Endless Upgrade System Chapter 3006

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The mad song of the lion was as cold as electricity, sweeping across the crowd:

“Whether it is Three Thousand Great Dao, or other treasures or resources, if you are lucky enough to enter, you will have your luck. What chance you can get, or whether you can come out alive, depends on your own good fortune. But there is one. Channels, never mess!”

The reason why so many powerhouses are brought together is to set the order and prevent everyone from messing up before entering.

Space Turbulence is agitated by a slight force, and it is easy to change unpredictably.

10000 The entrance to the vortex of that space was destroyed.

That would be dumbfounded!

“Brother Gee is right, although the space vortex is a Space Passage entrance, but it is extremely unstable. The Space Turbulence will change a little, and I am afraid it will change, but I have a plan that may strengthen the space vortex to prevent accidents. occur.”

Shark Juantian this remark, not only everyone was shocked.

Even the lion fan song, sheep Innate, Heng Dao, Flowery Monk, they are not surprised by their face:

“There are other methods? Can Space Law be strengthened?”

“Brother Shark quickly said, what way!”

Everyone stared at Shark Juantian expectantly.

Among the crowd, Yang Xu expression was slightly cold:

I saw that Shark Rolling Sky waved violently, hitting an ocean vortex.

In the swirling ocean vortex, a dying silhouette was thrown on the floor of the great hall.

Lan Ruoxing aura was decadent and his face pale.

looked towards Shark’s gaze, full of sharp:

“Shark rolls the sky, you dare sneak attack me, and also hurt Princess seriously… You will be retaliated against by the Hai clan!”


Lan Ruoxing tone barely fell, kicked and flew out by Shark Juantian.

Shark rolls his face full of anger:

“If it wasn’t you and Lan Keer’s idiot that attracted the brat, how could I encounter an expert like Hate Heavenly Demon King and Heavenly King Dharma King? Now that I’m totally out of power, Royal Father abolished my throne, it’s you Harm!”

“Lan Keer, and that Yang Xu, I will find them to settle the accounts sooner or later! Today, I will take your surgery first… You, Lan Ruoxing is a rare Shanlong bloodline in the Hai tribe, and his blood essence contains time. Essence, as long as it is splashed in the vortex of space, it can make its flow rate slow, even if it is destroyed vigorously, it will not be destroyed immediately!”


Everyone present, his eyes were simultaneously lit, looking at Lan Ruoxing’s eyes, just like looking at treasure:

Does blood essence contain time essence?

Wouldn’t it be possible to extract Time Law through his bloodline?

This is an important resource of breakthrough mixed cave environment and space-time environment!

Many Cultivator are even willing to go bankrupt in order to get a trace of Time Law.

Such a thing as killing more people is naturally difficult!

For a time.

Even the Cultivator, who was not so interested in the ancient heritage of the inheritance, could not help but turn his eyes to the interest.

Lan Ruoxing’s whole body cultivation base was banned.

Paralyzed on the floor at the moment, unable to move, looked towards Shark’s gaze, but full of coldness and murderous intention.

Shark Juan sneered:

“It’s time, do you dare to stare at me? I think you are courting death.”

Yang Xu pupil light flashed, just about to shoot.

“Stop it! Shark rolls into the sky, killing people is not too much, advise you not to go too far!”

A beautifully dressed woman in palace dress stepped into the great hall.

expressionless, a closed knife with closed eyes, suddenly opened his eyes:

“Eldest Young Lady! You can’t come here, you…”

Zhan Taiqing’s large eyes stared:

“What is it that I can’t come? Do you look down on women, or look down on me? You can come, why can’t I come?”

Zhan Taiqing’s body flashed and stopped in front of Lan Ruoxing:

“For a space vortex that does not know true or false and is auspicious and fierce, even the shadow of inheritance is not seen, you are going to kill him to take his blood essence? What is the difference between this behavior and Demon Sect? “

In the crowd.

Yang Xu’s eyes flashed slightly, and a smile appeared on the corner of his mouth:


Unexpectedly, there is such a turning point.

Grand Purity Sect, the Eldest Young Lady, seems Interesting.

Yang Xu has long been informed that during this 5th ethnic group talk, some sharks have arrived.

He also got news from the Hai ethnic group that Lan Ruoxing was arrested, and he will be brought to the 5th ethnic group for talks.

I originally didn’t want to join the lively Yang Xu, so I had to come over, Lalan Ruo.

Now, it seems that you don’t need to shoot yourself.

Yang Xu watched the same movie, watching Zhan Taiqinger putting Lan Ruoxing behind him.

Lan Ruoxing was grateful.

Sha Juanjuan expressed some cold staring at Zhan Taiqinger:

“Girl Zhantai, do you represent this Grand Purity Sect, or do you do this on your own?”


The horizontal knife flashed in front of Zhan Taiqinger, and expression looked at Shark Juantian indifferently:

“Dare to hurt Eldest Young Lady’s hair, I will move your head!”

The shark volume sky is light.

Whoosh whoosh!

Flowery Monk, Sheep Innate, flashed on the left and right sides of the horizontal knife, revealing a murderous intention.

“Give me the hand, inheritance hasn’t entered the ancient land, would you like to start here?”

The lion’s mad song turned into a gust of wind, flashing in front of the horizontal knife.

A few dignity flashed in his eyes:

“If you don’t want your Eldest Young Lady to be injured, let her obediently roll back to the Grand Purity Sect! The 5th group talks, it is enough to have your Grand Purity Sect as a representative! If you break the good things of everyone, can you afford the Grand Purity Sect? ?”

“That’s right, Grand Purity Sect is in the 9th domain, 3th and 1rd land. There is not even a place to stay. It can only shrink on this planet, and dare to fight against everyone?”

“Hmph, we can drown Grand Purity Sect with a spit in one person! Crossbar, let your Eldest Young Lady go home, don’t break everyone’s good things…”

The chaotic discussion continued to sound.

The face of the horizontal knife is a bit ugly.

“Hengdao, did you hear what they said? They dare to look down on our Grand Purity Sect, you go and kill them all!”

Zhan Taiqing’s breath was short of breath and his face was ugly.

“Zhantai Young Lady, you go, don’t worry about me, Shark Rolling Sky doesn’t dare kill my.”

Lan Ruoxing smiled at Zhan Taiqinger.

just now.

He unexpectedly found a silhouette in the corner of the crowd.

Originally he was a little hesitant.

But when he saw that silhouette.

All the tension and restlessness were swept away.

Since he is here, he is absolutely safe!

Seeing the situation came to an impasse.

Yang Xu at the back of the crowd somewhat reluctantly hooked the head.

looked towards Zhan Taiqing’s eyes, quite speechless:

I thought you Eldest Young Lady, what’s the effect of jumping out?

The result is to add chaos to the situation.

It won’t solve the problem at all.

“I still have to shoot.”

Yang Xu lightly said.

The sound is not loud.

But in a deadlock, in a dead great hall, not at all other sounds.

So everyone heard Yang Xu this remark, shua shua shua!

One after another gaze, arrow general morning sun Xu Fei shot over.

For a moment.

He became the focus of the crowd.

All curious, doubtful, and unhappy eyes gathered on him.

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