Endless Upgrade System Chapter 3010

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“Yang Xu, are you going to enter that space vortex?”

Zhan Taiqinger suddenly asked Yang Xu.

Yang Xu’s eyes are always observing the Space Turbulence.

In the eyes of Zhan Taiqinger, he suddenly understood what Yang Xu wanted to do.

“When I get inside, you can tell the virtual Imperial Palace directly to let them have the ability to go inside and find me.”

Yang Xu said with a smile.

9 The eye of the heart is fully activated, running at high speed, and the analytical power has reached its limit.

at last.

One of the most suitable channels in Space Turbulence was found by him:

“It’s now!”


Yang Xu turned into a ray of flames of light, golden light was shining, moved towards the Galaxy-like Space Turbulence, and flew into it.

Zhan Taiqinger was dumbfounded:

She didn’t expect, Yang Xu went ahead and said!

That’s Space Turbulence ah!

It will kill you if you do it right!

Fathers have reached the 9th Layer Day Peak in the mixed cave and accumulated 2000 cultivation base.

Don’t dare to compete with this Space Turbulence.

Yang Xu even said to jump?

Pu chi !

When Yang Xu touched Space Turbulence, he was instantly overwhelmed by Space Law.

Zhan Taiqinger was dumbfounded, staring straight at the 7 colorful Space Turbulence.

“Eldest Young Lady, what about brat?”

Heng Dao somehow returned to Zhan Taiqing’s side with a murderous aura all over his body.

Seeing Zhan Taiqinger stunned, he pointed at Space Turbulence weakly.

The horizontal knife can’t help eyes shrank:

“Eldest Young Lady! You are not telling me, Yang Xu, he jumped into Space Turbulence, right? How is this possible!”

Yang Xu He just broke through the mixed cave environment, where is he so bold and dare to compete with Space Turbulence?

“Why am I lying to you! Didn’t you study Space Turbulence? It will be clear if there are any changes in the space vortex!”

The horizontal knife focused his eyes and stared at Space Turbulence for a long time.


His face changed suddenly:

“The space vortex has changed! Someone has entered it!”

“Hurry up and inform Sect Master!”

Less than an hour.

Grand Purity Sect, as well as the sheep, lions, and Huajian, all got the news that Yang Xu broke into the vortex of space. ,

All the experts, together with the genius, all converge in Space Turbulence.

“Can’t be Yang Xu that brat the early bird catches the worm! We have to go in too!”

“Yeah, there is really an inheritance in 10000. Isn’t the benefit preempted by the brat? We have to move faster ah!”

Everyone looked worried, discussed spiritedly.

But when they saw that Space Turbulence was so fierce.

All hesitated again.

“Hmph, I don’t believe it, but the brat is only mixed in the cave. He is sure to pass through the Space Turbulence and enter the space vortex. Can’t I? I am higher than his cultivation base that many!”

A man in a mixed cave for 9th Layer days, with a 500-year cultivation base, clenched the teeth, scorn!

He turned into a flash of lightning, activated the energy of the mixed Paradise, and rushed into the Space Turbulence.


The moment he touched Space Turbulence, hey!

The densely packed Space Law was disturbed and wrapped around him instantly.

Tenacious is extremely capable of carrying tribulation thunder’s mixed Paradise, which is torn into pieces by these Space Law, with no difficulty.

That Cultivator, also directly transformed into a mass of red blood flowers, disappeared in the vast Space Turbulence.

“Is this Space Turbulence’s formidable power? Yang Xu, how did he do it?”

Everyone saw a shock.

With a white clothes horizontal knife, I also have some doubts:

“Eldest Young Lady, do you remember how Yang Xu entered Space Turbulence without being hurt?”

Zhan Taiqinger hook the head:

“I only saw him jump down without any hesitation, and Space Turbulence didn’t hurt him.”

“This is impossible!”

The horizontal knife and other Cultivator are in agreement.

They have tried any method.

There is no way not to be affected by Space Turbulence.

“This is possible! If you master Space Law, it is possible!”

A voice sounded.

When everyone looked back, the expression could not change slightly:

An aura tyrannical middle aged man, with a pale complexion, his whole body shrouded in majesty, and only one flashed, appeared next to Space Turbulence.

He waved towards the Space Turbulence, weng!

The messy Space Turbulence actually showed a moment of stagnation.

It seemed like a long choppy river suddenly stopped flowing.

Cultivator, the eyes are not brightly illuminated simultaneously:

“Space Law’s aura!”

“This is the expert of the virtual Imperial Palace!”

Niu Baiyue expressionless authentic:

“Frankly, Yang Xu this child killed several of my Imperial Imperial Palace’s disciplines, and also killed my virtual Imperial Palace. An Elder, this hatred, our Imperial Palace is reported by must.”

“You want to pass through this Space Turbulence. For my virtual Imperial Palace, it is not difficult. I can do it by raising my hand, but there is one thing: if you enter the inheritance after the space vortex, you found Yang Xu Traces when I report immediately to me. How?”

Niu Baiyue swept the crowd with cold eyes.

Is there any consideration for this condition?

As long as it is not a fool, naturally nodded in favor of:

It is just to report a message, in exchange for the opportunity to enter the ancient heritage.

What a bargain!

Almost everyone agreed.

Only Zhan Taiqinger, with a reluctant look, turned away:

“I’m not interested in this inheritance ancient land, you go in yourself!”

I don’t want to betray my friends!

Qinger Zhan has treated Yang Xu as a friend!

Niu Baiyue didn’t take it seriously. In the scorching eyes of everyone, he waved a big hand, a ray of aura in the space Great Dao, spread out and enveloped Space Turbulence.

The presence of Cultivator was full of envy and admiration:

Three Thousand Great Dao ah!

And it’s still ranked the very front space Great Dao!

Worthy of being the Imperial Palace, it has such a powerful background!

All Cultivators are helpless Space Turbulence, Niu Baiyue waved his hand and easily suppressed.

A clear passage appeared in front of everyone, leading to the slowly swirling space vortex.

All Cultivator, whoosh whoosh whoosh flew by, rushed towards the vortex of that space, lest one step slower, the early bird catches the worm by others.

What they didn’t realize was that whenever they entered the Space Passage where they converged.

There was a ray of transparent rune, branded on their necks.

This ray of rune is enough for the cow to worship the moon and perceive everything after the vortex of space!

“The horizontal knife little brother, you go in.”

Niu Baiyue looked towards the last person.

Hengdao stared at Niu Baiyue deeply, “Then many thanks Senior.”


He also rushed into the channel.

It’s just that when Niu Baiyue’s space is imprinted on the neck of the horizontal knife.

Pu chi !

A tiny blade glow smashed that brand.

The horizontal knife quickly rushed into the space vortex, disappeared.

Niu Baiyue raised his eyebrows slightly:

“This brat, perception is good. Unfortunately, my means is more than that.”

Between Heaven and Earth, a Primal Chaos.

Looking at 8 directions, the surface is dark.

Yang Xu’s perception was completely isolated by the mysterious power shrouded by all around.

This is an extremely ancient space, and it has been isolated from the world for more than 100000000 10000 years.

When Yang Xu just entered.

Feel a lot of rotten aura.

“Is this the ancient heritage of inheritance? Is there more than one fortuitous encounter?”

When Yang Xu was thinking, rumble…

In the distance, Vault of Heaven, a purple lightning, stretched 100000000 10,000 li long, tearing the sky of Primal Chaos.

Phoenix, suddenly shatter void, rays of light 10,000 zhang, illuminating the whole Vault of Heaven!

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