Endless Upgrade System Chapter 3016

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Vault of Heaven cracked, void broken, one after another Heaven and Earth Law, 4 scattered.

With Yang Xu’s Primal Chaos Prison Spirit Sword as the center, the huge Heaven and Earth crack spreads all around.

At this moment, Niu Baiyue urged “Coffin Heavenly Art”, and the space where it seemed to be turned into a glass.


The space where he is located is broken like glass.

Niu Baiyue’s right arm broke and shattered directly.

“Not good !”

Niu Baiyue complexion changed, the whole person shot backwards.

His body was covered with one after another cracks, like broken porcelain, reassembled.

A stunned face, also horizontal 7 vertical 8, covered with black cracks.

The rich Life Power sprayed from the cracks in his body.

Niu Baiyue took the opportunity to make a decisive decision, biting the tip of his tongue, his body exploded in the void, and turned into a plume of blood mist.

I saw the mysterious crack of one after another black, haunting the aura of hell death, and the dragon snake in the blood mist generally walked.

The blood mist flickered, and the wind flew towards 10 meters away, and suddenly turned into the shape of a cow worshiping the moon, and took a big shot to the void.

The black hell death aura, the space where it collapsed instantly, and the death aura also collapsed.

Huh, Huh!

Niu Baiyue panted, expression looked towards Yang Xu in horror.

this moment.

He finally completely dismissed the contempt for Yang Xu, and even his eyes showed fear.

The other party’s random shot caused him such a huge trouble.

Especially the azure Spirit Sword, I don’t know what kind of law was born, and formidable power is so terrifying!

For a time, Niu Baiyue fell silent.

expression flashes quickly, and thoughts fluctuate like lightning.

On Yang Xu’s side, he carried Primal Chaos to prison Spirit Sword, and he had a vision of 18th Layer hell around him, slowly rotating around him.

He looks like God who is controlling life and death, his face is not sad, calm and composed.

“Yang Xu, I can’t think that the formidable power of this sword is so strong. It is worthy of Qi of Slaughter. Solve that guy in a spurt of energy, and then we will look for other treasures.”

The voice of Divine Pagoda is full of impatient.

It is now full of endless desire to explore this newly born World.

Yang Xu slightly smiled:

“Okay, watch me slash him.”

The moment the voice didn’t fall, Yang Xu’s figure suddenly disappeared.

Niu Baiyue’s pupil shrank sharply, and only felt a Extremely Dangerous aura above his head, suppressing it.

Looking up, as expected, a black Sword Qi, like a black waterfall, moved towards his face and fell down.

One after another black’s Death Law, entangled with the gas of Netherworld Hell, destroyed 10000 ancients, suppressed the Vault of Heaven, crushed and fell.

not far away.

Innate sheep who are secretly observing, all faces are astonished expression:

“The formidable power of this sword is so terrifying! If it can be captured, am I not World invincible?”

The expression flashed in his eyes, full of greed of possessive desire, and gradually filled the entire eye socket.

At the moment, the sheep Innate has been attracted by the mammoth formidable power of Primal Chaos Prison Spirit Sword.

No consideration at all, the cost and danger of taking Spirit Sword.

“Want to kill me? You’re still far away!”

“I can’t do it without Magic Treasure when I’m virtual Imperial Palace?”

Niu Baiyue drank 2 sentences in a row, and grabbed a hand to the Vault of Heaven, scorn!

A space crack was broken by him directly.

Niu Baiyue tears the void like a piece of Vault of Heaven like tearing paper.

He took a big mouthful, and the rune of the Great Dao flashed in his mouth, turned into a vortex, and sucked a torn piece of Vault of Heaven directly into the mouth.

Niu Baiyue chews and chews, and then squirts, pu!

A flame of space exploded like fireworks above his head.

Rolling the flames of space, Yang Xu’s black ghost sword was resisted for a moment.


The scene that shocked the sheep Innate appeared:

From the flames of that space, there was an apricot-sized object that came out of the air.

It is wrapped around the Great Dao aura of the whole body, each aura shines with a divine shine, and there are a series of energy waterfalls that fall down.

The moment the apricot nucleus broke through, the golden light exploded into a streak of divine light, suspended behind the head of Niu Baiyue.

Suddenly, behind the Niu Baiyue appeared densely packed divine ring, rays of light 10,000 zhang, lucky color skyrocketing, Great Dao surging, the law is like a dragon.

Niu Baiyue’s imposing manner inflates directly like a balloon.

It wasn’t until this time that the ghostly sword that Yang Xu cut down completely fell.

Niu Baiyue was faintly smiled, with a hint of contempt in the corner of his mouth, even if he couldn’t avoid it, his hand caught the sword light.


In the palm of Niu Baiyue, the space Great Dao rune shines, there is densely packed million Space Law, which constantly swims in his palm, expanding his palm space into a World!

Niu worships the world by holding hands, such as controlling Heaven and Earth, the Great Dao is born and died, and every move is like the Holy Spirit coming into the world and destroying everything:


That sword, Niu Baiyue grabbed it in his hand, squeezed it gently, squeezed directly!

“Let you know now, the real gap between you and me! Coffin Sky Technique!”

Niu Baiyue sneered, real power exploded, densely packed divine ring behind, blooming magnificent power.

He took a closer look, and the space where morning sun Xu was located was directly pinched.

Ka cha !

Yang Xu Within a dozen meters or so, the space was instantly compressed by an invisible Divine Power, and ka ka rang.

Yang Xu felt that a shocking pressure came from all around, causing his fleshy body to tingle and skeleton groaning, which was about to crack.

“Primal Chaos sword, kill.”

Yang Xu shocked Spirit Sword, clang clang clang!

18th Layer hell vision, flying around Yang Xu, each floor hell vision, all released incredible power, squeezing the space, layer by layer.

Rumble ……

Niu Baiyue’s big hand, squeezing space, squeezing everything, and Yang Xu’s 18th Layer hell vision, collided fiercely together.

All around, Heaven and Earth wailed, the wind and clouds shattered, and Great Dao sobbed.

The great Dao energy of all the spaces converged from all around, forming a rolling space river, and toward the mind of the cow, the existence of the size of an apricot core converged.

The surging energy was poured into the body of Niu Baiyue crazy.

His power, as the tide rises, the boat floats, skyrocketed.

Squeezing the big hand of the 18th Layer hell vision, the power also skyrocketed.

ka cha!

18th Layer Hell vision, crackling and harsh sound, even with Yang Xu, all around there is one after another pressure, overwhelmed.

“Oops, I didn’t think the power of this old facetious was so strong! Yang Xu, do you want me to help? If I do, I’m afraid your body will be hit hard…”

The voice of Divine Pagoda rang.

Yang Xu ignored it, a bright glow flashed in his eyes, “Kunpeng Whale Swallowing Establishing Destruction Art!”

Yang Xu runs Ancient Divine Art.

Suddenly, the top of the head was mixed with Paradise to condense, and there was one after another Primal Chaos vortex, which appeared from the top of his head.

at the same time.

The void behind Yang Xu also showed an ancient ocean phantom, one after another ocean vortex, showing azure blue color, and quickly spinning above the piece of ocean behind him.

Boom, buzz!

One after another The ancient mysterious force of the ocean, through the ocean vortex, infused into Yang Xu’s within the body.

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