, otherwise we can only body dies and Dao disappears.”

Let me talk about it.

Not waiting for azure clothes Old Daoist to respond.

white clothes Old Daoist’s figure flashed, a ripple rippled in front of him.

Next second.

He has flashed to Yang Xu’s side:

“Little friend, please ask him to let him go, so I will go with you, how?”

Yang Xu nodded:

“I really didn’t need to kill him.”

The generation of azure clothes Old Daoist imitate the dog and steal chicken, to Yang Xu, is nothing but a ants.

“That’s it, I will deal with you.”

white clothes Old Daoist said, folded his hands together and sat in the void.

The whole body of purple rays of light haunted him, and the phantom of the Purple Gold bottle gourd flashed behind him.

Yang Xu frowned straight:

“Tsk tsk, this inferior refining technique, comparable to Immortal Artifact’s treasure, actually refining such a rough Outer Body Incarnation…”

Yang Xu’s palm turned, and the immature Purple Gold bottle gourd appeared.


Yang Xu squeezed it.

Suddenly, the fragments of Purple Gold bottle gourd shed a lot of Wood Attribute life essence.

Yang Xu waved his hand, and all the energy merged with the white clothes Old Daoist.

[Is a strong energy fluctuation detected, is it refining? 】

system prompt.

“Immediately refining!”


In the horrified eyes of azure clothes Old Daoist.

That white clothes Old Daoist face changed quickly.

In a blink of an eye, he turned into exactly the same face as Yang Xu, and his aura, after absorbing the fragments of Purple Gold bottle gourd, actually went crazy at an alarming rate, and berserk rose.

Rumble ……

A piece of purple bottle gourd vine, condensed on top of white clothes Daoist’s head, actually attracted the sky tribulation thunder.

When Yang Xu saw it, he couldn’t help beckoning:

“Come, now is not your time for Transcending Tribulation.”

white clothes Daoist eyes wide open, with a smile on Yang Xu’s face, a smile:

“Let you hide for a while.”

The familiar indifferent expression made Yang Xu trance sound, and Fire avatar in Lower Realm.

White clothes Daoist turns into a purple light, which escapes into the body of Yang Xu.

“Are you leaving quickly?”

Yang Xu looked towards azure clothes Old Daoist, expressionless authentic.

azure clothes Old Daoist expression After several changes, the final clenched the teeth:

“you are vicious!”

azure clothes Daoist lit a talisman and flew away.

Compared to when it first appeared.

The aura on him is at least ten times weaker!

“You actually let him go, it is better to kill him directly, to avoid future troubles.”

The voice of Divine Pagoda rang.

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