Endless Upgrade System Chapter 3009

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“Oops, how did the big brother Yang provoke the Imperial Palace!”

Lan Ruoxing expression changed.

Next to Zhan Taiqinger, gnashing teeth stared at Yang Xu:

“This guy actually lied to me with a fake name! Almost fooled by this guy again, he didn’t have a truth in his mouth!”

Yang Xu’s figure flickered and came to Shark Juantian.

He was condescending, looking down at the crooked sky with a crooked figure because of too much pain.

“You… don’t kill me… I am the Young Master of the shark family, I…”

Shark Juantian did not finish.

Was interrupted by Yang Xu shaking his head:

“I already knew that, why did you just talk so badly and say that bunch of words? Leaking my details leaked would do you any good?”

Shark rolls his face in fear:



Yang Xu fell with a punch.

Shark rolled his head like a watermelon bursting open, and the red and white splashed all over the floor.

[Congratulations to player Yang Hao, earn 9000 points for Primal Chaos! 】


Yang Xu flashed in front of Lan Ruoxing:

“Can you go?”

Lan Ruoxing wry smile:

“I’m fine, Yang big brother. I’m afraid the news here will soon be returned to the virtual Imperial Palace. Can you handle it?”

Yang Xu’s expression is free and easy:

“It’s still no difficulty to send you back to the sea.”

As a bloodline of the Hai family.

As long as Lan Ruoxing returns to the sea, no matter how serious the injury, he can recover.


Yang Xu expands Sea God Wings and takes Lan Ruoxing to Immortal World.

Sensing Yang Xu, the ancient ocean aura.

Lan Ruoxing discovered that his injury was recovering quickly.

He now believes a little, what Princess said before:

Yang Xu is related to the Hai tribe.

Maybe he still hides the secrets of the ancient ocean…

On an unknown dead planet.

Tribulation thunder rolled in the sky.

Above the sky of Yang Xu’s head, an umbrella-shaped mixed Paradise wrapped around gold, silver, black, and pink rays of light.

Universe is empty, and the clouds condense, directly covering Yang Xu:


The tribulation thunder like a dragon resembles a tiger, trying to destroy Yang Xu directly.


Yang Xu’s mixed Paradise, whose area increased a lot, resisted these tribulations.



Tribulation thunder fiercely chopped on his mixed Paradise, with Primal Chaos material.

[Primal Chaos material blends 100,000 points, mixed Paradise strength increases by 10000 points! 】

[Primal Chaos material blends 910000 points, mixed Paradise strength increases by 9000 points! 】

[Primal Chaos material blends 1710000 points, mixed Paradise strength increases by 17000 points! 】


[Congratulations to player Yang Hao, Primal Chaos material 17% Perfection fusion! 】

[Congratulations to player Yang Hao, Primal Chaos material 31% Perfection fusion! 】


[Congratulations to player Yang Hao, Primal Chaos material 100% Perfection fusion! 】

[Congratulations to player Yang Xu, level up! Current Level: 2nd Layer of Mixed Cave! 】

A clear sound of system sounded in my mind.

In Yang Xu’s eyes, a bright glow flashed:

“Finally, another layer was raised, and the Primal Chaos material accumulated was finally consumed again.”

Above his head, an umbrella-shaped Paradise doubled in area doubled in size, gently suspended.

It is crystal clear and near-transparent, as if it were crystal condensed.

Faintly I can feel that it haunts Primal Chaos’ rounded aura.

After a lot of tribulation thunder tempering.

The Primal Chaos material he plundered, and his mixed Paradise, formed a perfection fusion!

“Now you can go to that vortex of space to find out.”

In Yang Xu’s eyes, there was a flash of determination.

“Hurry and go, I can’t wait. If there is a heritage of inheritance, maybe we can all get benefits!”

Divided into Yang Xu’s other half of the body, Divine Pagoda, urged.

Yang Xu nodded:

“I do lack resources now. I feel that after losing the other half of my body, even the lowered Heaven and Earth tribulation thunder becomes much weaker.”

This time Yang Xu was promoted to the 2nd Layer of Mixed Caves, which took a full ten days.

Change to be before.

With his Fleshy body strength, it only takes tribulation thunder strikes a day.

You can complete the purification of the mixed material and the perfection fusion!

“I must get a complete fleshy body as soon as possible, or use points to redeem a Perfection fleshy body from the System Shop!”

But no matter how.

Yang Xu needs a lot of resources!

With resources, there are points, and with points, he can exchange and choose!

When Yang Xu returned to the space vortex again, it was not unexpected, shua shua shua!

One after another arrogant silhouette immediately surrounded him.

Headed by a white clothes, a cold knife.

He was about to speak.

Zhan Taiqinger emerged from behind him:

“Hello, Yang Xu… will your name always be fake? Isn’t that Lan Ruoxing’s guy sent back to the sea?”

Yang Xu smiled and nodded:

“Relax, he’s fine.”

“Hmph, I don’t care if he’s okay or not, I’m just curious… Hey, go away, our Grand Purity Sect has contacted the virtual Imperial Palace, and my dad wants to take you to the virtual Imperial Palace!”

Zhan Taiqinger said this.

Heng Dao’s face could not be changed:

“Eldest Young Lady! How can you tell the enemy? He…”


Yang Xu’s figure flashed.

Zhan Taiqinger is already in his hands.

Yang Xu smiled towards the horizontal knife:

“If you don’t want your Eldest Young Lady to be in trouble, order your person to quit more than 10,000 li!”

The horizontal knife looks ugly:

“Are you threatening me?”

Yang Xu smiled, toward Zhantai Qinger sound transmission:

“Your Grand Purity Sect is much weaker than the virtual Imperial Palace, and their slopes are justified. Now I don’t want to hurt your Grand Purity Sect and let them go further.”

Zhan Taiqing’s eyes rolled round and he suddenly understood Yang Xu’s kindness.

Then he stared at Hengdao with his eyes:

“Hello, haven’t you heard? If you don’t want me to die, let them retreat! If I have something wrong, my dad can’t spare you!”

The horizontal knife complexion changed.

gloomy face waving hand:

“Exit a 10,000 li away.”

The generals suddenly retreated.

Leave the horizontal knife, hold it on the handle, and look at Yang Xu gloomyly.

“You are no exception, and you have to quit more than 2 10,000 li.”

Yang Xu looked at the horizontal knife with a smile.

“What do you stun? Back away, Yang Xu will definitely not hurt me! You quickly retreat!”

Zhan Taiqinger stared at the horizontal knife.

The horizontal knife clenched the teeth and flew back.

Yang Xu released Zhan Taiqinger, “I owe you a favor.”

Zhan Taiqinger rolled his eyes:

“I’m not someone who can’t tell good from bad, obviously I owe you a favor.”

With Yang Xu’s strength, if you want to go all out.

Whether it is a horizontal knife, or Grand Purity Sect, these experts will definitely suffer huge losses.

As for whether he can win Yang Xu, Zhan Taiqinger feels hopeless:

The virtual Imperial Palace is much more powerful than the Grand Purity Sect.

I heard that Yang Xu was also brought into the virtual Imperial Palace. There are two experts in white robe and Niu Baiyue.

Didn’t you let Yang Xu run away in the end?

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