Endless Upgrade System Chapter 3012

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Yang Xu feels unsteady.

They were calm in their expressions, and obviously got used to it.

There are more fierce generations, looking up towards the Dragon Phoenix who is constantly fighting:

“It has been playing for more than 9000 years, but it hasn’t been finished yet! Simply we rushed up and slaughtered the dragon and the phoenix, so Old Ancestor no longer has to worry about it!”

“Yes, by the way, Jun Tian’s devil is also slaughtered!”

These Human Races are all angry.

In everyone’s eyes, condense flames, thunderbolt, rays of light, darkness and other magical runes began.

Yang Xu looked dumbfounded:

Now he can be sure that these “people” are indeed ancestors!

And all of them are ancestors with Divine Ability!

That old man could be…

Sensing the expression that Yang Xu sees.

old man cannot smilely smiled:

“Old man Hongtian, there is also a younger brother Juntian who is not a weapon. You come here, little friend, is a gift of fate to our realm. Come and come…”

old man again morning sun Xu waved.

From the old man, Yang Xu did not feel any hostility.

But he remained vigilant, approaching the old man.

old man laughed dumbly:

“300,000 years later, Xiaoyou is still so careful. Here you are.”

The old man palm shows a milk white vortex.

The milk white vortex slowly rotates, showing a skeleton of crystal clear and near-transparent.

This skeleton is only palm size, Yang Xu didn’t take it seriously, extend the hand and wanted to take it over.

In the old man’s eyes, there was a hint of cramping and no opening. He handed the little skeleton to Yang Xu.


The moment you started.


Yang Xu only felt that his hands seemed to hold 100000000 million 10000 mountains at the same time.

The weight of the terrifying matchless, at that time, his arm skeleton was directly crushed.

“Huanggu Divine Pagoda, help!”

Yang Xu loudly shouts, turned into a wild ancient Divine Pagoda with half of Fleshy body, suddenly bursting into Divine Power.

Ka cha !

The little crystal clear and near-transparent skeleton was barely held by Yang Xu.

“Five Elements Great Dao!”

“Life Great Technique!”

“Space Great Technique!”

“Gravity Great Technique!”

Yang Xu’s 5-color divine light shines throughout the body.

“Five Elements Great Dao” turned into a 5-color Divine Dragon, wrapped around his Fleshy body, all around rolling Primal Chaos Qi, swept in.

Refining into pure energy by “Five Elements Great Dao”, infused into his within the body madly.

“Life Great Technique” releases a lot of emerald green energy, healing and healing him within the body, because of the inability to withstand this horror pressure and the internal organs that are constantly cracking.

“Gravity Great Technique” and “Space Great Technique” were urged by Yang Xu to the extreme, without Danger Land breaking into the crystal clear and near-transparent skeleton.

“To fuck!”

Yang Xu held the extremely heavy skeleton with both hands and threw it to the side:


Under the influence of Space Great Technique.

The seal of rune condensed on the little skeleton faded one by one.

The skeleton of palm size is instantly transformed into the white bone Divine Mountain covering the sky.

Every skeleton is as strong as a pavilion.

The huge skeleton hit the top of the mountain with a rumble.

“Ha ha ha, the little friend’s reaction is quite fast.”

The old man laughed like a child and had a prank success.

Yang Xu was speechless for a while:

If he didn’t react fast enough.

If any operation is not correct, I am afraid that this skeleton will be lost.

Such a small skeleton has enough weight to withstand 100000000 10000 mountains.

If you throw it on the ground.

I’m afraid I will immediately fall into the depths of 100000000 10,000 li!

And without the role of “Gravity Great Technique”, it may be able to completely collapse the mountain underfoot.

“Senior, you’re a little kidding…”

Yang Xu was speechless for a while.

The old man laughed jokingly:

“This is not a joke I made for you. You asked me to do it yourself.”


Yang Xu expression flashes slightly.

I asked to do this myself?

Do the other me know that I am proficient in “Space Great Technique”, “Gravity Great Technique” and “Life Great Technique”?

this moment.

The suspicion in Yang Xu’s mind dissipated more than half.

Those ancestors powerhouse, at this moment, looked at the huge skeleton of crystal clear and near-transparent, each and everyone crazy drooling:

“Is this… the god of skeleton? This is treasure!”

“Just refining a skeleton into the fleshy body can increase our power by more than 1000 times!”

“If you put this one disk god skeleton and all refining into the fleshy body, in this Great Desolate World, isn’t it walk unhindered?”

There was a strong possession in the eyes of the ancestors.

Shua shua shua !

Their morning sun Xu sharpened their eyes:

“Brat, although you are a guest of Old Ancestor, you can’t share such a precious thing with us?”

“Yeah, share with us, we protect you in this Great Desolate World and walk freely!”

Watch at least 100 ancestors.

Yang Xu grinned and hooked the head:

“Sorry, I can’t give you a single bone.”


This is the skeleton ah of Pangu!

Although I don’t know where I got it from, how can such a precious thing be given away?

More than 100 ancestors, one person takes a piece of bone, what is left?

“System, with the skeleton of the disc god, can I redeem the real body of Pangu?”

Yang Xu’s eyes shone brightly.

He had originally thought about getting a Hongjun Dao body, very sensitive to Heaven and Earth Great Dao’s reaction.

But with this Pangu real body.

What else is needed.

Pangu is unhindered Primal Chaos, the great god who opened up Heaven and Earth, OK!

Even those 3000 Primal Chaos Demon God who had met Pangu had to admit their advice!

[Sensory Skeleton Skeleton can be exchanged for Pangu real body, and Pangu bloodline is included. It needs 1,000,000 points to be merged with player Fleshy body and Soul Perfection! 】

system A clear and sweet reminder suddenly sounded.

Yang Xu’s eyes light up immediately:

As long as 1,000,000 points, can Perfection merge Pangu real body?

This sale is cost-effective ah!

“System, redeem Pangu real body immediately! When I accumulate enough 1,000,000 points, I will merge immediately!”

He may not have anything else.

But in this Magic Treasure, with its vast resources and numerous resources, can there still be points missing?


The crystal clear and near-transparent disk god skeleton was transformed into a stream of streamer and was recovered by the system.

The coveted ancestors and witches were all stunned:

What about the Panshen skeleton?

How did it disappeared?

They looked towards Yang Xu in surprise.

No matter how wide your eyes are, you can’t see what tricks Xu Xu played.

This group of ancestors realized that Yang Xu also has out of the ordinary ability!

Can the guests invited by Hong An Old Ancestor be ordinary people?

“Xiaoyou, I’m on a whim recently, and if you pinch your fingers, there will be an Ancient Cave Mansion in the world. There are countless opportunities in it. Xiaoyou may be able to touch try one’s luck.”

old man said to Yang Xu with a smile.

“Oh? There is such a good thing, then I naturally want to go.”

But now.

Yang Xu intends to go around in 4 places.

Such a new born Heaven and Earth, do not know how many genius treasures, all directions.

You have to take advantage of it!

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