Endless Upgrade System Chapter 3019

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Niu Baiyue’s body exploded in the sky.

The Power of Space, like a fountain, erupted from his within the body.

In Yang Xu’s mind, the system cue sounded:

[Slash and kill the 9th Layer day powerhouse of the mixed cave realm. The cow worships the moon. Players get life source +10000 points! 】

[Congratulations to the player Yang Xu for acquiring the Great Dao, the space of Three Thousand Great Dao, is it integrated? 】

[Congratulations to the player Yang Xu for obtaining the Space Star Core x1, is it used? 】

[Congratulations to player Yang Xu, who has obtained 1900 Primal Chaos rules. Are they integrated? 】

[Congratulations to the player Yang Xu, who has obtained 30,000,000 points of mixed substance! Is it integrated? 】

[Congratulations to the player Yang Xu, who won “Coffin Heavenly Art”, do you learn? 】

[Congratulations to the player Yang Xu, who won “Cracking Spell”, are you learning? 】

In my mind, a series of crisp and sweet reminders continued to sound.

Beheading the cow to worship the moon, Yang Xu can be said to be a bumper harvest.

Not only got the complete “Space Great Dao”.

Also got a top grade treasure, space Star Core!

You know, the space Star Core can match the space Great Dao Perfection.

With the help of space Star Core, Yang Xu’s space Great Dao can explode more than ten times.

The power of Space Star Core can also be fully released through the space Great Dao.


Don’t forget, Yang Xu also got a mouthful of Immortal Artifact “Space Divine Bow”.

Previously, Yang Xu’s space, Great Dao, was not mature enough and powerful.

So not at all anxiously wear this Immortal Artifact.

Now has a complete space Great Dao.

The formidable power of this Immortal Artifact can finally be brought into play.

In addition to the space Great Dao and the space Star Core.

Yang Xu also got the massive Primal Chaos law, and Primal Chaos matter.

These are all top grade materials that reinforce Paradise.

With them.

Yang Xu’s mixed Paradise formidable power has skyrocketed more than ten times!

“With the space Great Dao, my Sea God field can further strengthen the breakthrough.”

Yang Xu felt that the field of 2nd Layer Sea God in “Kunpeng Whale Swallowing Establishing Destruction Art” was about to break through.

When you fully integrate and understand the space Great Dao.

This is when the formidable power of “Sea God Realm” is further improved!

Looking at all around, the crumbled Heaven and Earth is empty, the torn jungle land is messy everywhere.

Yang Xu shook the head, just about to put away Primal Chaos Prison Spirit Sword.

ao roar!

A white shadow suddenly ran out of nowhere.

It’s snow-white, and it was originally the size of a cat.

But its goal was aimed at the 18 Nether World surrounded by Yang Xu.

Primal Chaos The 18th Layer hell phantom of Spirit Sword condense, after the fusion of demon blood, has not dissipated to this day.

But these eighteen worlds, the rays of light are dim, not far from the moment of dissipation.

The goal of the white shadow is them.

No, to be precise, it targets 18th Layer Hell, Primal Chaos Spirit Sword, Sea God Halberd, and Yang Xu holding Sea God Halberd!

Yang Xu almost instantly noticed that the white shadow was not right. The Sea God Wings opened in anger, turned into a light, and flew towards beyond a thousand li in an instant.

at the same time.

The white shadow was transformed into a giant beast that covered the sky and sun.

This giant beast, suspended in midair, is a human face with a lamb face, arms abdomen, and eyes hidden under the armpits.

“Ancient Ominous Beast, Taotie!”

Yang Xu eyes shrank, watching the Taotie Ominous Beast angry, ao roar!

Its giant mouth resembles a bottomless pit with a diameter of several thousand kilometers, swallowing the eighteen ghost worlds that are about to dissipate.

Not only that.

Primal Chaos Prison Spirit Sword, Niu Baiyue’s crippled body, and even Sea God Halberd were all swallowed by it.

Yang Xu is dangerous and dangerous, relying on Sea God Wings to escape.

Turning his head, the original location has completely disappeared.

Including the earth and the jungle, Taotie Ominous Beast has swallowed it, leaving only an incomparable gigantic pothole.

Taotie Ominous Beast’s huge body, the rays of light flashed to become the size of Aries, and his eyes under the armpit stared at Yang Xu faintly.

“Stolen my stuff? courting death.”

Yang Xu flashed cold glow in his eyes, his body gave a slight shock, weng!

A light ball of the size of an apricot nucleus above the head flashes the divine ability of the space, releasing the divine shine of Zhan Zhan.

Unsurprisingly, Taotie Ominous Beast was suddenly attracted by this space Star Core, and the halozi came out of his mouth, and his eyes stared greedily at the space Star Core:

ao roar!

It turned into a wind of white clothes, morning sun and sun swept through.

Yang Xu stood in the void, expressionless, his eyes flashed, weng!

A huge Divine Bow appeared behind him.

The Space Star Core is gently rippling, and the rich Power of Space is poured into this Immortal Artifact.

嗤 啦 嗤 啦!

Divine Bow rays of light 10,000 zhang in space, rich murderous aura will all around the void, squeezed into a distorted state.

Yang Xu is full of black hair, automatic without wind, and a pair of cold eyes always lock Taotie Ominous Beast.

As one of the top ten Ominous Beasts, Taotie’s speed is too fast, and lightning usually rushes in front of Yang Xu.

at this time.

Immortal Artifact Space Divine Bow, already has a terrible space god vector.

“Kill it.”

Yang Xu lightly spit out 3 words.


Space Divine Bow gave a slight shock, and the space god suddenly disappeared.

In front of Taotie Ominous Beast, there is an undetectable distortion in the space.

It seemed to be aware of the danger, and the eyes under his armpit suddenly widened.

Taotie snarled and opened his mouth violently towards the empty void in front of him.

It seems that the space god vector, which is completely integrated with space, will directly devour the general.


Taotie Ominous Beast hasn’t had time to urge bloodline Divine Power.

Pu chi !

Its huge head burst out of blood.


The blood mouth quickly enlarged in the sky, as if there was an invisible force, tearing its wounds.

in a blink.

That huge wound had torn Taotie’s skin all over.

Yang Xu waved gently, pu chi!

A brilliant blue brilliance penetrated Taotie’s body and flew into Yang Xu’s hands.

A chopstick-sized Trident, twirling in the palm of Yang Xu, turned into Sea God Halberd, lingering aura in Antiquity Ocean.

at the same time.

Another Primal Chaos aura, also penetrated Taotie’s body, flew into Yang Xu’s hands, and the word cry cry faintly came out.

It’s Primal Chaos, Spirit Sword.

After bathing in the blood of Ancient Ominous Beast Primal Chaos.

Primal Chaos Spirit Sword seems to have a more aura.

No longer showing off one’s ability as before.

What surprised Xu Xu was.

There are ten or eight blood red beads, incredibly red, and the color is bright and dripping, flying out continuously from within the body of Taotie, whoosh whoosh!

They rushed into the sword body of Spirit Sword in Primal Chaos, and disappeared.


Above Nine Heavens, a purple thunderbolt suddenly fell down and hit the sword body of Primal Chaos Prison Spirit Sword.

This is the formidable power of Spirit Sword in Primal Chaos, and it has been greatly improved. It has spurred the power of Heavenly Dao to destroy this existence that competes with Heaven and Earth.

However, Yang Xu waved it freely, a rich Power of Space, condensed into a ray of space Great Dao rune.

That purple Divine Thunder hit the space Great Dao rune, it seems to be introduced into another World.

purple Divine Thunder, soon disappeared.

Yang Xu turned his head towards the way back, a bright glow flashed in his eyes:

“It’s time to go to the thunder pool and merge Pangu’s true body!”

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