Endless Upgrade System Chapter 3017

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Zhan blue’s Sea God Halberd surrounds the vortex of one after another high speed hurricane.

That is not water flow, but rich energy, mixed densely packed rune, and formed liquid Divine Power.

Around Yang Xu, the space was torn and squeezed. A Zhan blue Sea God realm, the Power of Space that crushed Niu Baiyue, all collapsed.

The Sea God realm surrounds Yang Xu and unfolds slowly, like a huge ball of magic, which envelopes Yang Xu.

Suddenly, all around, all the pressure is gone.

Yang Hao’s left hand Primal Chaos prison spirit Spirit, right hand Sea God Halberd, behind the ancient ocean Divine Power, turned into vortex, release the majestic energy.

this moment.

Yang Xu is like an ancient god coming, and formidable power shocks all directions.

Innate sheep who secretly observed in the corner was shocked by Yang Xu’s amazing method:

“What a powerful force! What is the origin of this Yang Xu, how can there be such an amazing Divine Ability!”

If I could get such a Divine Ability, wouldn’t I just jump up and become the Supreme powerhouse?

“Hmph, such insignificant ability, also show off in front of me, clearly did not put me in the eye! Space Star Core, divine Divine might, All Heavens 10000 elephant, break for me!”

Heaven and Earth Law Manifestation’s Niu Baiyue was not deterred by Yang Xu’s tyranny.

Niu Baiyue is like an Immemorial Divine Mountain, standing proudly in the Vault of Heaven. His Great Hand Cover the Heavens cover the sun, morning sun and fiercely crushed.

Wherever he passed, the space collapsed into nothingness, and the rules of Divine Dragon, rays of light 10,000 zhang, wrapped around the giant hand.

A devastating power, centered on Niu Baiyue, pervades all around.

“Not good ……”

Sheep Innate sensed this devastating force, enough to threaten his life.

Even if he was very far away from the battlefield, he could not help feeling the huge pressure and flew back again and again.

Ka ka ka !

Niu Baiyue’s fierce palm is like Nine Heavens coming, destroying everything, destroying everything. Divine Power is heavily shot on the Sea God field.

Sea God field divine splendor myriad, lucky color flow, million divine shine is like a 9-color waterfall swept up, and directly blocked the giant palm of cattle worshiping the moon.

Niu Baiyue’s eyes were as bright as the sun and the moon, and he suddenly glared:

“break for me !”

Bang bang bang !

The giant hands lifted up again and again, and the rumble of thunder fell behind him, trying to completely destroy the Sea God realm of Yang Xu.

Yang Xu sneered, despite Niu Baiyue attacking again and again, the glory of Sea God’s field is still moving.

“En? This turtle shell is really hard ah!”

Niu Baiyue cred out in surprise, secretly wondering Yang Xu what is the defense of Divine Ability.

Obviously there is no fluctuation of Space Law, but defensive power is so amazing.

“This defense against Divine Ability is a little weird. If I can grab it, my defensive power can also rise…”

Niu Baiyue’s eyes gleamed with greed, and the star-shaped space Star Core in the back of his head bloomed million rays of light.

This space Star Core is Niu Baiyue’s most proud treasure.

At the beginning, Niu Baiyue passed an ancient star and found that the star contained a powerful space Divine Power.

It took 500 years for Niu Baiyue to finally refining the planet and get a powerful Star Core.

This space Star Core, combined with the space of the virtual Imperial Palace Great Dao, is simply unfavorable!

“Today I will cut you here and take all your cultivation base and Divine Ability! Against my virtual Imperial Palace, you are not qualified!”

Niu Baiyue’s sound is like thunderbolt, and the mind space Star Core is like the sun and moon boiling, the power of the rolling space Great Dao, constantly rolling out, perfused and integrated into Niu Baiyue’s within the body.

Niu Baiyue aura skyrocketed, her hair upright, straight to the Vault of Heaven.

Sheep Innate was completely shocked by such a scene, and his eyes were horrified and yearning, blinking constantly.

In Yang Xu’s mind, Divine Pagoda also yelled again and again:

“Yang Xu, come out with a trick, your defensive method will not be able to support anymore, I feel that the power of the cow worshiping the moon is getting stronger and stronger!”

Yang Xu expression is bland, calm and composed, not at all, shaken by Divine Pagoda.

His eyes flashed with bright glow, 9 Eyes of Heart running at high speed.

Yang Xu stared at Niu Baiyue’s every move, with the expression of plot against flashing in his eyes:

“It’s not time yet! His only weak spot has not been revealed.”

“I need an opportunity!”

“I need to wait!”

Niu Baiyue’s power is not trivial, and he has mastered the space Great Dao.

Yang Xu’s trump card is not much today, it’s not a shot. Once shot, a critical strike is necessary!

“Five Elements Great Dao, block for me!”

Yang Xu’s palm flickered with 5 colors of divine light, and it suddenly swayed. The Sea God field resembled Immemorial god ball. The law was running. The Great Dao boiled. The Rune of Five Elements Great Dao was transformed into 5 Divine Dragon, which was imprinted on the Sea God field.

In a short time, the Sea God field released 5 colors divine glow, divine shine masterpiece, defensive power once again raised Level 1.


Primal Chaos Prison Spirit Sword, release endless divine light, 18th Layer Hell vision, around Yang Xu, like a windmill rotating.

A breath of death, destruction, and apocalypse from Netherworld Hell turned into a doomsday Black Dragon, flying and spinning.


Yang Xu waved Primal Chaos to prison Spirit Sword.

On the last day of the eighth day of the Black Dragon, it turned into 8 death divine light, bursting into the cow to worship the moon.

Niu Baiyue sneered again and again, in his eyes, these 8 deaths Divine Dragon, just like earthworms, completely ignored in the eyes.

He just waved it, a space waterfall, like a white clothes Divine Dragon, flying out.

bang bang!

On the last day of the eighth day, the Black Dragon hit the Divine Dragon in this space, and it immediately collapsed into Death Qi, which disappeared.

“Don’t be fooled in front of me by the means of pediatrics. The coffin sky technique, the sky collapse technique!”

In the eyes of Niu Baiyue, the murderous intention flashed, and the two giant hands suddenly snapped together, and the seal was quickly printed.

Suddenly, there was a peculiar resonance in the space, buzzing and shaking.

Within a 100-mile radius, huge trees covering the sky and covering the sun, and silently cracking, turned into powder in the next second.

at the same time.

The Sea God field where Yang Xu is located also began to rumble, and the ground below was suddenly torn by an invisible force.

An aura that shattered everything and torn everything, from bottom to top, the sea God field of morning sun, swept over and over.

“Not good, back!”

Poor sheep Innate, the unlucky, was forced to retreat and retreat by the power of Niu Baiyue and Yang Xu 2.

Anyone’s strength is enough to kill him instantly.

This guy, Innate, was so crazy that he didn’t want to go away.

Sorry, Sorry!

rumble, rumble!

The Five Elements Divine Dragon entwined in the field of Sea God was first torn into several segments by the power of the cow worshiping the moon, and then exploded directly in the void.

“Cracking Sky Technique? It’s the same as my Great Technique.”

Yang Xu’s eyes light up slightly.

And at this moment, the eye of 9 hearts shuddered.

In Yang Xu’s eyes, the sun and moon rune shined suddenly, just like a bloodthirsty Ominous Beast, staring at Niu Baiyue:

“Weak spot finally revealed!”

“It is at this time that you are killed!”

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