Endless Upgrade System Chapter 3013

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Yang Xu said goodbye to the old man at the moment, started Divine Wings, and flew away in the distance.

“Old Ancestor, just leave this brat and leave?”

The ancestors looked puzzled.

Obviously Old Ancestor also ordered them to grab this brat.

Why did he let him go with a smile?

A strange change appeared on the old man’s face.

The left half of the face was still smiling kindly.

But the right half of the face suddenly became grumpy and smiled insidiously;

“Hongtian old fogey, you are a fool. Doing a deal with Yang Xu’s brat is doomed to fail! Want to refining me? Next life!”

The left half of the face is still smiling hehe, tone lightly said:

“Little Friend Yang Xu has his own good fortune, he came to this realm, not because of you and me. Juntian, if you don’t want to be destroyed, be honest, Little Friend Yang Xu’s style of behavior, you must pay back Did you forget?”


The grimace of the right half of the face suddenly stiffened.

I do not know what I remembered, a strong dread flashed in my right eye:

“Yang Xu, this crazy dog! I… Hongtian, if you dare to tell Yang Xu about that, I will pull you into the water even if I try to destroy myself!”

“Self-destruction? Hehe, don’t you dare!”

There was a certain smile on the cheek on the left:

“Do you think I don’t know, you secretly contacted Immortal Divine King? hmph, Immortal Divine King Zhida Caishu, attempting by the strength of oneself, to integrate 9 domains and 3 Lu? He can’t do it.”

“Immortal Divine King can’t do it, can Yang Xu do it? Old miscellaneous hair, I think you are whimsical, even the ancestors we created have no such ability, trifling an Innate Human Race, can solve 5 decay Great Tribulation?”


old man’s weird face suddenly returned to its original state, a gentle smile appeared on his face.

old man looked towards the sky in the distance, True Dragon and Phoenix fighting madly:

“Can you solve the 5 decay, see if he can get the Dragon Phoenix Great Tribulation understood.”


An ancestor witch on the back grows a pair of wings, like a meteor landing, fiercely hit the top of the mountain:

“Old Ancestor! Another outsider broke into this world! Are they sacrifices?”

old man slightly smiled:

“Catch them first, is it a sacrifice, and only Yang Xu can distinguish them.”

In the endless primitive jungle.

The trees in this realm draw a lot of Primal Chaos Origin Qi, Power of Heaven and Earth, all of which grow extremely lush.

Each tree has a trunk diameter of 100 meters and a height of up to 1000 meters.

A mountain comparable to the previous life!

Yang Xu flies in such a primitive jungle like a mosquito.

rumble rumble!

Lightning suddenly erupted ahead, and thunderbolt roared.

Yang Xu’s eyes flashed and stopped in front of a huge thunder pool.

This is a real thunder pool, 100 meters square, deep and unmeasurable.

In the thunder pool, the dazzling thunder fluid gently shook, and the sound of thunder rumble broke out.

Seen faintly, beside the thunder pool, there are countless huge Ominous Beast bones.

All are Ominous Beast who tried to get close to the thunder pool and were strangled to death by thunderbolt.

Yang Xu is slightly closer than 100 meters in the thunder pool.

Suddenly I felt a devastating aura swept over him.

It seems to pull him into the thunder pool and destroy it directly.

“I rely, this thunder pool will not give birth to spirits, right?”

Yang Xu’s eyes flashed.

When these Heaven and Earth first opened, the existence of Primal Chaos and spirituality are not generally powerful.

Even a stone can give birth to a spirit monkey.

Not to mention Heaven and Earth Essence like thunder pool?

“System, can this thunder pool energy be recovered?”

[Power of Thunderbolt detected too early! Unable to recycle! 】

“Can I come in handy now?”

Yang Xu doesn’t give up.

[Power of Thunderbolt at the beginning of bathing can increase the fusion degree of the player’s soul with the real body of Pangu and Pangu bloodline, increase the fusion speed, increase the fusion success rate, and increase the fusion Perfection rate! 】

The system’s response made Yang Xu eyes shined:

“Ha ha, then very good! system, immediately mark this place on the map!”

Yang Xu was very happy. After making the mark, he waved Divine Wings away.

Not long after he left.

rumble rumble!

In the middle of the thunder pool, the liquid thunderbolt is swept, subtly transformed into a Daoist shape, looking towards the direction of Yang Xu going away…

“Good Primal Chaos Qi, ha ha! This place is really a treasure ah! Cultivation here can be worth a decade outside, no, 100 years!”

Niu Baiyue came to this realm through the vortex of space.

Sensing such a rich Primal Chaos Qi.

Rao is firm in his heart and can’t help but be surprised.

And this time.

He also saw above the Vault of Heaven, a True Dragon and a Phoenix, fighting.

All around the winding Primal Chaos Qi makes the cow worship the moon dazzling:

“Good guy, can actually fight in Primal Chaos! The bloodline of this dragon and phoenix must be out of the ordinary!”

“Ha ha ha, I will kill this dragon and phoenix, and then draw their bloodline, and my Demon Ox will become stronger!”

Niu Baiyue’s speech has not fallen.


In front of him, a Daoist shadow descended, as if the meteorite descended, smashing the ground into a huge hole.

“Huh, a Human Race? Are they natives here?”

Niu Baiyue looked at the ancestor and witch in front of him from head to toe, his eyes full of scrutiny:

“Tsk tsk, these indigenous Fleshy bodies are quite strong, but unfortunately there is no trace of cultivation on their bodies, it seems very weak…”

A word “weak” has not been finished yet.


Niu Baiyue flew out.

Rumble crashed into a huge tree trunk, his head was confused, and the internal organs were about to crack.

“How is this possible? How fast is he?”

Although the attack was sudden.

But Niu Baiyue still saw it clearly. This “indigenous” who was not in his eyes flashed in front of him instantly, and then he slapped it slap.

On this slap, Niu Baiyue flew out.

What shocked Niu Baiyue even more was that.

He wants to activate the mixed Paradise and restore his injuries.

Unexpectedly, mixing Paradise did not respond at all!

“How could this be?”

Niu Baiyue complexion greatly changed.

The ancestor woke at his feet like a shell and blasted at him again.

“Space Great Dao!”

Niu Baiyue hurriedly runs the space Great Dao.

Fortunately, at this time, the space Great Dao did not fail, and a space wall immediately condensed in front of him.

And I wonder if it is an illusion.

His space defense wall in this realm condense is stronger than the outside world.


The ancestor whacked the space defense wall with a punch.

A crack appeared in the space defense wall.

Niu Baiyue eyes shined:

“Ha ha, can’t break my defense? Let’s die!”

Niu Baiyue’s big catch, chi chi!

2 Handle space Divine Blade, condensed in his hands.

The more tenacious and pointy aura, uploaded from the Divine Blade space, Niu Baiyue once again confirmed that the space of this realm, Great Dao Law, is easier to control and refining than the outside world.

“Ha ha, in this realm, my strength has been strengthened!”

Niu Baiyue was overjoyed, and there was a feeling that he had become God and wanted to dominate this world.

Pu chi !

The double knife in his hand suddenly broke.

Niu Baiyue saw that the native had somehow pulled out a dark stick and smashed his space soldier blade with a stick.

After Niu Baiyue was smashed by a stick and flew out, he suddenly discovered:

That stick was made entirely of Primal Chaos material condensate!

Put it outside, properly Immortal Artifact ah!

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