Endless Upgrade System Chapter 3018

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Yang Xu 9 The Eye of Heart has been running at high speed, focusing on analyzing every move and every attack of Niu Baiyue.

Niu Baiyue’s every attack has been done a lot of simulation calculations by the eye of 9 hearts, looking for the right way of attack, looking for the unpredictable weak spot.

And as Niu Baiyue shot more and more times.

The larger the information data Yang Xu obtained, the final establishment of a complete attack model.

Every attack by Niu Baiyue is in this attack model, and Yang Xu can easily find a way to deal with it.

It is equal to being invincible.

But this is not the ultimate goal of Yang Xu. His ultimate goal is to kill Niu Baiyue directly!

Kill in one fell swoop, spike!

If you don’t, you will have to lay Heaven and Earth to reverse the situation.

And Yang Xu waited patiently for so long, the calculation and analysis for so long, and finally seized the rare opportunity of this time:

“Niu Baiyue, send you off!”

Yang Xu’s body rose into the air, and the whole person seemed to have Immemorial Dragon God coming, and the void behind him, Antiquity Ocean Divine Power completely boiled.

Sea God’s real estate is through time invincible, which covers him and resists all attacks of time. Yang Xu itself is rays of light 10,000 zhang, as if Antiquity God is coming.

With a big grasp, he dived into the void, with Five Elements Divine Dragon Law wrapped around his five fingers. In his palm, he was imprinted with the Great Dao fragment of the space given to him by Bai Liuli.

Yang Xu’s big hand seems to be the birth of a World, endless stars running, Sun and Moon Heaven and Earth samsara.

The void above his head, the Paradise is even more ups and downs, condensed out of the void, and echoed the World in the hands of Yang Xu.

this moment.

Yang Xu also has one after another space Great Ao’s aura circulation, which makes the cattle suddenly shrink, complexion greatly changed:

“Bai Liuli’s sin barrier actually passed you the great Dao of the Imperial Palace, and he was supposed to kill Nine Clans!”

“However, it is a pity that the space Great Bai that Bai Liuli has mastered is only a part of it. What I have in hand is the complete space Great Dao!”

While Niu Baiyue speaks, Yang Xu not at all takes care of him, but explores the palm of the Great Dao, which entangles the space, into the void.

A few 100 kilometers away.

Sheep Innate trembling in fear, back and forth, Yang Xu and Niu worshiping the moon, the scene is too grand and amazing, completely shocked Sheep Innate.

At the same time, he realized the gap between him and the young man of Human Race.

“Avoid their sharp edges first. When they both suffer, I will come back again, when the time comes, the fisherman catches both!”

Sheep Innate abacus played well.

However, the moment he turned around and wanted to escape.

Ka cha !

The sky above the head was suddenly torn, and a big hand dropping from the sky, like the giant palm of God, grabbed towards the sheep Innate.

Sheep Innate’s complexion couldn’t help changing:

“What is this?”

He felt the space around all around, as if suppressed by an invisible force.

He tried hard to escape, but was caught there by the Power of Space, unable to move even a little bit.

Sheep Innate can’t help jumping:

“I am resting!”

“Aries blood, explode for me!”

Pu chi !

After the sheep Innate’s head, a gap was split, one after another blue monster blood, sprayed out, like a fountain, blue blood water was sprinkled down, the sheep Innate body skyrocketed, a huge sheep demon, appeared between Heaven and Earth .

This sheep demon foot is 100 meters high, and its huge body is 1000 meters long. It looks like a small mountain range.

What the sheep Innate didn’t think of was that the giant hand that hadn’t had a big mouth, just flicked it, and it quickly skyrocketed.

In an instant, it would cover the sky and the sun, dozens of times larger than the sheep Innate prototype.

The giant hand grabbed it at random, and the sheep Innate couldn’t even react, so he was caught by the big hand:

Ka cha !

With a big hand clutching the sheep Innate, he recovered it from Space Crack.

Above Yang Xu’s head, Space Crack appears.

The space Great Dao shines in his palm, a giant sheep demon crawling in the world in his palm.

“Cow worshiping the moon, is it fair to use your Monster Race’s blood to kill your bull demon?”


Yang Xu tossed it casually, and Innate was thrown to the top of Niu Baiyue by him.

Yang Xu hammered out with one punch:

Heavenly Dao Divine Fist!

Heaven and Earth changed color, the storms swept through, a great Dao obscure aura, moved towards Yang Xu fists condensed.

Yang Xu’s face slightly revealed a surprised look:

The power of Heavenly Dao here is so rich?

Is it because there is no condense full Heavenly Dao yet?

Yang Xu thought for a moment, and immediately understood that this is a new born Great Desolate World, and has just experienced splitting heaven and earth apart. Heavenly Dao has not yet formed a system.

Therefore, for the power of Heavenly Dao, not at all is too restrictive and can be mobilized and used as much as possible.

The result is that the formable power of Yang Xu’s “Heavenly Dao Divine Fist” is ten times and 100 times more powerful than the outside world.

There was hardly any accident, and the sheep Innate pu chi was destroyed by “Heavenly Dao Divine Fist” into a flesh.

The blood rain hiding the sky and covering the earth spilled from the sky.


Primal Chaos Prison Spirit Sword, swept the void, and after the sword body was stained with demon blood, it released a brilliant light.

The phantom of the 18th Layer Hell, rotating in turns, all the blood of the demon, is absorbed by the illusion of the 18th Layer Hell.

Irrigated by demon blood, this 18th Layer hell illusion, million rune twisted and hovered, connected to each other, and turned into an entity!

Yes, real entity, real 18th layer hell!

Ten 8 Nether Worlds!

Niu Baiyue was shocked by the scene before him, and there was a moment of hesitation in his eyes.

Around Yang Xu, there are eighteen Nether Worlds, which surround the ancient mysterious Power of World, and slowly rotate around Yang Xu.

Yang Xu is not like Niu Baiyue, he has no hesitation, Primal Chaos prison Spirit Sword only one finger:


Ten 8 Nether Worlds, wrapped in the power of the 18th Layer Netherworld Hell, moved towards Niu Baiyue rumble and rolled away.

Niu Baiyue’s face couldn’t help changing:

“Not good !”

The sky above the head, the Paradise of rays of light 10,000 zhang instantly condensed out.

Niu Baiyue’s mixed Paradise is much more powerful than Yang Xu’s mixed Paradise. Not only did he spend 100 years of tempering, but it also merged the space of the virtual Imperial Palace Great Dao.

Niu Baiyue’s mixed Paradise, in addition to no sun and moon, is already equivalent to a complete world.


No matter how powerful he is, there is only one World. Yang Xu crushed it at the moment, but there are exactly 8 Worlds!

A full of ten condense power of world, a complete world!

“Block for me!”

Niu Baiyue struggled to urge mixed Paradise, trying to resist, but only blocked the 1st Nether World, he almost vomited blood.

Follow closely from behind of the 17 World, one on top of the other, bumped together, huge power poured into Niu Baiyue’s body within the body, mixed with Paradise above the head, directly rumble, exploded!

At this moment, Yang Xu flashed from the top of Niu Baiyue’s head. He seemed to be a Heavenly Emperor to go on a tour, and it was like God to pick up the moon. Ding!

The starry space Star Core was captured by Yang Xu.

“Do not……”

Niu Baiyue complexion greatly changed.

Yang Xu smiled slightly, and Sea God Halberd just swiped gently, pu chi!

Niu Baiyue’s head flew high, and the blood of the demon spattered.

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