Endless Upgrade System Chapter 3015

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The cow hoof is like raising heaven giant rod, colliding with Yang Xu’s green sheath Divine Sword.

One after another Sonic ripples, burst shot all around, bang bang bang!

On the tall Divine Tree, cut one after another.

Niu Baiyue eyes slightly shrink, a little surprised on his face, it seems completely didn’t expect, his berserk hit, was actually blocked by Yang Xu.

Not only that.

Yang Xu holding the green sheath Divine Sword in one hand, the expression on his face was relaxed.

It seems not at all how to contribute.

Not just relaxing

This made Niu Baiyue feel uncomfortable for a while:

“Pretend to be in front of me? I want to see how strong your ragged sword is!”

Niu Baiyue said this.

The green sheath long sword in Yang Xu’s hands couldn’t help shaking from hua la la.

It seemed to be irritated by Niu Baiyue, and ten or eight star-like runes lit up on azure’s scabbard.

Suddenly, there is the mark of 18th Layer Hell, which surrounds Divine Sword.

For a time, Yang Xu’s divine shine shone all over the body, the rules were condensed, and the baleful aura was compelling.

He seemed to come from Netherworld Hell, and the whole person exuded a fierce aura.

Niu Baiyue couldn’t help eyes shined, staring at the green sheath long sword in surprise:

“Yo, it’s kind of interesting, I can’t think of this long sword as there is Spirit Qi, could it be that Artifact Spirit was born?”

He didn’t finish.


The green sword long sword in Yang Xu’s hand flew out of his hand.

This makes Yang Xu speechless:

“The thing that doesn’t have the recognising Master, is that it is reckless and uncontrollable.”

Abandoned Divine Pagoda could not help smiling:

“Ha ha, I have advised you to refining it directly, because you don’t want it to recognising Master yourself.”

Yang Xu shook the head, slightly frowned:

“I always think that this long sword is not that simple. If you refining it, this thing will become my thing. The destiny and destiny it bears on me will become my responsibility…”

In response, Divine Pagoda couldn’t help snort disdainfully and made no disdain for Yang Xu’s contempt:

“You want to take advantage of it, but you don’t want to contribute. How can such a good thing? What’s more, if you are alone now, what’s the responsibility? Do you have no spirit?”

Yang Xu smiled slightly and smiled:

“It’s okay, you convinced you, since you all came to this realm, let’s do a good job!”

His sharp domineering eyes looked towards the side of the cow during the day:

“Despite making him Heaven and Earth turning upside down, keep all treasures in your pocket!”


Yang Xu’s figure was like a mist, and suddenly disappeared.

On Niu Baiyue’s side, the green-skinned long sword of Artifact Spirit was conceived, like a bronze Divine Pillar, moved towards him fiercely and fell down.

Niu Baiyue was sneaked, waved at will, the black cattle hoof kicked the green sheath long sword, and fiercely kicked out with one kick:


The green sheath long sword shot backwards.

The silhouette of Yang Xu flashed instantly, grabbing it in his hand:

[Congratulations to player Yang Hao for obtaining the unknown Immortal Artifact, is it recognising Master binding? 】

The system prompt sounds.

This is the second time Yang Xu heard this prompt.

He ignored it before.

Now Yang Xu without the slightest hesitation is nodded:

“Recognising Master immediately!”

[Congratulations to player Yang Xu for obtaining Immortal Artifact: Primal Chaos Spirit Sword! 】


In the hands of Yang Xu, the green sheath Divine Sword suddenly burst into bright divine shine, Five Elements law condensed, Heaven and Earth Great Dao Changming, Azure Dragon White Tiger Vermilion Bird Black Tortoise 4 like Divine Beast, shining out.

Above the Vault of Heaven, thunderbolt roars, tribulation thunder rolls, Heaven and Earth natural phenomenon tearing void.

“What an amazing power, what is the origin of that sword?”

Niu Baiyue was dumbfounded.

He was even more shocked.

In Yang Xu’s hand, Immortal Sword, rays of light 10,000 zhang, lucky color 1000, there are 18 huge hell phantoms, enveloped around him, like a windmill spinning.

18 In hell, different energy releases aura fluctuations.

In some hell, there is a rich Fire Element Law, burning mountains and seas, melting Heaven and Earth!

In some hell, there is the violent Wind Element Law, which stirs up the situation and tears the Vault of Heaven!

In some hells, Berserk’s Water Law swept through Heaven and Earth, overwhelming Great Desolate!

18th Layer hell, 18th Layer strange fragrance, all show different rules Divine Power!

Niu Baiyue was stunned, he even sensed the power of the powerful Space Law from the 18th Layer hell phantom!

“This is peerless treasure ah! This sword really is extraordinary! I should grab it!”

Niu Baiyue gnashing teeth, fiercely patted the thigh, regretting that his intestines were clear.

At this moment, a few hundred miles away.

2 silhouette appeared suddenly.

A young expressionless, holding a long blade, is the Blade Art genius of Grand Purity Sect, a horizontal knife.

The other one, with Monster Qi entangled all over the body, a goatee, and a pair of eyes dangling around, is the genius sheep Innate of the sheep tribe.

Sheep Innate was the first to notice the changes on the side of the cow worshiping the moon, and couldn’t help eyes shined:

“It’s the expert of the Imperial Palace! He seems to be fighting people. We may have the chance of the fisherman catches both.”

The horizontal knife brows slightly wrinkle, somewhat cautiously:

“We really have a chance? Those who can compete with Niu Baiyue are definitely not ordinary experts. Be careful to take your life into it!”

Sheep Innate waved his hand, not taking seriously at all, cautiously approaching the stealth over there:

“Afraid of anything, 10000 has no advantage to take advantage of, at the worst escape… horizontal knife, where are you going?”

“You are here the fisherman catches both, I don’t want courting death.”

Finally came to this realm, the horizontal knife also intends to touch try one’s luck, looking for a fortuitous encounter.

“Hmph, a fool, this world has always been brave and hungry, timid and timid. It can make these two people have a great battle!”

Yang Innate was thinking of this, and suddenly felt that there was a thick Spirit Qi ahead of him.

A hell of violent and fierce aura, forming a red light beam of anger, rushed to the Vault of Heaven.

Innate eyes immediately greatly bright sheep:

“Ha ha! Sure enough there is peerless treasure! My chance is coming!”

Sheep Innate struggled to converge Monster Qi and passed towards the stealth over there.

“Yang Xu, there is a little thief who is watching you secretly. You can solve it quickly, don’t fall in the sewer.”

Almost Divine Pagoda was almost immediately, immediately aware of the existence of sheep Innate.

Yang Xu couldn’t help smiling smile:

“pass it to me.”

He held Primal Chaos to prison Spirit Sword and looked at Niu Baiyue indifferently:

“If you leave now, it’s too late.”

Niu Baiyue snorted:

“Naive! You got such a treasure, would you let me go?”

Coffin Sky Technique!

The silhouette of Niu Baiyue disappeared suddenly, a scary space energy above Yang Xu’s head shrouded millions of stars, like a Heaven and Earth Divine Coffin, moved towards him and suppressed it.


Yang Xu spit out a word gently in his mouth, Primal Chaos in his hand, Spirit Sword, 18th Layer hell rune, gently rotate, bang!

A layer of hell phantom, like a Divine Mountain, swept up.


The long sword didn’t come out of the sheath, and the suppressed “Coffin Heavenly Art” was instantly destroyed by that phantom of hell.

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