Endless Upgrade System Chapter 3007

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“Who is this brat? How brave you are to get your shot here?”

Sheep Innate looked uncomfortable.

Next to Flowery Monk, the expression flashes, and the pink aura is all over the body, without a word.

He has a feeling that this dull boy, not to be trifled with.

“You…you…how are you here?”

At the moment, Shark Juantian was completely stunned.

Looked towards Yang Xu’s expression, full of horror, trembling hands, pointing at Yang Xu.

Yang Xu carefreely smiled:

“Why can’t I be here?”

“Yan Zhufeng! You really came to the 5th Clan Talks, you are really brave!”

Zhan Taiqinger saw Yang Xu and could not help but yelled.

The caper was full of surprises, making the horizontal knife brows frowned.

Lan Ruoxing’s eyes flashed a doubt:

Yan Zhufeng?

Yang big brother, did you change the name?

Shark Juantian also felt strange, just about to speak.


Yang Xu flashed to Lan Ruoxing’s side, rushing into an energy.

Ling Ao’s aura has stabilized a lot.

“You are also bad luck enough, just got rid of the danger of the heavenly king, and was actually encountered by the shark.”

Yang Xu said with a smile.

Lan Ruoxing looked ashamed:

“It’s my skill that I can’t get home, Shark Juantian has a fortuitous encounter, the battle strength has soared, I’m not his opponent… but Princess successfully got out!”

Yang Xu helped him up, pats his shoulders:



A tall silhouette stopped in front of Yang Xu.

Lion-headed maniacs with blond hair, their eyes shining sharply, staring coldly at Yang Xu:

“Just leave? Brother, you seem to have forgotten something?”

Yang Xu does not move:

“Forgot something?”

Lion Kuangge grinned broadly, with some unbridled meaning in his eyes:

He has discovered that the aura of Yang Xu fluctuates, but he only mixes with the cave.

Maybe it doesn’t even make Paradise a cohesion.

Dare to provoke yourself?

“Leave him a blood essence, you can take his body away.”

The lion sings with a single finger, and it is unscrupulous.

“Is it OK to leave a drop?”

Yang Xu asked.

Lion Kuangge shook his head, “Of course not, so many Cultivators have to enter. If the space vortex cannot be stabilized for a long time, it is not very good…”

“Then go to die.”

A fist suddenly enlarged in front of the lion mad song.

Berserk’s fist strength, because of the speed too fast, squeezes out the space in front of the lion mad song instantly, turning it into a vacuum state.

When Yang Xu’s fist had already hit the face of Lion Kuangge.

The sound of a sonic boom like thunderbolt slowly passed into his ears.

On the face of the lion’s mad song, plasma rushed out.

The whole person shot 100 meters away from the sky, and rumble slammed into a gate post of great hall.

3 people embraced the thick diamond stone gate post and were knocked off one after another directly.


The lion mad song spouted a lot of blood, the nose bridge stepped, and one eyeball was directly squeezed and exploded by Yang Xu’s fierce fist strength.

And until then.

Yang Xu’s sentence “Then you die” has just passed into his ears.

The lion mad song staggered, supporting the stone pillar to stand up, looking towards Yang Xu with blood on his mouth:

“Hehe, do you want to kill me? It’s not that easy!”

“Oh? Is it?”

100 meters away, Yang Xu stood there quietly, looking towards the expression of the lion’s mad song. It was indifferent, as if looking at a dead body.

Among the Seven Orifices of the Lion Mad Song, there was a sudden bleeding.

His face changed abruptly, his hands covering his head:

“Do not……”


The head of the lion mad song exploded directly!

The blood splattered all directions, making all the Cultivators present stunned:

The lion song was killed by this brat?

Say good 9th Layer day powerhouse?

Just so impossible to withstand a single blow?

Didn’t even have time to blend Paradise?

Everyone’s face is full of incredible expressions.

The very ruthless shot by Yang Xu, the decisiveness of speed, and the fierceness of explosive force, far exceeded their expectations.

more importantly.

Kill as soon as you shoot!

Between this teenager talking and laughing, how about Zhang Yang wantonly!

Yang Xu looked towards Sheep Innate, Shark Rolling Sky, Flowery Monk with a smile.


Without saying anything, they directly activated the mixed Paradise.

The space above the head is constantly condensing and shining, and the rolling energy falls down, protecting their bodies firmly.

The death of Lion Kuangge made them fully aware of the horror of the power in front of this boy!

“Now I want to take him away. Does anyone else have an opinion?”

Innate and Flowery Monk, look at each other, whoosh whoosh!

They rushed towards Yang Xu simultaneously, and the Paradise rumble oscillated overhead, and the energy was falling.

“Give me in!”

Sheep Innate raised a foot, the sound of wind and thunder broke out, yin ang!

A gold Divine Dragon burst into Yang Xu.

at the same time.

The Flower Monk mixes Paradise on top of his head and turns into a lotus, pink energy. With Flower Monk’s palm, he splits out:


The energy of pink is transformed into a Heavenly Blade, which is 100 meters long, and the space is completely torn, and fiercely cut to the top of Yang Xu’s head.

“Get me back!”

The shape of the shark roll flashed like a tornado swept out, and the big hand grabbed Lan Ruoxing.

Rob him back.

“Horizontal knife!”

Zhantai Qing’er tweeted, wanting the horizontal knife to block.


Heng Dao looked indifferent, not at all the slightest meaning.

He would not watch Eldest Young Lady in danger.

But the safety of others, he is more lazy to manage!

Seeing that the shark rolls into the sky, it is necessary to catch Lan Ruoxin again and take a picture back again.

A white clothes silhouette suddenly stood in front of him:

“Get back!”

white clothes Yang Xu, loudly shouts, purple lightning, like a Divine Spear, burst into the shark volume sky.


That purple Divine Spear, wrapped around one after another purple thunderbolt, with lightning speed, rushed to the front of the shark.

“Not good !”

Shark Juantian also wanted to dodge, pu chi!

Purple Divine Spear half spear body, penetrated him, took him to fly out 100 meters away, peng sound, plunged on the wall of great hall.

The spear tail is twisted with lightning, trembling constantly, and there is blue blood flowing out from the shark volume sky within the body.

white clothes Yang Xu only made one move, which turned into purple rays of light and flew into the Yang Xu main body.

Faced with the joint attack by Yang Innate and Flowery Monk, Yang Xu was not at all messy:

Klang clang!

2 The attack of the person, although powerful berserk.

However, compared with the defense in the field of Sea God, it is still much worse.

The field of Yang Xu Sea God was just a shock.

Then they collapsed all their strength.

“Your mixed Paradise, I am very interested, it belongs to me!”

Yang Xu grinned at Flowery Monk, containing a punch from Heavenly Dao Divine Power, and punched out at the pink lotus above his head:

Heavenly Dao Divine Fist!


The surging fist strength, wrapped around Heavenly Dao divine might, slammed on the pink lotus.

A circle of pink ripples filled all around, then pu chi.

The pink lotus broke down.

Flowery Monk’s pink mixed Paradise, exposed…

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