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Grand Purity Sect everyone, looked towards Yang Xu a little nervously.

Lest annoyed Yang Xu.

But Yang Xu seemed to laugh at hehe, not at all angry.

"There are Heaven and Earth in this space vortex, I'm afraid it will be dangerous. You just drive away the people whose cultivation base is too low. Some people who reach the mixed cave, there is no need to drive away?"

Yang Xu swept the Grand Purity Sect with a smile.

"Even if you rely on the Grand Purity Sect to have many people and rush them away for a while, are you not afraid of them secretly doing bad things?"

All around, the eyes of the Cultivator suddenly gathered here.

Looked towards the expression of Grand Purity Sect disciple, something is not good.

Grand Purity Sect and the others, expression cannot be changed.

This point is not considered above.

But not at all taking seriously that's all.

Today it is mentioned by Yang Xu.

They are not good to ignore again.

"If the Hundred Caves are not allowed to be close, I will not agree with Yan Zhufeng first.

Yang Xu smiled authentically.

There was a dignity that could not be refused.

Grand Purity Sect everyone, the expression suddenly awkward.

The cross-dresser Eldest Young Lady, but coldly snorted:

"You are not small, if you are so powerful, you have the ability to go to the 5th Clan Talks and see how strong you are!"

5 Clan talks?

Yang Xu showed doubts.

A Grand Purity Sect disciple could not help explaining it with a bitter smile.

Yang Xu realized this. As early as ten days ago, several families of powerhouses near the vortex of space discovered something was wrong.

With in-depth observation.

They determined that in the vortex of space, an inheritance ancient land was connected.

But no one knows whether there is any danger in it.


Several powerful ethnic groups sent representatives to discuss a charter and enter the inheritance ancient land.

"No one has been in before?"

Yang Xu asked.

Grand Purity Sect disciple Wry smile:

"I have been in one, but there is no news so far. I don't know my life and death.

Yang Xu nodded:

"So are you prepared to enter together? It's a good idea."

"Hey, don't you think you are very difficult to deal with? The 5th group talks, and does not exclude the Loose Cultivator that has the ability. Do you dare to go with me?"

That Eldest Young Lady is still provoking in morning sun.

Yang Xu is too lazy to take care of her.

This kind of Eldest Young Lady's temper is spoiled, and feels that the whole world should be around her.

If you don't agree with her, I will hold you back.

Yang Xu now needs a lot of energy to condense the fleshy body.

No time to waste with her.

"Find an opportunity and try to enter the space vortex alone. If it is really connected to the ancient heritage of inheritance, the advantage is of course that you can take it all."

Yang Xu smiled and rumble, Sea God Wings condensed behind.

Above is aura which is one after another space Great Dao Law, there are space elves and Wind Element elves flying around Sea God Wings.

Looking at the pair of huge Divine Wings with a total of 100 meters.

The Loose Cultivator and Grand Purity Sect disciple, all could not help but wonder, envy.

Also in the heart more and more confirmed, he defies the status of Imperial Palace disciple.

Seeing Yang Xu turn into an electric light, quickly disappeared.

Everyone also relishes and discusses spiritedly.

Grand Purity Sect, everyone can't help but persuade the indignant Eldest Young Lady:

"Eldest Young Lady, people didn't bother you, why can't you live with that Yan Young Master?"

Zhan Taiqinger pouted:

"Just looking at him is not good, is it okay? Take care of your space vortex, 3 days later, the 5th group talks, and after the setback, my dad can't spare you!"

On a magnificent planet.

Spirit Qi is boiling, the law is flying, this is a carefully modified planet.

Yang Xu descended on this planet.

Not attracted by the surrounding beauty.

In my mind, I couldn't help flashing the scenery on Earth.

The highest mountain on planet.

Straight into the sky, there is a great hall.

At the entrance of the great hall, there are 5 color god clouds floating, 5 color god deer running on the air, Auspicious Beast Qilin lying in the void.

Cultivator from all sides came across the void from all around, and the lowest cultivation base aura reached the 9th Layer day of the mixed cave.

among them.

There are 3 silhouettes, the most striking.

They came together, and the silhouette in the middle was full of blond hair, tall and mighty, with a sharp face and a sharp eyebrow like a sword.

Between Gu Pan, there is a domineering that makes people dare not look directly.

This person is a young genius powerhouse among the lion tribes, the most popular young genius powerhouse in recent years, the lion mad song.

On the side of the Lion Mad Song, there is a young man with one after another wave of energy behind him, sweeping through the scouring and turning into an ocean vortex.

It is the Young Master of the shark family.

Another young man, expressionless, had his eyes closed and a black long blade in his arms.

It's Grand Purity Sect's famous genius disciple and horizontal knife in recent years.

The moment they step into the great hall.

The Loose Cultivator, which originally discussed spiritedly, could not help but keep silent, and cast an expression of envy and awe at them.

And the two powerhouses who had entered the main seat of the great hall long ago screamed with dissatisfaction:

"Lion Song, Shark Rolling Sky, Heng Dao, why are you here? No matter how slow you are, the inherited ancient land after the vortex of space will be the early bird catches the worm!"

He was talking about a man in a robe. He was in his 30s old and had a beard of white clothes under his jaw. The expression was long and narrow, giving a sinister aura.

This person looks middle-aged, in fact, just a young man, but he is a sheep genius, Innate is an old man.

Beside him, there is a bald monk wearing a pink shawl with 9 pink scars on his head.

His body was lingering with pink energy, and his expression was sticky and greasy, giving a strange feeling.

It is the genius expert of the Huajian tribe.

"I never thought it was a Flowery Monk. If it was seen by the people of the Vatican, I am afraid I would not let him go."

In the corner of the great hall, Yang Xu, hidden in the crowd, could not help blinking.

The monk of the Huajian tribe was speechless.

But he quickly turned his attention to Shark Rolling Sky.

Originally thought that Shark Juantian had already died under the hands of the devil who hated the sky.

didn't expect.

Actually survived.

And compared to before.

The aura of Shark Rolling Sky is more powerful, and there seems to be aura fluctuations mixed with Paradise.

"It seems that the struggle between life and death made him gain a lot."

Yang Xu secretly thought.

"Everyone, since you are here, let's discuss a charter. Then Space Turbulence must have seen it in private. If you want to pass through Space Turbulence and enter the space vortex, you must cooperate with each other and do not mess up."

"If you act privately, on the one hand, it will weaken our strength, on the other hand, it will make the messy Space Turbulence more difficult to pass..."

The sheep genius sheep Innate, argue with the courage of one's convictions.

This remark, he was recognized by all Cultivator present.

Many people even swear and swear that they will never enter without permission.

Yang Xu saw their thoughts from their blinking eyes.

"It is said that the inheritance ancient land contains a complete Great Dao. I don’t know if true or false?"


Everyone burst into discussion.

The lion mad song sitting in the up ahead seat, frowned, beat the table hard:

"Give me shut up!"

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