Endless Upgrade System Chapter 3008

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“You don’t mix Paradise Form Transformation, it’s not very strong.”

Yang Xu grinned.

The smiling face made Flowery Monk’s face suddenly tighten:

not good!

The silhouette of Yang Xu suddenly disappeared in his eyes.

Next second, rumble!

The punch with the power of Yang Xu berserk, like the birth of Divine Dragon, fiercely bombarded him on Paradise.


Flowery Monk’s pink mixed Paradise, rippling a circle of pink red ripples.

The pink ripples passed by, and the Cultivator felt the expression blur.

There is a feeling of passion and desire.

Flowery Monk myself, but withstand the full power of Yang Xu this fist, pu!

A gulp of blood spouted.

“Get out of my sight!”

Flowery Monk grabbed a big hand, and the energy of pink was in his hand, turning into a long blade, morning sun Xu Yiyi waved:


The pink blade glow splits the void, and the thunder cannot cover the ears, killing it in front of Yang Xu.


Yang Xu just stretched out 2 fingers at will and squeezed gently.

Hold the blade glow directly.

Slightly hard, pa!

The blade glow shattered.

Yang Xu slightly smiled, moved towards that pink mixed Paradise, and punched again:

Bang bang bang ……

He burst out again and again, each fist strength squeezed the air and exploded, making a loud explosion.

Berserk’s fist strength, even on Flowery Monk’s mixed Paradise, formed a vacuum circle, close to the complete fist strength, without any loss, and all the bombs on the mixed Paradise.

Flowery Monk’s cultivation base now reaches 9th Layer days in the mixed cave.


It’s just that I’ve just entered mixed Paradise 9th Layer.

It is different from those of Nie Feihuang and Niu Baiyue who have several thousand years of cultivation base.

Flowery Monk’s mixed Paradise is far from being very sturdy.


In everyone’s horrified eyes.

A crackling sound.

Spread into their ears.

Astonished expression and incredible expression are exposed on everyone’s face, which simultaneously gathers on the top of Flowery Monk’s head, the pink mixed Paradise:

“Don’t say… hiss! Impossible! He just collapsed a Paradise with just a fist?”

“Isn’t the power of mixed Paradise strong enough to resist Thunder Tribulation? How can’t even stop this teenager’s fist?”

There was an incredible look on everyone’s face.

Lan Ruoxing laughed for a while:

tribulation thunder?

hmph, tribulation thunder, for the big brother Yang, all can exist at will ah!

What’s more, Fist Art of Big Brother Yang contains the power of Heavenly Dao Law.

Can it be compared with general tribulation thunder?


A roar.

The ripples in the sky pink swept across the great hall.

When energy passes, everyone’s mind produces a faint thought.

The top of Flowery Monk’s head, the pink-red mixed Paradise, cracked directly.

A large amount of Primal Chaos matter, as well as Primal Chaos Law fluctuation, permeated all around.

Yang Xu’s big hand repeatedly grabbed:

“Don’t even want to run!”

“It’s all mine!”

[Congratulations to the player Yang Hao, he obtained 100,000 points of mixed material! 】

[Congratulations to the player Yang Hao, who gained 1910000 points in Primal Chaos! 】


Continuous prompting sounds.

Yang Xu’s eyes light up slightly:

“It’s worthy of being in the 9th Layer days of the mixed cave realm, and the accumulated Primal Chaos material is massive!”

“I’m going to kill you!”

Flowery Monk lost the Paradise, and the whole person’s expression was languishing.

He paled and stared at Yang Xu fiercely.

Yang Xu was too lazy to even talk nonsense, flashed at random, and appeared in front of Flowery Monk.

Like a ball, a shot toward Flowery Monk’s bare head:

Pu chi !

Flowery Monk’s head was pressed into the chest cavity.

Suddenly died.

In the great hall, there was silence.

Everyone was completely shocked by the battle in front of them.

From Yang Xu, to Flowery Monk and Paradise collapsed, and then Flowery Monk was shot dead.

Only one minute later!

It’s too fast!

No one didn’t expect.

This young boy who doesn’t know where he came from, would have such a terrible strength!

And a shot is a very spicy and decisive move!

Genius of the Huajian tribe was killed by him!

Yang Xu expression faintly, swept all around.

All the people he saw were shocked and hurriedly withdrew the expression, daring not to follow his opponent.


Flowery Monk’s corpse bulged in the chest, gu dong hit the ground.

Yang Xu looked towards 20 meters away from him, a sheep with a dignified look Innate:

“You shot me just now, come on and continue.”

Sheep Innate was shocked.

With only a blink of an eye, the light and shadow in front of him dimmed, and Yang Xu had flashed in front of him.



Sheep Innate was shot backwards, his body was in the air, and shot 100 meters away, rumble!

Hit a stone chair and smashed it.

With a sullen expression on his face, didn’t expect Yang Xu would suddenly shoot.

More didn’t expect.

The other party just slapped at random, and he couldn’t even react!

“How could there be such a big gap? He is only in the first level of the cave? I am the 1th layer of the cave, but in front of him, it seems that he has no strength to fight back!”

Sheep Innate, very regretful at the moment.

I knew that there would be such troubles, and he wouldn’t blend in with Shark Juantian.

Sheep Innate climbed up from the ground and wiped away the blood from her mouth. Fiercely glared like a shark.

“Sire is very strong, I am not an opponent! I quit, you and Shark Juantian their grievances, I will not intervene, how?”

Sheep Innate cares about her face as a sheep genius, at first tone is a little hard.

But when Yang Xu’s figure flashed again and appeared in front of him.

Sheep Innate couldn’t help but be afraid.

Especially when Yang Xu looked at his expression, it was like he wanted to build a house and found a pile of suitable stones.

Sheep Innate is really afraid of Yang Xu’s rise on a whim, and tears down his mixed Paradise ah!

“Don’t want to play? It’s your acquaintance, be honest later.”

Yang Xu faintly smiled.

A very casual sentence, but it made the sheep Innate mind, let out a long relaxed breath.

The whole person seems to have retrieved a life from the gates of hell.

All around, everyone suddenly felt that this young man who was so powerful was not the cruel killer.

It seems that Shark Rolling Sky annoyed him.

Shua shua shua !

One after another or blame, or sneer eyes, looked towards the side of Shark Rolling Sky.

“Sheep Innate, you coward! Let’s go forward and retreat together.

Shark Roll Tianqiang endured the severe pain and pulled out the purple long spear, his face pale.

His looked towards Yang Xu’s expression, full of anger and hostility:

“Yang Xu, don’t think you’re safe and sound. I’ve got the news. You offended the people of the virtual Imperial Palace and changed your name to your last name… If you remember correctly, should Yan Zhufeng be the great disciple of the virtual Imperial Palace?”

Shark roll sky this remark, so that the crowd around Cultivator, the expression changed abruptly:


This boy offends the imaginary Imperial Palace?

He is not called Yan Zhufeng, but Yang Xu?

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