Endless Upgrade System Chapter 3014

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Niu Baiyue looked at the black stick and was too excited to know what to say.


A giant stick condensed purely by Primal Chaos material, moved towards Niu Baiyue fiercely smashed down.


Niu Baiyue’s condensed space barrier was directly broken.

“Not good.”

Niu Baiyue’s whole body Space Law shines:

“Coffin Sky Technique!”

Behind Niu Baiyue, a huge star phantom rose up.

Then the densely packed stars flew into the void above his head.

Less than 1/1000th second.

The sky was suddenly shrouded in a strange Power of Space.

Tenacious’s Power of Space envelopes clear sky, like a huge coffin, imprisoning clear sky.

It is one of the Divine Ability of the virtual Imperial Palace space, “Coffin Sky Technique”.

The Vault of Heaven is trapped in the Divine Coffin in that space, the Divine Coffin becomes 100000000 myriad jun heavy, shining the densely packed Star Rune.


Primal Chaos The stick of material condensation, fiercely hit the Divine Coffin in that space.

Suddenly, the fire burst, Heaven and Earth oscillated, and a large number of Law Rune annihilated into pieces.

A catastrophic aura, turned into one after another ripple-shaped sound wave, pervading all around.


Those Divine Trees that are huge like mountains are cut by this sound wave to one after another.


The ancestor’s head was directly cut down by this sound ripple.

Blood splashed and the ancestor wumble fell to the ground.

Niu Baiyue’s brush flashed beside the corpse, like an unsophisticated old hat, and grabbed the black giant stick.


His catch failed to lift the giant stick.

The whole body of the black stick, with the thickness of the wellhead, is made of the most refined Primal Chaos material.

Such a ten-meter-long giant stick weighs at least 10000000 million pounds!

With one hand covering the sun and the moon, the power of the Vault of Heaven alone can only be awakened after reaching the creation realm.

Niu Baiyue has no breakthrough even in Space-Time.

Naturally, it cannot be easily picked up.

“Can’t this thing be refining?”

Niu Baiyue’s greedy eyes glanced up and down the giant cudgel.

No matter how heavy the object is, even if thousand thousand mountains are stacked together, if it is refining it.

It can also be easily picked up.

It can be easily controlled even with only ideas.

“It’s too pit, with my current Spirit Power amount, I can’t refining this Primal Chaos giant at all!”

Niu Baiyue felt a little frustrated.

And it is at this time.

His eyes flashed suddenly and there was a silhouette in front of him, approaching here.

“A little familiar? Ha ha, it’s actually the brat!”

Niu Baiyue’s eyes lit up suddenly.

Yang Xu urged Sea God Wings, like a flash of light movie, in a huge jungle, fast as lightning.

In front, a black giant stick came into view.

Yang Xu’s eyes flashed.

He was not obsessed with this treasure, but immediately saw the headless body of a ancestor:

“Who killed this ancestor?”

The power of the Fleshy body of the ancestor is not ordinary fierce, the general existence can’t hurt him at all.

at this time.

There was a shadow above his head, and the morning sun shone down.

Yang Xu silhouette turned into a black line, 4 scattered flying towards all around.


A huge translucent Divine Coffin, enveloped by the power of Vault of Heaven, has 1000 to 10000 stars suspended inside, as if imprisoned a universe.

“This is the coffin of the Imperial Palace!”

Yang Xu’s heart moved, the eye of the heart glanced all around instantly, and no clues were left.


A ray of sword light burst out.


A big tree was shaken rumble trembling, “I have found you, come out.”

Yang Xu’s faint voice came.

I saw a fold in the space next to the big tree, the moment when the rays of light were refracted, sou!

The silhouette of Niu Baiyue flashes out of the void:

“I can actually see through the space barrier method of my virtual Imperial Palace. Your brat’s eyes are fine.”

Niu Bai Moon God swept Yang Xu’s eyes a little coldly:

“Wait to kill you, I will dig out your 2 eyes to refining and put it away as a gift.”

His voice has not yet landed.

The silhouette of Yang Xu suddenly disappeared.

In the next second, Niu Baiyue raided with a cold wind behind his head.

Niu Baiyue couldn’t help sneering:

“Want to sneak attack me from behind? Too tender.”

Yang Xu’s fist has not fallen on Niu Baiyue’s body, his abdomen, suddenly a beam of black light burst out:


Yang Xu, the whole person, was kicked out by a black cow hoof.

The black cow hoof is covered with one after another scales, and there are black and dark strange runes on the scales, constantly swimming.

Niu Baiyue narrowed his eyes and proudly looked towards Yang Xu:

“How about, you hit me, are you comfortable?”

After entering this space.

Niu Baiyue felt that his Space Law formidable power was much stronger.

And this feeling is still continuously enhanced.

This caused Niu Baiyue to have the illusion that if he stays here for a long time, will his own Space Law and Great Dao power become stronger and stronger?

For a time.

Niu Baiyue has the feeling of being in control and becoming this world king:

“The indigenous people here, although the Fleshy body is powerful, but the Power of Law is really weak, a coffin celestial art, they can easily beheaded. The only loophole is this slippery brat, and he must be completely wiped out to solve the future problems!”

“Yang Xu, this guy is a bull demon. This cow hoof is really awesome. It has almost transformed the other half of my body into a split with your fleshy body.”

In my mind, the vomiting sound of Divine Pagoda Youzaoyou.

Yang Xu didn’t take care of it, but looked at Niu Baiyue’s complexion, sometimes excited and sometimes proud.

“What dream is this guy doing?”

Yang Xu was a little puzzled, and the Old Niu demon was still distracted during the battle.

How much did you take yourself seriously?

Yang Xu hasn’t experienced such a neglected experience for a long time.

“Don’t waste time, take out what you just got, try this sword with this guy.”

Wild Ancient Divine Pagoda encourages Yang Xu.

Yang Xu brows slightly wrinkle:

“That thing was born by Heaven and Earth, and it is made of condensed destiny, it can’t be used automatically.”

“Fart, when you were in Lower Realm, didn’t you use Divine Beating Whip more than anyone else? It was also a treasure to suppress destiny. The thing you just got is also a thing to suppress destiny. What can’t you do? use.”

Argued Divine Pagoda.

Yang Xu was amused by it:

“I think you are jealous of others and think they are more complete than you and have a greater future than you.”

“Ha ha, joke, will my divine Divine Pagoda be jealous of it? Although I am incomplete now, as long as I merge the other half, I will be able to restore all my strength. Nine Heavens Ten places, there is nothing that can trap me Is it a good thing? 18 The ban, it has not been able to undo even one, ha ha .”

Divine Pagoda taking pleasure in other people’s misfortune.

“Brat, send you off!”

Niu Baiyue’s body flashed, and a huge shadow suddenly enveloped Yang Xu.

Niu Baiyue’s black hooves, like a raising heaven giant rod, morning sun and fiercely stepped down.

Yang Xu’s expression, but there is no slight change, palm lightly grasped, hum…

The air is rippling azure.

A long sword with a green sheath, all around Primal Chaos Qi, with 18 hell marks surrounding all around, appeared in the hands of Yang Xu!

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