Endless Upgrade System Chapter 3004

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Yang Xu smiled:

“Then the Purple Gold bottle gourd was refined by the Old Daoist Outer Body Incarnation. If I force it, maybe the Purple Gold bottle gourd will self-destruct.”

“System, can Purple Gold bottle gourd be refined into another body?”

Not waiting for the system to answer.

Divine Pagoda:

“I urge you not to worry, I will not leave for a while, a mouthful of Purple Gold bottle gourd is now enough for you to use, but when you reach the 9th Layer Peak of the mixed cave or even the breakthrough Space-Time, you will find that its The potential is not enough to support your further breakthrough!”

“According to my opinion, look for more time, and use it as a mouthful of Immortal Artifact. I will continue to integrate with you until then.”

Yang Xu Divine Pagoda’s conscience suggestion surprised Yang Xu:

“What’s on me, what do you want? Won’t there be a picture?”

Divine Pagoda coldly snorted:

“I’m so unbearable in your eyes? Rest assured, I’m not at all plotting, but after a while, I may have to leave and get along and get rid of the fleshy body problem for you. It’s always a good thing.”

Yang Xu realized that the tone of Divine Pagoda was a bit bleak.

He didn’t ask again.

Instead, he activated the space coordinate that Bai Liuli gave him:

“I wonder if there is any treasure here? Go and see.”

That location is not far from the space bubble where the virtual Imperial Palace is located.

Yang Xu unfolded Sea God Wings, turned into a rays of light, and flew away.

After 3 days and 3 nights.

Looking at Space Turbulence in front of me.

Yang Xu suspects that he is at the end of the Universe:

Among the endless riots of Space Turbulence, the densely packed Space Law and Time Law are all bright and colorful.

It looks like the most beautiful rainbow.

But only Yang Xu knew what a huge danger this beautiful “rainbow” contained!

“Xiongtai, could you have heard that rumor?”

A voice rang from the side.

Yang Xu suddenly turned around and saw a young man in white clothes standing side by side with himself.

His handsome face and elegant temperament make people want to see more than one eye.

Yang Xu felt that he was not like a man in every move.


Yang Xu secretly thought.

But there was no expression on his face, and he asked:

“What rumors? I passed here by accident, I don’t know any rumors.”

The young man gave him a surprised look.

Then turn around and leave:

“It seems that I admit the wrong person. I’m sorry.”

The white clothes quickly disappeared.

Yang Xu wondered for a while:

This Space Turbulence, is there any secret hidden behind it?

9 The eye of the heart works, and he follows Bai Liuli’s hint to him, and his eyes pass through the surface of Space Turbulence.

at last.

Below Space Turbulence, Yang Xu found a space vortex.

Yang Xu pushed the perception to the limit.

Finally, from that space vortex, a strong Power of Space fluctuation was sensed.

“Sure enough, it’s a channel entrance. Just don’t know where to go?”

Yang Xu remembered Bai Liuli’s words, secretly thought what opportunities should be in this space.

Otherwise Bai Liuli won’t be so in love.


With such a powerful Space Turbulence obstacle, if you want to enter that space vortex, open the portal, but not simple.


Just thinking about it.

Shua shua shua !

Several golden armor men landed on the side of Yang Xu.

A pair of bad eyes, staring at Yang Xu:

“Fellow Daoist, there will be danger here, please leave this place quickly.”

Yang Xu expression remains unchanged, saying:

“Why, I’m not afraid of danger.”

He didn’t mean to leave.

That 3 golden armor man, immediately frowned.

One of them is impatient:

“Let you get away, our Expert of Grand Purity Sect will come here to explore, and here will be cleared!”

This person is full of arrogant and despotic aura.

“Grand Purity Sect? Never heard of it.”

In Yang Xu’s mind, there is no impression of Grand Purity Sect at all.

Unabashed tone, the three golden armor men complexion changed suddenly:

“Dare to insult me ​​Grand Purity Sect!”


The one who was the most impatient immediately took a punch with morning sun Xu.

This fist entangles the flames, burning the universe void into layers of folds.

Yang Xu does not shirk, the Sea God field rotates gently, bang!

The flame fist strength was ejected back and hit the man.

Fly him directly.

“really strong !”

The other two people stared at Yang Xu with vigilance, their faces full of fear.

not far away.

There are also golden armor men who drive other Cultivators near Space Turbulence.

Seeing that there is a mess here, it can’t help turning into a streamer, and it’s flying towards here.

whoosh whoosh whoosh …

They quickly surrounded Yang Xu in the middle, their faces full of wickedness:

“Who is Sir? Even my Grand Purity Sect’s face is not given and I don’t want to get confused in this world?”

Yang Xu raised his eyebrows:

“Sorry, I really haven’t heard of Grand Purity Sect. I want to ask, which one is better, Grand Purity Sect or Virtual Imperial Palace?”

The words “Virtual Imperial Palace” made everyone’s face suddenly change.

Looked towards Yang Xu’s expression, could not help but feel a little more worried:

“Are you the disciplinary of the Imperial Palace?”

Yang Xu found that every disciple’s face showed a worried expression.

He immediately understood that this Grand Purity Sect is not as good as the virtual Imperial Palace.

“I am a virtual Imperial Palace great disciple, Yan Zhufeng, I heard that there is a change in Space Turbulence here, so I came to see it.”

“So that’s how it is, I don’t know Sire’s identity, I’m offended.”

Although these people still have doubts in their hearts.

But for Yang Xu, all were a little more polite.

“You are a real annoyance. Just now I asked you if you have heard of that legend. How did you say it?”

White clothes The youth suddenly came and looked at Yang Xu with anger.

Everyone in the room couldn’t help changing complexion:

“Eldest Young Lady, you…”

“you shut up!”

white clothes The young man stared at his hands, morning sun Xu cast a disdainful expression:

“Hmph, there is no truth in this person’s mouth, I advise you to check it carefully, maybe this person says that he is the cipher of the Imperial Palace, and it is also fake!”

Everyone’s expression suddenly changed, this Eldest Young Lady said ah out of everything!

Can the people of the Imperial Palace be explored casually?

Yang Xu smiled but hehe:

“I just misunderstood the young lady. Don’t take seriously, I’m really an Imperial Palace disciple.”

He went around Great Dao Law.

An aura containing powerful space fluctuations suddenly filled away.

The expression that everyone doubted disappeared instantly:

“Such a violent Space Law fluctuation is really the style of the Imperial Palace!”

“This person is a virtual Imperial Palace disciple. That’s right!”

“Eldest Young Lady, it’s not safe here, maybe the Demon Object will still come, let’s leave first.”

Hand pointing towards youth in white clothes.

Yang Xu raised a brow:

“Demon Object? Also ask Young Lady to tell me what Demon Object is here?”

white clothes youth pouted:

“Since the virtual Imperial Palace has sent you here, don’t you tell you what to do? You really are a fake virtual palace disciple!”

white clothes Young people bite Yang Xu’s identity is fake.

The next few cold sweats are coming down:

Their Eldest Young Lady has always been impudent in their actions, and for this reason has caused Grand Purity Sect a lot of trouble.

Even the Grand Purity Sect taught it, it was a headache.

But this person’s identity is very special.

Grand Purity Sect doesn’t dare to discipline at random…

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