Endless Upgrade System Chapter 3011

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This Phoenix, wrapped around the million flame Divine Power.

There are densely packed laws of flame and sacred laws wrapped around it.

It roared with phoenix cry, collapsed and collapsed in a void.

Lots of muddling aura, disturbed, rumble roared.

yin ang!

A dragon roar, like 1000 myriad thunderbolt burst at the same time.

Almost broke Yang Xu’s eardrum.

A True Dragon, wrapped around the thunderbolt, tore toward Phoenix, tearing away.

The roaring gust of wind enveloped a large number of Primal Chaos Qi, entwining the dragon body all around.

“Dragon Phoenix war? Great Desolate first robbery?”

Yang Xu remembered the legend of Great Desolate in his previous life.

Wouldn’t I be vortexed by that space and sent to the Great Desolate World?


A vortex of Primal Chaos condenses in front of Yang Xu.

It was actually a Human Race.

However, this Human Race is extremely powerful, with an explosive power aura.

Yang Xu feels that the strength of this person’s fleshy body is probably ten times or more than 100 times that of his fleshy body!

“This person…is it the ancestor body?”

Reminiscent of Dragon Phoenix Great Tribulation, Yang Xu could not help but think of the Great Desolate Early-Stage, the legend of the ancestor and witch.

“Are you the Heaven and Earth offering that Old Ancestor said?”

That person, whose eyes are like 2 searchlights, shines brightly, staring at Yang Xu.

His feet are in the void, and he keeps kicking, as if stepping on the water.

The air was stepped out of one after another translucent ripple.

Put his body in the air.

“This is real walking on air! This person’s fleshy body’s speed and strength are probably extremely fierce!”

Yang Xu expression flashed.

If you want to test the power of this person, behind the Sea God Wings, you start unfolding.


His Divine Wings gave a slight shock, and then walked away Heaven and Earth Primal Chaos, flashing out at several 100 meters away.

“In this world of Primal Chaos, my speed is greatly reduced.”

Yang Xu thought to himself.

9 The eye of the heart works, he looked towards the Human Race behind him.

Not surprisingly.

When Human Race saw Yang Xu escape, he was immediately anxious, his legs bent slightly in the air.

Then stretched straight, staring at 2 feet:


A translucent air wall appeared in the void.

That’s when the air was forced by the Human Race.

With this power.

The Human Race was like a shell, and the morning sun came from here.

“This person’s fleshy body speed is more than 2 times that of me. Converted to fleshy body strength, it can withstand huge pressure more than ten times higher than me!”

Yang Xu 9 Eye of heart, quick calculation and speculation.

Bright glow flashed in my eyes:

“Your own fleshy body just needs to be strong and perfect. If you can get the bloodline or cultivation method of these ancestors…”

I miss this.

Yang Xu could not help facing the Human Race Road:

“I’m not what you Old Ancestor said, but I know that a large number of sacrifices will come later. Take the way ahead and I will go to see your old Ancestor.”

The man didn’t think much.

Immediately lead the way.

Yang Xu followed, secretly said in one’s heart:

This Old Ancestor will not be the legendary Ancestor of the Great Balance, right?

That’s too much!


It even has “Dragon Phoenix Great Tribulation, Primal Chaos First Open”.

Isn’t it strange that there are others?

What really interests Yang Xu is.

If this is really 2nd Great Desolate World.

In the Great Desolate, those Magic Treasures famous for their throughput time, what is Supreme Absolute, Yang Chart, Primal Chaos, and Absolute Four Immortal Sword… wouldn’t they also be born?

A big mountain.

I don’t know its breadth, but its height.

Yang Xu Yun Ji looked at it, and could not see how big the mountain was.

I only know that when you look at it, there are huge mountains everywhere.

Looking up, you can only see the peaks that plunge into Primal Chaos sky!

Yang Xu felt that if he flew by himself, even if he flew for ten days and ten nights, I am afraid that he would not be able to reach the top of the mountain.

The leading Human Race only patted his palm gently.

A layer of stairs suddenly appeared at the foot of Yang Xu.

Forward lineage:


The vision changes suddenly.

They actually appeared on top of the mountain.

In the distance, Phoenix and Thunderbolt True Dragon are still fighting frantically.

Stirring Primal Chaos Vault of Heaven, a large amount of True Dragon blood, Phoenix flames, wrapped around the sky Primal Chaos Qi, raindrops generally spilled Nine Heavens.

Their roaring sounds, like thunderbolt, shocked Yang Xu’s facial pain.

up ahead.

A square is in sight, and there are countless strong silhouettes sitting on the square.

Up ahead of them, there is a stone altar.

On the altar is a strangely shaped black rock.

An old man sat on the black rock.

He is gray-haired, but his red light is all over his face, his forehead is full, and his expression is stern.

The moment I saw Yang Xu.

A million rune flashed in his eyes, like the Universe stars, all running in his within both eyes.

“Oh it’s you.”

The old man murmured.

“It turns out to be me? Senior do you know me?”

old man laughed:

“I didn’t know you before, now I know you.”

His morning sun showed a mysterious smile:

“From the first glimpse of our meeting, we have known 30 90000 4000 800 years.”


Yang Xu sucked in a breath of cold air.

In his memory, there is no memory about the old man.

But when the old man said this remark.

In his mind, there are clearly a lot of images and memories.

Those memories and images are all blurred.

Whenever Yang Xu wants to distinguish clearly.

A strange force suddenly turned away his attention.

Let those memory images always keep the fuzzy state.

“It’s time Great Dao!”

“This old man must have mastered the spell related to the Great Dao of time, and he can cross the course of time and exist in the past, present, and future.”

“Only in this way can it suddenly appear in my memory and be able to reverse the past!”

Yang Xu 9 Eye of the heart, a lot of speculation and conjecture at once.

“Old Senior, we two should have met in the past, right?”

Yang Xu asked.

The old man can’t help but appreciate:

“You are indeed Huigen. No wonder they will become Heaven’s Chosen Person.”

Not waiting for Yang Xu to speak.

He smiled and shook his head:

“No no no, in your own words, you should be a self-improving person. Tian Xingjian, gentlemen will never stop improving!”

Yang Xu eyes immediately flashed:

This sentence has never been circulated in this World.

This is the World civilization that belongs exclusively to the previous life.

How could this old man know?

old man is slightly smiled, morning sun Xu beckoned:

“Come and come, originally I thought that you were the sacrifice. Now I want to come. It turns out that I think it is wrong. You are not a sacrifice. You are just a spectator. The real sacrifice should be old man and Juntian. “

The old man is amazing.

The crowd of people sitting below sat crooked out in surprise:

“Old Ancestor is a sacrifice? This impossible!”

“The sacrifice must have someone else!”

“Yes, the sacrifice is Jun Tian’s devil!”

The people sitting cross-legged stood up and gave Yang Xu the impression that there were big mountains rising from the ground.

A violent fleshy body power, berserk is like a hurricane tornado, swept through these people around and collided, making a rumble loud noise.

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